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Boynton Beach Fall Home Decor Trends | Spruce Up Your Boynton Beach Home

fall decor trends for your boynton beach home

We're never going to tell you how to live or what beauty looks like, but we are on the ball when it comes to indoor and outdoor decor, style, and maintenance. As always, we strive to stay informed and provide the latest information from the various world's that impact our business. While we don't sell the design, we sell the idea, the lifestyle, and the home you're looking to outfit for a beautiful autumn. These 5 trendy fall decor ideas will set you up for a stylish end to 2022!

3d brass sculpture

Sculpture & 3D Art

Ever since the cro-magnon peoples of Central and Eastern Europe began scrawling artwork on the walls of a cave, humanity has strived to express itself through art. Paintings, murals, and wall-mounted artwork has never lost its luster, but more and more we see 3D art appear on the mantlepieces and accent tables of the cultured & affluent. This is especially true for seasonal fall decor, where pumpkins, cornucopias and fall foliage take over the homes of Boynton Beach residents.

smoky glassware


Boynton Beach Midterm Elections | Everything You Need To Know For The 2022 Midterm Elections

boynton beach midterm elections 2022

The 2022 Midterm Elections are here! Whether you're dialed in or just getting up to speed, having a basic knowledge of our political system and the candidates vying for office is never a bad thing to possess. For our part, the Champagne & Parisi Team through the Boynton Beach Real Estate blog is here to help you make your preparations to participate in the 2022 midterm. Read on, get the details, and get out and vote!


Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th between 7 AM - 7 PM. If you are still waiting in line by the 7 PM closing time, you will be permitted to complete your ballot. Voting Precincts are divided across two zones: Zones 4 and 5.

Click HERE to find your exact polling center.

Zone 4 includes much of Northern Boynton Beach and the cities due north of its reaches, such as Lake Worth, South Palm Beach, Lantana, Manalapan, and more. 

pbc voter map 4...

Boynton Beach New Construction Review | Boynton Beach Real Estate

boynton beach new construction updates

With new construction across the county, we give the latest news, notes, and new construction in Boynton Beach. From the oceanfront to the westernmost gated communities, we aim to provide our readers with the jewels of knowledge they need to build a successful future and live through our city at its finest. Read our Boynton Beach Real Estate blog for all things Boynton Beach!

boynton beach new construction front porch

Valencia Grand

Valencia Grand will be the most spectacular offering from GL homes' ever-expanding Valencia line of 55+ communities. This new construction will consist of over 700 of the largest, most impressive floorplans seen in Boynton Beach and include never-before-seen amenities such as indoor pickleball, a yoga garden, an outdoor cafe, and a blow dry salon. 

riverwalk plaza apartments

Riverwalk Plaza Apartments

The Riverwalk Plaza Apartments will be finished shortly. This...

5 Local Boynton Beach Businesses We Love To Visit | Boynton Beach Local Business

support local boynton businesses

Boynton Beach may be the third most populated city in Palm Beach County, but it is far from the corporate influence that overarches the environs of Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. While the city is growing exponentially, it still holds some of the quaintness of a smaller Florida town, yielding plenty of space for small local and family-owned business to thrive. Some of these businesses predate the growth and notoriety of Boynton Beach Real Estate, while others have stemmed from the growth itself. Wherever we go, and however far our travels take us, there will always be a "local" scene to support. For these 5 businesses, whether moving to Boynton Beach or just visiting, we hope you'll show them some love!

asia world market

Asia World Market

This small family-owned Asian market is one of the most beloved small businesses in Boynton Beach. Its sterling reviews earmark the many reasons Boynton Beach residents, citing the quality of service, friendliness of the staff, and of course the myriad of rare spices, snacks, and fresh vegetables. For those looking to learn more about Asian cuisine, the staff are always helpful, leading curious parties from aisle to aisle revealing rarities that most of us would simply walk by....

Boynton Beach Yoga & Pilates | 5 Terrific Yoga And Pilates Studios In Boynton Beach

yoga and pilates boynton beach

Let's face it life can get stressful, and sometimes it can stay that way. What starts in our minds can often lead to aches, pains, and misalignment in our bodies. What stresses us mentally will impact us in the physical realm, through our physical pain and the way we interact with the world and the people around us. Yoga and Pilates are both core redefining, muscle-aligning, mentally gratifying fitness modalities that frankly, we wish more people would try! For Boynton Beach residents, we have 5 outstanding and unique yoga and pilates studios. Visit them all and find your home! 

blissful energy yoga

Blissful Energy

Blissful Energy is a small, boutique yoga studio in Central Boynton off Congress Ave. This small but energized studio features a youthful vigor that is sure to spark the inner yogi in all of us, with kind, accommodating instructors and a variety of classes, including recently added hot stretch, pilates, and HIIT training.

pilates and yoga center of boynton beach

PYC: Pilates & Yoga Center


55+ Condos In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach 55+ Real Estate

55+ boynton beach condo blog

The 55+ Lifestyle in Boynton Beach is replete with elegant offerings for its senior residents. From the resplendent west Boynton Beach gated communities to the luxury waterfront townhomes, Boynton Beach may have the finest selection of active adult homes for sale in the entire county. While not every development we show in the blog to come is a designated HOPA (senior living) development, these Boynton Beach condos all feature amenities, locations, and access that 55+ residents of Boynton Beach will love. Read on and learn more about some of our favorite 55 and over condos in Boynton Beach! 

boynton landings condos

Boynton Landings

Boynton Landings is a gated condo community on Congress Avenue north of Gateway Blvd. This 196 one and two-bedroom condos include gourmet kitchen features such as granite countertops, stainless appliances, and updated bathrooms. Boynton Landings is a terrific opportunity to live a quaint, quiet life while remaining connected to all that Palm Beach County has to offer. For a condo community so close to major highways, the immersion you'll feel is impressive, with shade trees and beautiful views abound. Condos range in size between 800 to over 1,000 square feet and are among the most reasonably priced in the area....

Boynton Beach Home Selling | Avoid These Common Home Staging Mistakes

avoid these common home staging mistakes

Home staging is a rudiment of going the extra mile to sell a home. It's important to disconnect the home buyer from either the space or the family room they're currently viewing. A tactful arrangement of furniture, artwork, and even the light and scent of the room play a drastic role in helping your home buyers visualize themselves occupying the space, rather than dealing with the conflict of the occupant's design contrasts, or an empty room that leaves too much to the imagination. However, there are plenty of ways to make common yet significant mistakes when home staging. Here is a short list of 5 common home staging mistakes you should avoid at your next open house!

too much furniture in home staging

Using Too Much Furniture

Well-positioned furniture is a staple of good home staging, but the temptation is there to do too much and try too hard. When staging furniture, remember that the idea is to give the home buyer a realistic idea of how to use the space, not overwhelm them with things to look at. Furniture is there to show the buyer's potential, rather than a finished room. The right blend of open space and thoughtfully placed furniture gives visitors the chance to see themselves in the space without feeling too oppressed by what's already there. This is similar to why neutral colors are suggested for paint, as it leaves the buyer with less to distract their eye...

Clean And Organize Your Boynton Beach Garage | Boynton Beach Real Estate

tips to organize your boynton garage

A garage is a make-or-break arrangement for every homeowner. It seems like there is no middle ground here - just a bipolar expression of garage-togetherness. There is never a "nearly clean" or "almost tidy" garage, there is perfection without a single screw out of place, and an unmitigated floor-to-ceiling disaster. For our Boynton Beach homeowners, there's always something to do around town, and always a reason to work on projects from the garage. We put together a... *ahem*, tidy list of ways to get the most out of your garage and revolutionize what for many is their most untapped space in the home.

garage floorplan

Draft a Floorplan

You don't need to be a sketch artist or drafter to produce a cogent plan that brings immense organizational value to your garage project. This includes both vertical and horizontal planning - incorporating the walls, floors, and existing or new shelving to install. Knowing what and where you want to store your garage belongings is crucial to decide before lifting a finger. Items and areas outside the garage can also play a significant role in your project planning. A backyard shed, for example, could serve as a place to offload and store numerous garage-friendly objects. Lastly, decide if you want your garage to be a man cave or an open space, and prepare your home and driveway to park outside. 

open shelving in garage...

Add Value To Your Boynton Beach Home | 4 Upgrades To Add Value To Your Home

boynton home upgrades

With the leveling of our market and the interest rate hike, it appears that the balance is slowly being restored to our exorbitantly inflated home prices of 2020 and 2021. However, this doesn't mean there isn't an immense opportunity to upgrade and improve the value of your Boynton Beach home. After all, market forces only determine the big picture, never what lies behind the walls and on the front lawn of your home. We list 4 key upgrades, some expensive, some not so much, that you can undergo to increase your quality of life and the dollar value of your home!

energy efficiency

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Even before runaway inflation and grotesquely elevated fuel prices, efficiency through investment was always a solid value proposition for Boynton Beach homeowners. While the efficiency of green technology and the time to return your investment can be debated and questioned, what isn't is the fact that regardless of your up front expense, having a more energy efficient home is a value to whoever is home at the time. Oftentimes, improvements to energy efficiency also lead to greater comfort enjoyed at home, and a more technologically integrated space....

4 Tips To Make Moving Easier And Stress Free | Boynton Beach Real Estate

4 moving tips for an easy relocation

Moving is one of the most stressful, awful things we get ourselves into. As Realtors, we understand that part of doing business is the movement of our clients. Rather than hiding from this fact, we recognize it as part of the job. We won't be there to load the boxes, but we can leverage all available knowledge and experience to help you reduce stress, keep your back in line, and get you going! Here are 4 quick tips to simplify moving - whether to, or from your Boynton Beach home.

start moving work early

Start Early

Starting early doesn't necessarily mean the time of day, but when you start to pack in earnest. If you take a moment to think about the items in your home, consider the amount of things you can't, or shouldn't throw away, that you'll often go more than a month without touching. Those rarely used, but valuable tabletop appliances? The extra dishes, winter clothing, home improvement equipment or anything else that might not be needed within a few weeks should be packed away. Often these items can be bulkier, more oblong, and altogether more challenging to find space for. Why not begin by organizing the things you need, but won't expect to use between now and moving day?

pack necessities in order...

7 Easy And Affordable Ways To Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

7 easy and affordable ways to increase curb appeal

One of our favorite terms in Real Estate is "pride of ownership." When you see these three words, know your home search includes a space that was beloved and cared for, with homeowners that are seeking to pass their gem to someone who will love it like they do. Your Boynton Beach home deserves the very best every day. Whether seeking to sell, flip, or simply spruce up your frontyard, here are 7 attainable, affordable ways to increase the curb appeal of your Boynton home. Show some pride and follow along! Your home (and neighbors) will thank you.

repaint your front door

Repaint Your Front Door

Your front door is the centerpiece of your home, and the first thing visitors will interact with as they enter your home. Repainting your front door will dramatically refresh your home and will even liven up the trim and plant life that surrounds it.

fresh mulch

Remulch Your Garden

The author of this blog experienced this firsthand this past Sunday. Mulching your bushes and garden areas around the home creates a profound visual difference, undergirding...

Boynton Beach Home Gardening | 5 Innovative Ideas To Try This Summer

boynton beach gardening tips

South Florida is a great environment for exotic plant life, beautiful multicolored flowers, and delectable fresh fruit. Yet, as the only subtropical climate in the United States, plants that would otherwise thrive in places as close as Orlando may wither and die under the intense, driving heat of the South Florida sun. For some tips to enjoy year-round garden prosperity, see below! Enjoy and have a great planting season!

soil composition

Understand What Lies Beneath The Soil

You don't need to be a molecular biologist or have your doctorate in ecology to understand the essential nature of the soil you wish to plant upon. Without much of a learning curve and with the help of a guide, understanding the composition of the soil beneath your planting area will reveal the presence of insects, moisture content, acidity, and more. These jewels of knowledge will help guide your hand when choosing the most optimal plants for your garden.

control pests responsibly

Control Pests Responsibly

The heavy runoff from rampant pesticides and herbicides is a principle reason behind much of the land-borne pollution that plagues our oceans. While we are not roundly condemning the use of these chemicals, they should be wielded with the utmost caution and respect for our natural environment. ...

Boynton Beach Hurricane Preparedness | 5 Local Tips To Be Ready For The Season

prepare your boynton home for hurricanes

With Tropical Storms in the Atlantic and the rainy season ramping up, what better time than now to regale more of the most helpful tips that you may have overlooked? Government-issued preparedness directions often cover the basics, but it's the little tips from the locals that make all the difference when securing your Boynton Beach home for the big one. In addition to the obvious and most basic, here are 5 tips on preparing your Boynton Beach home for a hurricane. 

coconut cluster on palm tree

Cut Down Coconuts And Trim Trees

While impact windows have lessened the... impact of flying foliage during severe weather, coconuts and lighter, looser tree branches have long been one of the most damaging effects of hurricanes. An otherwise delicious, everyday figment of our local environs can become a de facto cannonball with the right gust of wind. Taking care to prune your trees, namely removing fresh coconuts before the storm, can save your home from dangerous projectiles. As a bonus, you can enjoy coconuts all storm long!

lower pool level...

The Best Boynton Beach Bakeries | Bakeries In Boynton Beach

the best bakeries in boynton beach

Boynton Beach continues to grow, and as it does, so does the breadth of influences on our food, art, and musical subcultures. We are blessed to be in a city that has so much access, yet so much space to roam and enjoy life in the quiet not so often afforded to Boca and Delray residents. Before you brew your next cup or host your next party, learn where the locals go to enjoy the best of sweet, flaky, buttery treats. Read on to learn where to find the best bakeries in Boynton Beach!

fresh cannoli with caramel drizzle

Palermo's Bakery

Palermo's Italian Bakery sits in the Leisureville Plaza and serves as one of the favorites for locals and expats alike - giving our many northern migrants a taste of home. They specialize in custom decorated wedding cakes, fresh bread, and Italian favorites such as sfogliatelle, cannoli, and rainbow cookies to name a few. Their formal wedding cakes are among the most ornately decorated and finely accented in the area. Be sure to keep them in mind during cuffing season!

fresh baked crossaint

Aloha Bakery...

The Best Sushi And Thai Food In Boynton Beach | Sushi Thai Near Me

the best sushi and thai food in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is enjoying the fruits of a growing and diverse local population. With a naturally nautical energy about the community, everything seafood has been woven into the fabric of this community for decades. Much of Boynton Beach's best seafood is housed in its high quality markets, waterfront dining, and marina-based fish houses, this is not to say that East Asian cuisine from across the region has seen growth and improvement over the years. To chronicle some of the numerous Japanese and Thai restaurants (many of whom enjoy combined menus), we set about speaking with locals, reading reviews, and sitting down for a meal ourselves! Learn where to enjoy the best sushi and Thai food in Boynton Beach with these delicious options - more are sure to come!

sushi jo

Sushi Jo

Along the Intracoastal just off US 1, sits one of the area's tastiest Japanese restaurants. Sushi Jo boasts four locations throughout South Florida and offers its unique and flavorful take on Sushi in an area known for its fishing. Start with the Sashimi Pizza, a crispy grilled tortilla with freshly caught fish, topped with avocado, red onion, masago, tomato & cilantro, tossed in spicy mayo, eel sauce, & sriracha, and sprinkled with sesame seeds... A fantastic appetizer! Sushi Jo features all your favorite sushi classics with a few of their roll recipes thrown in. They have a happy hour...

The Best Chinese Food & Korean BBQ In Boynton Beach

the best chinese and korean bbq in boynton beach

The respective cuisines of China and Korea, two vastly unique but adjoined nations, thrives in the city of Boynton Beach. With a variety of offerings and different takes on the topic, the young and fast-growing city provides all forms of access to the succulent, sweetness of Korean BBQ, the endless satisfaction of Chinese buffet, and ultramodern pan-Asian fusion. Read on to find out where we love to enjoy the always tantalizing flavors of mainland East Asia, and what brings us to each of these wonderful restaurants. Enjoy the very best Chinese & Korean food in Boynton, and be sure to keep up with our blog to stay in the know! 

korean food

K&L 98 Hotpot N' Grill

There's nothing like sitting down to a highly interactive & communal meal with friends, family, business associates, or just about anyone; and that's exactly where K&L 98 Hotpot N' Grill in Boynton Beach only just begins to shine. This age-old traditional meal has been enjoyed throughout China and across Asia for millennia and has made its way through time and space to beautiful Boynton Beach!  You're pleasantly seated with plenty of elbow room at a table with your very own personal bubbling cauldron of any broth of your choosing. Once you've...

The Best Pho, Ramen & South Asian Food In Boynton Beach | Pho Near Me

the best pho and ramen boynton

There's nothing quite as comforting as a warm, multilayered steaming bowl of Pho or Ramen to wash down a long day. The excitement and mystery that comes with each and every bite is part of what has made these two complimentary noodle bowls of East Asia such significant risers in the American culinary conscience, with Vietnamese Pho and Japenese Ramen finding their place aside Chinese takeout and Sushi as prominent exports of the orient. Despite a relatively limited Vietnamese and Japanese influence compared to the likes of New York or Los Angeles, Boynton Beach and its neighbor to the south, Delray play host to some of the best pho and ramen bowls in the area. With so many options to choose from (and all of them terrific) the only thing left to do is finish reading, and order up!

ramen noodles boynton beach
Ramen 369
Situated in Delray Beach's Pineapple Grove neighborhood is one of the area's best-kept savory secrets. Ramen 369 is the culinary vision of one man, Hiro Yamamoto, who strives daily to provide the best Japanese Ramen and the most veritable Ramen shop experience that our area has ever seen. A quick stroll off Atlantic Avenue, Ramen 369 streamlines the ordering process while simultaneously providing an intimate, "Chef's Table" experience for their guests seating you directly in front of the action and magic of the kitchen. Chef Hiro is truly the master of his...

Summer In Boynton Beach | How To Spot And Treat A Heat Stroke

how to spot and treat a heatstroke

The Summer is in full swing, and with it comes the annual spat of heatstrokes, fainting, and otherwise dramatic and frightening medical episodes that can be fatal, but are easily avoided. For those of us who haven't lived here long, or haven't learned their lesson, hold onto this helpful guide on how to spot and treat a heatstroke! You never know when it will come in handy.

hiker drinking water under hot sun

If You're Feeling Thirsty, You're Already Dehydrated

Chances are you've heard this before, perhaps at a young age when first learning of the nature of heat exhaustion. If you're feeling dehydrated (even in the slightest) your body is already calling for help. Don't panic! Just because you're aware of this fact doesn't mean every pang of thirst is a stern warning or an impending emergency. However, it is causing you to slow down, find some shade, and give yourself a water break. 

clammy skin

Are You Sweaty, Or Clammy?

At peak performance, a hydrated person should be dripping sweat, with damp but not clammy...

Boynton Beach Waterfront Homes & Condos | Finding The Best Boynton Beach Waterfront Real Estate

a guide to boynton beach waterfront homes

Welcome to a quick, handy guide to Boynton Beach waterfront real estate! This burgeoning, saltwater & sunkissed Palm Beach County town is quickly becoming a favorite for everyone from retirees to recent grads, boating enthusiasts, and much more. With the word "beach" in its name, you'd expect a collection of waterfront homes, condos, and townhomes to populate the city proper. However, unlike Boca Raton, with its thousands of waterfront condos in high rise buildings, Boynton Beach is still flat by comparison, with little outside of the Woolbright Rd. area for waterfront housing. Today, we dive in (pun, intended) to the collection of housing types lining the Boynton Beach waterfront, and whether your choice is truly the right one to make!

aerial of boynton beach waterfront

First: Why The Waterfront?

It makes no sense to buy a home near the water, just because... We all associate waterfront real estate with luxury, with beautiful sunrises, instant ocean access and breezy nights on the back porch. Would you buy a cabin in the Rockies without a purpose? Maybe if you're immensely wealthy, but for most of us, is it about cultivating the fruition of our desired lifestyle, or being where the water is... just because? It's not necessary to be a boater, skiier, diver, or fisherman, but it certainly doesn't hurt to apply the added concerns (not to mention, cost) of ...

Open House Food Ideas | The Best Food To Serve At Your Open House

5 great open house food ideas

Open Houses are a tremendous way to get your property in front of the right people in the most direct way possible. After all, there is nothing closer than standing in the space you're bidding on. Photos, written descriptions, and internet ads are an obvious means to affordably contact a broader audience, but where "social network" truly begins is on the ground, working directly with people - shaking hands, smiling, talking, and learning. An open house almost always has some form of snack or refreshment available. We took into account ease of access, broader appeal, and even the impact it could have on your dental hygiene and the potential to stain clothing. The Boynton Beach Real Estate blog is chock full of valuable details to hone your skills as a Realtor. As part of our growing "open house" series, learn what our Realtors rely on when setting up a classy open house!

coffee refreshments


This is obvious, but necessary. Refreshments often include a coffee station, fresh water, and sometimes sodas or juices, depending on the day. The first step to your open house is to ensure everyone has the caffeine, or hydration they need to enjoy themselves. It's just a little easier to get through the day with that iced coffee, isn't...

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