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Boynton Beach Gyms | Where To Get Fit And Have Fun In Boynton Beach

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Pit Fitness

black gym floor with dumbbell

We recently mentioned their Boca Raton location, but we would be remiss not to show a little love to Pit Fitness in Boynton Beach. Located in the Quantum Town Center, this location differs from the sprawling, warehouse like facility in Boca. With a much more gym-centric style, rather than the HIIT style athletic facility in Boca, this spot is conducive to smaller groups and those in need of a little extra AC to survive their challenging workouts. Combine the best in coaching, exercise physiology, and top notch equipment for the experience you can expect at Pit Fitness. 

Absolute Fitness

ellipticals and treadmills by window

Absolute Fitness is a 1,700 square foot private training studio, serving the Boynton Beach community since 2000. This place...

Boynton Beach Art District Art Walk | Saturday, March 31, 2018 | 6-10pm

Boynton Beach Art District Art Walk

The Boynton Beach Art District, the downtown area's up-and-coming alternative contemporary art scene, is home to a wide variety of working artists who occupy 11 industrial warehouse studios. This community of talented artists represents a diverse range of artistic mediums, including kinetic artists, graffiti & tattoo artists, metal sculptors, muralists, stone carvers, painters, performance artists, and musicians. This once crime laden area now brims with life and creativity, regularly sponsoring open mic nights, monthly art walks, exhibitions, and various special events.

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, the Boynton Beach Art District will host its monthly Art Walk which serves not only to showcase the work of the resident artists within the Art District but also to help foster a sense of community and art appreciation in Downtown Boynton Beach. The Art Walk will feature live music, including open-jam performances, food trucks, and a diverse collection of vendors with art and unique items on display and available for purchase. The resident artists will also have their studios open to the public, offering visitors the unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look into the Boynton Beach...

The 7th Annual KeroWACKED Multimedia Festival: Sunday, April 8, 2018

KeroWACKED Multimedia Fest 2018

The Boynton Beach Art District will be kicking off their summer season with the highly-anticipated return of KeroWACKED 2018, the District’s annual spring multimedia festival inspired by the Beat Generation, also known as the Beat Movement.  Originating in the 1950’s, this American social & literary movement managed to stake its claim over the nation’s consciousness following the highly influential works of a group of authors whose writings explored American culture and politics in the post-World War II era.

Presented by ActivistArtista Gallery, this free community event will be held from 3-10 pm on Sunday, April 8, 2018 at the Boynton Beach Art District, located at 402-422 West Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach, Florida 33426. The theme of this year’s KeroWacked festival is “Women of the Beat,” which will highlight underrepresented female writers and influencers of the Beat Generation who are often overlooked by the fame of their male literary counterparts, including the festival’s namesake, Jack Kerouac. Joyce Johnson, Diane Di Prima, and Joan Vollmer are but a few of the leading women writers of the Beat Movement who will be honored at this year’s festival. 

Now in its 7th year, Kerowacked Multimedia Festival rounds up a collection of artists, musicians, poets, and writers who together provide the community with an inspiring day filled with entertainment and fun. The event will feature open art...

Tips to Save Energy and Add Value

When it comes to energy efficiency, look for smart features and expertise to help you save energy and money and add value to your home.

1. Begin with a Right-Sized Home.

If the home you buy is simply too large for you or your family’s needs or plans, you stand a good chance of wasting energy through excessive heating and cooling costs. If it’s too small, you’ll feel cramped and uncomfortable. It’s a big investment, so seek balance and buy it “right” from the outset. 

2. Purchase Energy Star Appliances Such as Your TV, Dishwasher, Washer and Dryer, and Microwave.

And especially the refrigerator, as it alone contributes about 10 percent of the energy use in a home. Also, unplug electronics not in use or turn off power strips to avoid phantom charges. 

3. Install Efficient Lighting Such as Compact Fluorescent (CLF) or LED Bulbs in Every Fixture.

Lighting accounts for about 6 percent of an energy bill each year.

4. Get an Energy Audit and Have Tests Performed to Identify Ways of Improving Your Efficiency.

You can always upgrade your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system as well as your thermal envelope, which includes insulation, windows, and doors  and the seals or weather stripping around them. Visit for more tips.

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