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Is A Fixer Upper Worth The Cost? | Boynton Beach Homes For Sale

is a fixer upper worth it?

With so many new construction homes in Boynton Beach, fixer-uppers are far and few between. Fixer-uppers, however, don't have to resemble the HGTV classic with the busted windows and splintered floorboards. In some cases, a Boynton Beach "fixer-upper" might be a home with an outdated kitchen, old floor plan, or disheveled landscaping. In today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog, we glance at some of the most glaring pros and cons you should know before considering a home that needs a little extra work.

"sticker shock" portrayed by woman surrounded by post it notes

Immunity From Sticker Shock

The sticker shock that followed many home buyers in the post-COVID era is a challenge that our Realtors have had to work through. As agents, our professionals are not salespeople, though "sales" are a major part of the business. It may sound contradictory, but we consider a Realtor who is properly fulfilling their role to be more of a "matchmaker" than a "salesperson," whose job is to explain and help attune your understanding to the housing market, work to meet your needs with the available inventory, and support you throughout the transaction. Our agents have had much to say about the rigors of working past sticker shock both on housing prices and the massive rate hikes that slowed the market in 2024. However, the upside of buying a "fixer-upper" in Boynton Beach, is the expected immunity from sticker shock. One may have their own assumptions...

6 Things I Wish I Knew As A First Time Boynton Beach Homeowner

6 things i wish I knew as a homeowner

Boynton Beach Real Estate may be its own market with it own unique ins and outs, but when it comes to common sense and best practices, it is no different from anywhere else in the world. Most first-time homeowners, even with the guidance of one of our outstanding Realtors, are likely to make mistakes learned the hard way. No transaction or move-in process is perfect, but with the combined insight of our team, and the many first-time homebuyers guided along the way, we've assembled a list of 6 common mistakes made by first-time homebuyers everywhere. Whether you're an agent, new homeowner, or loved one concerned for the best interests of someone you know, read today's blog to learn more about the things new homeowners overlook when moving into their Boynton Beach home.

man changing home air filter

Check Your Air Filter

This is an easy fix, but one that often goes ignored for too long. Air filters are not mandatory to replace upon moving in or out of a home, and depending on the behaviors of your previous owners, could be in dire need of a replacement. The previous homeowners may have been occasional smokers, owned shedding pets, dusted poorly, or were slow to change the filter during their time as residents. For newcomers to Boynton Beach with allergies, it's especially important to ensure your residency begins with fresh, clean air and a great attitude. ...

5 Classy Craft Cocktail Bars In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Craft Bars

5 classy cocktail bars in boynton beach

We've spoken at length regarding the upswing of cultural hotspots in Boynton Beach. No longer just a popular place for saltwater anglers and luxury-minded retirees, Boynton Beach has invested and reinvested in its "cultural renaissance." Among many plaudits, including two visits by Guy Fieri's Diner's Drive-Ins, and Dive's, Boynton Beach has shown meteoric growth in its hospitality sector. With more than just elegant golf courses and beautiful beaches, these 5 classy craft cocktail bars represent the next wave of nightlife and resort-quality living throughout Boynton Beach. 

sweetwater dual cocktails


Before The Butcher and The Bar carved out its place in Flavortown, Sweetwater was setting the trend as one of the first craft cocktail-focused upscale American eatery. Today, the whiskey-specializing gastropub is a favorite nationwide, a restaurant trend that will likely be here to stay. There is nothing gimmicky about the culinary stylings of Sweetwater, which explains its continued relevance and trendsetting presence. It's all about the pairings at Sweetwater, where...

Boynton Beach Marina Guide | Where To Find Marinas and Boat Slips In Boynton Beach

marinas and boat ramps in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is a true boaters paradise, with some of the best dockage, waterfront communities, accessible Intracoastal, and watercraft services in South Florida. The city's dedication to the white sand beaches and blue waters is second to none, with many westerly inland wildlife preserves providing more evidence of this commitment. We've done Boynton Beach blogs about fishing, natural preserves, tourist attractions, and all things waterfront, but what about your watercraft itself? Today, we give you the answers, with this comprehensive guide to all things marinas and boat ramps in Boynton Beach. Read on and start your engines! it's going to be a beautiful day on the water.

aerial of a full service marina in boynton beach, florida

Boynton Harbor Marina

Location: 735 Casa Loma Blvd. Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Services Provided

  • Dockage
  • Refueling
  • Waterfront Dining
  • ...

The 5 Most Searched Communities In Boynton Beach | Popular Boynton Beach Neighborhoods

5 of the most searched communities in boynton beach

Today, we base our Boynton Beach Real Estate blog on the raw data. Forget perceptions, opinions, or our preconceived notions of where the best communities in Boynton Beach can be found. This blog focuses on the details we gleaned from you, the browser, and those like you searching for Boynton Beach homes and condos and visiting our site. Rather than clicks, which only illustrate who visited the page itself, we chose impressions as our selection metric. Impressions, in digital parlance, is the amount of times a link, page, or piece of content shows as a result of a given search.

This provides us a better number to gauge the broader temperature of the searching population, as some other pages and brokerages may receive that highly desired click we all compete for. This data includes only organic searches, meaning no paid multimedia was engaged. Learn where the pulse of the people is found and what makes these communities so worthy of their searches!

valencia shores front entryway

Valencia Shores

Valencia Shores is the single most popular community page on our Boynton Beach site. It could be thanks to its longstanding presence in the community, built between 2001 and 2002. The turn of the century marked a major point in new construction communities for Boynton Beach and elevated...

5 Of The Most Family Friendly Neighborhoods In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Family Communities

the top 5 family friendly communities in boynton beach

At a price more affordable than Delray Beach and with more accessible communities than Boca Raton, Boynton Beach has quickly positioned itself as a premier family-friendly community in Palm Beach County. Highlighted by waterfront condos and illustrious 55+ gated communities, Boynton Beach is much more than a boater's paradise and a prime destination for active adults. For the many growing families and newlyweds taking up residence in Boynton Beach, this short guide should provide some helpful suggestions on the diverse selection of family friendly communities suiting a variety of family sizes, goals, and lifestyles. 

mirabella villas

Mirabella Villas

Mirabella Villas sits on the southeastern edge of Boynton Beach, just off US-1. For affordable, safe, and comfortable attached condo living, Mirabella Villas presents one of the best combinations of function, form, luxury, and affordability. With a major north-south thoroughfare just beyond its gates, families will have easy access to the rest of Boynton Beach, while sitting close to Atlantic Avenue, the Atlantic Ocean, major grocers, retailers, and recreational options.

Best For: New families, affordability, ease of access, low maintenance.


The Resolutioner's Guide To Boynton Beach | 2024 New Year's Resolutions

the resolutioner's guide to boynton beach

New Year's Resolutions are a yearly symposium on goal setting and the right way to do it. Goalsetting and the pattern of behavior it takes to follow through are a major part of the modern dialogue around business mindsets. Every person, and every mind is a different form of human identity, and without tailoring our goals to fit our capabilities, we may be setting ourselves up for failure. For many, the turn of the calendar is the biggest opportunity to shift bad habits into productive possibilities seismically. However, thanks in part to the psychological transition of one year to another, we lose track of how to set healthy goals and create positive trends, leveraging the immediacy of the calendar rather than recognizing it as simply demarcating time. After all, despite the persistence of time, the only reason we emphasize on "New Year's" is the way our modern calendar turns.

A true "resolution" begins the day you resolve to follow through, but often making dramatic changes on January 1st leaves many of us falling short of our goals. Modestly setting goals, and creating habits rather than results, are the wisest ways to achieve lasting, meaningful change. For our part, we're attuning our local knowledge of real estate and the city to your future goals. With The Resolutioner's Guide to Boynton Beach, we dug up some of the most popular New Year's Resolutions, share our thoughts, and show you where and how to get the job done in Boynton Beach.

Please note, that these resolutions mark the most commonly cited during...

The Dos and Don’ts of Boynton Beach Lawn Care

dos and donts of boynton beach lawncare

One of the brightest features of the Sunshine State and the homes of Boynton Beach is the bright, verdant lawns that sit beneath our front and backyards. Lawncare is as American as apple pie and fast cars, and can make a significant difference in the value and perception of your home. Whether entertaining visitors, selling your Boynton Beach property, or just looking to marvel at your hard work, we have the tips and tricks we recommend to all Boynton Beach homeowners. Without further ado (or adon't?) here are the do's and don'ts of Boynton Beach Lawncare!

organic fertilizer

Do: Use Organic And Locally Sourced Fertilizers

Organic fertilizer is clearly an earth-friendly alternative to chemical inclusions, but it shouldn't stop there. Manure, soils, and composted materials are far superior when sourced from the same ground you intend to plant. In the same way, eating local raw honey can fortify a person to a pollen allergy, organic and locally sourced fertilizer is not only better for the environment, saving on transport, it's usually cheaper and returns nutrients to the same ground with which it came.

glyphosphate pesticides

Don't: Use Glyphosphate or Other...

5 Garden Improvements To Prepare Your Boynton Beach Home For Sale

5 garden improvements to prepare your home for sale

Your garden and outdoor space is the first thing people see when they attend a viewing at your home. The painstaking lengths you went to infuse color and beauty into your home interior should not be left indoors. First impressions are everything and despite the majesty of your home beyond your front doors, your lawn could sell you short if you don't think about it too. Prepping your home for sale includes every inch of the property. Whether looking to beautify your home for the long haul or pretty it for a soon-to-be sale, these tips for your Boynton Beach garden will sell your home today, and for years to come.

stage your backyard

Stage Your Backyard 

We're not suggesting you need to grab your colored pencils, and draft board and sketch a masterpiece. However, when it comes to selling your Boynton Beach home, staging is key to setting up your viewings for success. While you may not have the same style and color palette as your future buyers, creating a space in which they can see themselves is tantamount to invigorating their desire to buy your home. Home staging is crucial in every room, and that extends to the backyard and front of the home, where curb appeal goes a long way into creating the mindset you wish to cultivate in your buyers.

provide a focal point...

Why Insulation Is A Crucial Part Of Your Home Infrastructure

why insulation is crucial to your boynton home

It may not be glamorous, but insulation is one of the most important components in any home anywhere. Not every Boynton Beach blog is as glamorous and enticing as our Flavortown special, but this one is well... crucial. Insulation does so many things for homeowners but is never seen, and hopefully never needs to be thought of. Whether it's to light a fire (not at home!) under you to start improving your insulation, or just reinforcing your body of knowledge as a homeowner, here are several reasons why insulation is a crucial part of your Boynton Beach home.

reduces heating and cooling costs

Reduces Cooling & Heating Costs

By far, the most expensive part of powering your Boynton Beach home or condo is the cooling costs. While cheaper on average than heating, which is rarely ever needed, improper or poor insulation turns your home from a stronghold to a sieve. This is especially true in South Florida, where drafty, open floor plans featuring large paneled windows are the most common and popular home designs. Neighborhoods with large, 4 to 6-bedroom open floor plans like Canyon Springs or Coronado Estates are especially...

The Role Of Home Warranties In Real Estate | Boynton Beach Home Warranties

the role of home warranties

Home Warranties are an undersold and misunderstood facet of buying a home in Boynton Beach. Understanding how they work, what they cover, and whether you need one is a body of knowledge you should possess before going under contract. In today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog, we provide the basic rundown on this overlooked and important document, ensuring you have the answers you need before its too late.

what is a home warranty

What Is A Home Warranty? 

A home warranty is a residential service contract that covers the cost of owning, operating, and maintaining a predefined set of systems and appliances in an existing home. It is different from both homeowners and structural warranties (more on that later) and protects homeowners in specific situations where insurance is not applicable. When filing a claim, home warranty companies work with service providers to assess and repair whatever has been claimed and accepted under the plan. Sometimes called a "residential service contract," they are advisable when buying an existing home if specific criteria are met. 

how does a home warranty work

How Does A Home Warranty Work?


5 Ways To Reduce Moving Costs | Moving To Boynton Beach

5 ways to reduce moving costs

Are you ready to move to Boynton Beach? With so many beautiful new construction communities in the city alongside masterfully built Boynton Beach homes, the city is ready for the next crop of newcomers looking for a fresh start. There are very few things the entire world can agree upon, but one of them might be the incredible physical, mental, and financial stress that is moving. Whether spending big for a squad of brawny movers or breaking your own back to save your bank, overspending on moving adds insult to (hopefully minor) injury. For today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog, we offer five easy-to-follow suggestions to save money when moving.

find free boxes

Find A Good Source of Free Boxes

Cardboard might not sound expensive, but when you ring up 30 double-layered corrugated cardboard and it comes to nearly $100, and it's your third trip this week, you're bound to experience a little frustration. Free boxes are out there, but maybe not as abundant as you'd hope. Check local grocers and nearby businesses, and ask your closest friends and family to save a few of their incoming shipments if possible. You can save hundreds by tactfully sourcing broken down and used cardboard boxes, and you don't have to go dumpster diving for them.

move in the right season...

Jaycee Park: The Newest Park In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach News and Events

introducing boynton beach jaycee park

Boynton Beach continues its reinvestment into the community, adding another green space and public park to the growing complement of beautiful recreational options for citizens young and old. On November 4th, the city held the grand opening of Jaycee Dog Park to much fanfare, providing yet another reason for dog owners to live in Boynton Beach. Jaycee Park joins Officer Joseph Crowder Dog Park as one of two off-leash dog parks in Boynton Beach - adding a much-needed option for the growing population of young families and dog owners in the city. Both Mayor Ty Penserga and Vice Mayor Thomas Turkin were on hand at the grand opening offering optimistic statements and sharing in their excitement for the newest dog park in Boynton Beach. 

Though the city has long been privy to numerous 55+ communities with significant dog restrictions, the younger, newer gated and non-gated communities have more relaxed dog regulations, providing a fertile ground for newcomers to enjoy South Florida Real Estate ina city not that far from homes priced nearly twice as high. 

happy labradoodle at jaycee park dog park

More Details about Jaycee Dog Park

Jaycee Dog Park is open from sunrise to sunset and is located at 2600 Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach, FL 33435. The park is just a short walk or drive from nearby communities like ...

5 Steps to Convert Your Boynton Beach Garage Into A Living Space

5 steps to convert your garage to a living space

With the advent of the "Man Cave," more home improvement enthusiasts have looked into that third bedroom. Whether remodeling after the kids move out, or choosing to buy a larger home in Boynton Beach, the ability to make your space your own is one of the thrills of homeownership. Whether remodeling the old den or looking into something bigger, the expanse of living space doesn't always have to include a torn-down wall or plaster dust. For those with a little know-how and some ambition, might we suggest a space that empty nesters and small families may want to reconsider? If you haven't guessed it, today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog is about the garage, and all about turning it into a living space for more than your car, power tools, and old paint cans. Read on and learn more to see what we've heard from homeowners, handymen, and contractors alike!

garage flooring remodel

Start From The Bottom

The first step to converting your garage into a livable space is to resurface the floor. The most popular coating is that signature speckled gray epoxy we have come to expect in modern livable garages. This flooring surface will provide the protection a garage requires but prevent the routine accumulation of dirt, dust,...

Big and Small Eco-Friendly Updates For Your Boynton Beach Home

big and small eco updates for your boynton beach home

Our proximity to the natural world and inhabitation of wild lands are part and parcel of owning a Boynton Beach home. With the high insurance costs and the rising cost of comfort in such a hot and humid state, the natural environs our homes are built within are a major influence on the price of homeownership. Whether as stewards of our Boynton Beach environment or as shrewd cost-cutting homeowners, there are several steps both big and small that can save us money and streamline our home. In today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog, we review some of the most popular choices homeowners have made to improve their home's relationship with Mother Earth.

home garden

Small: Start A "Victory Garden"

During World War II, the nation took an all-hands-on-deck "total war" approach. Part of this piecemeal and all-in approach to resources was the promotion of "victory gardens," or the maximization of small urban spaces to grow herbs, spices, fruits, and veggies. After all, the more calories grown at home, the less burden placed on the farms feeding our soldiers overseas. In this less-than-scarce time, we can still embrace the spirit of the victory garden, growing even a small handful of plants to feed our families and sustain our budgets.


What You Should Know Before Signing a Listing Agreement

what you should know before signing a listing agreement

A "Listing Agreement" in Real Estate is the primary document that covers the various parameters of selling your Boynton Beach home. Listing agreements can vary based on several factors which can be influenced by state and local laws, the nature of your property, and specific requirements as discussed between you and your Realtor. In today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog, we review the key components that are shared across listing agreements. These are key terms that define the basics of what every listing agreement will include, and what you should know before signing.

listing term

The Term

The "term" is the time period in which the listing agreement is active. Like any business contract, the term describes the amount of time that the stipulations of the contract remain active and the rights enumerated to your Realtor during this time. 

compensation outline

Compensation Outline

The compensation outline describes the payment terms for all parties involved but predominantly covers the commission percentages for the Realtors. This area should be...

The Most Popular Pantones For Your Home In 2023

most popular pantones for your boynton home

"Life imitates art." This tired yet true cliche governs the forces behind modern home design trends and interior decor. With color, we see more than a hue upon a surface. Colors are interwoven in language, found in phrases like "grey area," "green with envy," and "red hot," to name a few. Colors are keystones to understanding the world around us, and are shortcuts to recognizing emotion, intensity, temperature, nature, freshness, and so much more. Today, we review the colors that move us, and the most popular pantones recognized by the largest purveyors of interior color in the world. Read further, and see if one of these poignant hues inspires your next interior redecoration.

Note: Each color panel includes the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) version of the original pantone, and may slightly deviate from the original depending on your display. For reference, the hex code used in HTML is placed atop the panel.

pantone logo

Who, or What Is "Pantone?"

The Pantone Color Institute (PCI) is a company based in New Jersey who are best known for their proprietary Pantone Matching System (PMS). Strange and unironic abbreviation aside, the Pantone company is the global leader in color, and is the forerunner for much of our modern applications of it. The company was founded in the 1950s as a commercial printer before eventually evolving into the color and design leader we know today....

Buying a Home in Boynton Beach | Wants Vs. Needs

buying a boynton home wants vs needs

When buying a home in Boynton Beach, it's key to know as much about yourself and your life as your Realtor should know about the home and community. After all, not every need is visible, and not every Boynton Beach neighborhood will have the home style, nearby amenities, and necessities to fit your needs. When searching for a new home in Boynton Beach, we always suggest dividing things into two columns: wants and needs. Working from what you need, it simplifies the process for your Realtor and leads them closer to your ultimate destination. Today, we list some of the common wants and needs and help you decide what you truly require to thrive in Boynton Beach. 

need: public safety

Needs: Public Safety

Nothing matters until you are safe. Luxury, as we know it is built upon a bedrock of civility that begins with respect for our neighbors and enforcement of crime, when it does inevitably occur. Public safety doesn't just mean crime prevention. For some, like those with young schoolchildren, good lighting, crosswalks, and well-policed school zones might be your perception of safety. For single ladies living large in downtown spaces, it might mean something else altogether. Whatever you choose to do, and whoever you do it with, you cannot thrive if you cannot survive. Thus, all wants and needs begin at this starting point. 


Create Your Home Buying Budget With These Easy Steps

easy steps to create your perfect home budget

Budgeting for a home isn't always as simple as picking a number and saving as much as you can. For most of us, setting up for a 6-figure payment or more requires more than a bucket of money and good energy. Your due diligence before and during your home-buying progress may require advanced work, lifestyle modifications, and debt consolidation. For a quick overview of some tried & true methods to create an accurate home budget, read further and consult one of our fantastic Boynton Beach Realtors when you're ready.

maximum budget

Determine Your Maximum Budget

Start with the highest number you can budget for and work backward from there. There is absolutely no point in beginning a home search without determining your highest price. No feature, function, region, or home style is relevant if you can't afford it. Most importantly, your maximum budget shouldn't be the vertical apex of your financial capacity, but the highest number you're comfortable paying. You cannot account for every twist and turn, so to dedicate everything to a mortgage is to leave yourself highly vulnerable to bankruptcy if something goes terribly wrong.



Easy Landscaping Ideas To Spruce Up Your Boynton Beach Home

easy landsccaping ideas for your boynton home

Boynton Beach Real Estate is known for its larger lot sizes, expansive gated communities, and beautiful landscaping across the city. Homeowners have an opportunity everyday to enhance their outdoor spaces, with a plethora of vibrant flowers and verdant greenery to choose from. In past blogs regarding Boynton Beach home gardening and landscaping, we've covered plants, flowers, and even some edible varieties found at large. For today's blog, we'll diversify from mere plant life into the whole of the project. Today we examine several easy landscaping ideas to spruce up your Boynton Beach home, from the ground to the top tier on your elevated planter, read on to learn more!

tiered garden display

Create A Tiered Display

Utilizing hanging planters, an elevated walkway or box gardens is a simple way to add dramatic effect and layering to your garden. When crafting a garden at multiple heights, you have fresh options to infuse color and manage sunlight not otherwise available to "single-story" gardens. We're not suggesting you go as far as pouring concrete and creating elevated spaces for the sake of it, but with a little quick thinking and some handiwork, you can have a tiered display that provides for shaded plants beneath, and sun-kissed flora above.

garden walking path...

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