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Open House Food Ideas | The Best Food To Serve At Your Open House

5 great open house food ideas

Open Houses are a tremendous way to get your property in front of the right people in the most direct way possible. After all, there is nothing closer than standing in the space you're bidding on. Photos, written descriptions, and internet ads are an obvious means to affordably contact a broader audience, but where "social network" truly begins is on the ground, working directly with people - shaking hands, smiling, talking, and learning. An open house almost always has some form of snack or refreshment available. We took into account ease of access, broader appeal, and even the impact it could have on your dental hygiene and the potential to stain clothing. The Boynton Beach Real Estate blog is chock full of valuable details to hone your skills as a Realtor. As part of our growing "open house" series, learn what our Realtors rely on when setting up a classy open house!

coffee refreshments


This is obvious, but necessary. Refreshments often include a coffee station, fresh water, and sometimes sodas or juices, depending on the day. The first step to your open house is to ensure everyone has the caffeine, or hydration they need to enjoy themselves. It's just a little easier to get through...

Boynton Beach Daycare | 5 Daycare Options Near Me

the best daycare options in boca raton

With the ever-increasing cost of living and the necessity to work more to pay for your everyday items, child care is a commodity that most middle-class working parents must-have. With Summer right around the corner, it's time to find that perfect fit for your child's needs. That's why we've put together a list of 5 of the best daycare options in our beloved Boynton Beach for you and your young one! As always, be sure to conduct thorough research and speak with the teachers, administrators, and even nursing staff to determine if your daycare of choosing suits the needs of you and your child. Don't take our word for it! But these 5 daycares in Boynton Beach are a great place to start.

3 multicultural kids smiling at daycare

Soliel Early Learning Academy

Soliel Early Learning Academy, a division of Boynton Beach Day Care, describes itself as a child-centered, family-oriented, and community-based academy & daycare. The center focuses on creating a loving and nurturing environment for kids 1-4 that emphasizes the development of trust, security, and autonomy within your children. They support and encourage cognitive development through teaching age-appropriate play, dance, drama, creative visual arts, music, and movement. They offer multiple options for tuition and include daily lunch & 2 snacks for the kids. Make...

Dog Friendly Boynton Beach | 4 Exciting Dog Parks and Dog Friendly Places Near Me

the best dog friendly spots in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is a saltwater outdoorsman's dream. With robust fishing and conservation culture, we imagine there are plenty of ways to enjoy life with your beloved four-legged friends. We canvassed the city to find 4 of our favorite places to be with our dogs. Here are 4 dog friendly spots in Boynton Beach!

Note: We will continue to update this blog as we learn of more dog friendly places in Boynton Beach. This is only the beginning!

officer joseph crowder park

Officer Joseph Crowder Dog Park

Nestled in the Winchester Park section of Mid-Western Boynton Beach near Renaissance Commons is one of the area's best and most well-maintained dog parks, Officer Joseph Crowder Dog Park. Boasting several water stations, poo-scooping bags and repositories, separate areas for dogs under and over 35 pounds, and plenty...

5 Famous Florida Musicians | South Florida Arts & Entertainment

5 legendary musicians from florida

South Florida is a cultural paradise known for its international influence and old Southern charm. The state is the perfect blend of worldwide and homestyle, with pockets of subculture evolving to adapt to the confines it surrounds itself with. From Southern Rock to Jazz, Salsa, and Death Metal (we left them off), Florida is the origin point and home base of some of the most legendary acts we've ever seen. Here are 5 of those music legends from across the spectrum, amongst many more.

gloria estefan

Gloria Estefan - Miami

Born in Havana, Cuba, Gloria Estefan was an integral part of Miami's ascent into international renown. A name synonymous with the subculture of Dade County, Gloria's Conga among other hits vaulted her to stardom following her start with Miami Sound Machine. Since then, Gloria is credited with opening the doors for many of the world's biggest Latin Pop artists, such as Ricky Martin, J. Lo, Marc Anthony, and more.

lynyrd skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Jacksonville

There is no name more synonymous with Southern Rock than Lynyrd Skynyrd (though the Allman's would take umbrage...

Kosher Food In Boynton Beach | Where To Get Kosher Food Near Me

the best kosher food in boynton beach

From South Beach to Palm Beach, South Florida has one of the largest Jewish communities anywhere in the world. When adjoined to the constant influx of visitors and new residents from New York & New Jersey, South Florida stands out as a hotbed for delicious Kosher food. For those of us who don't observe, kosher food is simply another word for clean and delectable. Aside from the prohibition of certain food combinations (like meat & cheese), Kosher food is largely governed by overseeing bodies that ensure cleanliness, and when applicable, that any animal slaughtered for food is handled accordingly. For the very best kosher food in Boynton Beach, read more below!

Grain in a bowl with a wheat branch next to it


Despite its more accessible location residing in Boca Raton only a couple miles from our Beach Office, Flakowitz of Boynton is the better known of the two. Following its appearance on Guy Fieri's Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives, the already beloved Jewish Deli saw a meteoric rise in popularity. Flakowitz has served Boynton Beach since 1967, launching their Boca Raton restaurant in 1992. They specialize in the best of Jewish Deli fare, including piled-high pastrami sandwiches, bagels, omelets, and so much more. Flakowitz is a veritable institution of Boynton Beach, as any resident knows 1967...

Boynton Beach 55+ Neighborhoods | Senior Living In Boynton Beach

active adult living in boynton beach

Boynton Beach has something to offer just about everyone. From strident young saltwater fishermen to budding families, newlyweds, and retirees, reviewing Boynton Beach homes for sale will reveal the opportunity and general affordability of these homes. Despite the selection, Boynton Beach is best known for its dichotomous representation in housing, spanning two major housing varieties that dominate the majority of the Boynton Beach landscape. These two varieties include waterfront condos and townhomes, and the vast, high-class 55+ homes and condos. Residents of these active adult communities seek a place to unwind and live the good life amidst a plethora of resort-style amenities, without losing access to the city at large and without disconnecting from the activities that make life so enriching. For this latter group, we've assembled 5 of the best Boynton Beach active adult communities to share with you! Read on to learn more.

aberdeen boynton beach

Aberdeen Golf & Country Club

The sprawling Aberdeen Golf & Country Club is perhaps the best known of the many 55+ communities in Boynton Beach. Aberdeen...

Boynton Beach New Construction | 4 Commonly Used Building Materials In Your Boynton Beach Home

4 commonly used construction materials

With new construction abound at every corner, prospective Boynton Beach homeowners must be keenly aware of the ins and outs of their new Boynton home. When we show the property to our clientele, we're always asked about the primary facets of the home - bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, the views, and more - yet rarely are we asked about what's behind the walls and under the flooring. With flooding, hurricanes, stifling heat, and humidity all part of our daily lives as locals, get to know these 4 commonly used construction materials that comprise a plurality of Boynton Beach homes.

metal roofing

Metal Roofing

The Metal Roofing industry has tripled over the last decade, showing the growing consumer (and home builder) adoption of metal roofing in recent years. Metal roofing comprises stronger, longer-lasting materials than traditional shingle roofing and is far more likely to resist wind damage. While the further investigation in every case is needed and we're not roofers by trade the benefits of a metal roof seem too good to ignore, especially in a Boynton Beach home. 

engineered hardwood

Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Visiting The Green Cay Nature Center In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Living

green cay wetland boynton beach

Visiting Boynton Beach's Youngest Nature Park

We've said it many times over, but Boynton Beach is truly the ultimate amalgamation of the South Floridian lifestyle. One part inland old Florida, one part saltwater paradise, and one part cultural nexus, Boynton Beach is perfect for 55+ active living, game fishing, and so much more. There's truly something for everyone here at one of South Florida's fastest-growing small towns, and with a presence just to the north of Delray Beach, its proximity to exciting nightlife and delicious restaurants make Boynton a crossroads of sorts - where nature and civilization (gently) collide. Learn what makes the Green Cay Wetlands such a special event for all ages, whether you're a leading ornithologist or just visiting with the family.

Green Cay was initially opened to the public in 2005 and built on farmland sold by the Winsberg family at a reduced price. In addition to its use as an educational wildlife refuge, the wetlands serve as a natural water reclamation facility, serving an essential role in our ecosystem beyond educating visitors to respect it.

boynton beach birdwatching

A Birdwatchers Paradise

While the early months of the year are...

The Best Dog Groomers and Pet Stores In Boynton Beach

dog groomers on boynton beach

Boynton Beach has evolved over the years into a beautifully dichotomous city pairing crystalline waters and white sand beaches with sprawling Country Club communities and verdant walking paths. With less road traffic than Delray and Boca and plenty of wonderful places to bring your dog, we're excited to share where we recommend taking your dog for a trim and fresh batch of healthy food. Without further ado, here are the best pet stores and dog groomers in Boynton Beach!

pomeranian getting a blow dry from groomer

Best Friends Pet Grooming

Best Friends Pet Grooming believes every pet deserves "celebrity care," and judging by their robustly informative website and dozens of sterling reviews, they've made good on their pledge. Their long list of services includes much more than standard grooming, with proactive de-shedding treatments, "pawdicures" and flea shampooing.

two fluffy dogs covered in soap suds


Scenthound has a membership-based business model...

New Construction Boynton Beach! Valencia Grand by GL Homes | 5 New & Unique Amenities To Enjoy

valencia grand boynton beach

The Champagne & Parisi Realtors are thrilled to take part in the grand opening of the brand new Valencia Grand in Boynton Beach, FL. The premier Valencia offering by GL Homes, this new development adds to a long list of delightful 55+ Senior Living developments that line much of Western Boynton Beach. With Valencia Grand, seniors will experience the largest and most valuable floorplans in the Valencia lineup, but most importantly perhaps, are the many resort style amenities that are provided alongside your new home. Alongside the pool, fitness facilities, and walking paths are these 5 incredible, unique amenities that have never been offered before. Read more to learn what's in store for the lucky few to move in!

indoor pickleball

Indoor Pickleball

One of the fastest growing sports in America, pickleball has become a staple at many of Boynton's 55+ Active Adult communities and beyond. For the first time in the area, residents of Valencia Grand have the opportunity to enjoy the exciting take on tennis from an indoor facility. When you're looking to stay lean and beat the heat, look no further than the Valencia Grand indoor pickleball facility!

yoga garden

Yoga Garden

Yoga is nothing new to the resort style amenities offered at many of Valencia and other 55+...

Boynton Beach Fishing | 5 Game Fish To Catch Off Boynton Beach

boynton beach saltwater fishing

While all of coastal Florida is renowned for its incredible fishing, with our offshore charters commanding a significant quantity of our annual tourism, Boynton Beach is particularly celebrated amongst fishermen. Boynton's unimpeded coastline, quieter beachfront, and number of dedicated charters present a remarkable opportunity amongst many for fishing enthusiasts to experience their hobby in the most spectacular of fashions. South Florida's offshore ecology is rife with exciting game fish to set your sights on. Here are 5 of the most sought-after game fish to catch off Boynton Beach.

tarpon in the deep


Tarpon is one of the most sought-after game fishes in Boynton Beach waters. They are one of the largest fish species off the coast of Boynton Beach, with a world record weighing in at 286 lbs! Renowned for its tenacity, leaping prowess, and sheer mass - the tarpon is a catch and release fish due to its undesirable meat. Atlantic Tarpon adapts well to inhabited areas due to their tolerance for boat traffic, making your "offshore" trip little more than a few feet from the shoreline.

mahi mahi

Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi)

The brilliantly colorful mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish is a surface skimming tropical fish found worldwide. Prized for their meat, as seen in some of the best seafood restaurants...

The Best Pizza Joints In Boynton Beach | Where To Get A Slice

boynton beach pizza

If there's one thing new residents moving to Boynton Beach should know, it's where the best pizza can be found. Short of the very basics of moving in, the next thing to know is where food and culture can be found. After all, a historic "golden age" is never taught through the lens of might and statesmanship, but rather through the arts, sciences, and culture. As Boynton Beach Real Estate ramps up and more people settle in, we can only expect this niche culinary market to grow. 

pizza rox | pepperoni pizza

Pizza Rox

Pizza Rox isn't quite the red and white bedecked hole-in-the-wall that denotes so many incredible pizza restaurants nationwide. What they lack in cliche recognizability, the more than compensate for with their superb list of delicious pizza options for all diners. Pizza Rox takes the classic pizza and wings combo to the next level, with an exciting menu featuring an entire complement of gluten free and vegan options. Don't forget their dessert and rox stix menu, sure to put the finishing touch on a delicious night out.

boynton beach pizza

Boynton Pizza

This no frills, simply titled...

Boynton Beach Coffee Shops | The Trendiest Places To Get Coffee In Boynton

boynton beach coffee houses

Over the years, Boynton Beach has developed from a sleepy suburb to the north of Delray Beach into a legitimate cultural hub. Boynton Beach, perhaps moreso than any neighboring town, has married the interests of saltwater fisherman, bohemian artists, and 55+ retirees. Boynton Beach coffee shops have taken the mantle as the ultimate cultural centrifuge, where artists can sip their morning joe alongside fisherman ready to hit the waters at the crack of dawn. This town is far from "small" or "sleepy" anymore, but it's as welcoming and enjoyable as any in Palm Beach County. For your "cultural centrifuge," try a few of the best coffee shops in Boynton Beach! Here are our favorites.

artistically arranged coffee beans

Marina Cafe Boynton

The Marina Cafe is a full service breakfast eatery that brings much more to the table than frothed milk and iced coffees. Located in Marina Village, one of Boynton Beach's prime condo and shopping districts, the Marina Cafe is a favorite of fishermen rising at the crack of dawn, and people looking for a calm space by the water. Whether powering up or simmering down, starting your morning at the Marina Cafe is certain to be a pleasant experience.

latte art in coffee mug...

Seafood Restaurants In Boynton Beach | The Best Seafood In Boynton

boynton beach seafood restaurants

We've noted many times over that Boynton Beach might be the best town in Palm Beach County for aquatic activities and ocean lovers. As more people learn of the majestic oceanside town a shade to the north of Delray Beach, the industries that support such migration of new residents (and new money) have begun to follow. As a result, Boynton Beach Real Estate is in as high a demand as ever. Whether looking to live in one of the gorgeous 55+ active adult country clubs or right on the water, Boynton Beach's culinary complement is ready to tantalize your tastebuds and offer the freshest catch anywhere to be found! Here are our top 5 seafood restaurants in Boynton Beach.

fine seafood dining


We love the convenient location on Federal Highway and the down-to-earth mentality behind the environment at Driftwood. Marketing itself as a gastropub, we can't ignore their plethora of localized seafood specialties, such as their local fish ceviche, golden fish en papillote, or their shrimp n'grits.

delicious surf and turf


The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Food In Boynton Beach

boynton beach vegan food

Boynton Beach may not be as renowned a destination for foodies as Delray Beach to the south, nor the fine dining of Mizner Park, but this gorgeous beachfront town is slowly (and quietly) assembling some of the most interesting & unique culinary destinations in South Florida. Thanks in part to lower rents and lesser out-of-state competition, towns like Boynton Beach and Lake Worth present a golden opportunity for young, local businesses to thrive. Among that crop of exciting new food choices is the explosion of the vegan & vegetarian movement. With so many mom-and-pop startups serving up some incredible plant-based delights, learn where to find the best vegan and vegetarian food in Boynton Beach!

colored vegan cupcakes in a row

Blondie's Vegan Bakery and Cafe

Blondie's has been a mainstay in Boynton Beach for the past few years, and a true favorite for anyone having a birthday or other celebratory occasion in the area. Specializing in vegan comfort food, mainly through their gluten-free cakes and baked goods, Blondie's has been to Boynton what Parlour has been for Boca Raton. Their curated menu includes rotating seasonal favorites and is far from limited - including soups, salads, dips, casseroles, and so much more.

Pizza Rox...

Boynton Beach Fast Casual Restaurants | The Best Quick Bites In Boynton Beach

boynton beach fast casual

Ask any homeowner in Boynton Beach is rife with hidden gems Fast Casual Restaurants are one of the fastest growing dining trends in the United States. For a country so enthralled by the relationship of convenience and our food, fast casual is the perfect fit. For those looking at fast food as a net negative - a compromise of quality for the sake of speed, fast casual has come to the rescue! Macro chain restaurants such as Panera Bread and Five Guys have shown the way - and local favorites have followed! For that perfect middle ground between quickness and quality, look no further than the 5 best fast casual restaurants in Boynton Beach!

souvlaki meal

Souvlaki Fast

For those who don't know, Souvlaki is a very popular Greek Style of skewered meats, often sliced and eaten straight off the skewer. However, it is most commonly served in a pita wrap, similarly to falafel - with vegetables and corresponding sauces. Souvlaki Fast does it right, with juicy wraps bursting with flavor, crisp veggies and lettuce, and fresh made sauces. During a visit to Thessaloniki, founder Roulis recognized the glaring need for the cuisine of his people to arrive on the shores of Boynton. Out from his desire to share the flavors of Greece, Souvlaki Fast was born!  

sweet fried plantains...

5 Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid | First Time Home Buyer Guide

5 mortgage mistakes

"Mortgage" might just be the scariest word in the English language. While a mortgage is an antecedent to the American Dream, having the wrong information, a lack of help, or misconceptions can lead to financial ruin. With the United States life expectancy currently sitting just under 79 years, a 30-year mortgage currently represents around 40% of the average American lifespan! The Champagne & Parisi Team is dedicated to the end-to-end process, including accessing the very best in mortgage support. We bring the knowledge, effort, and right people to the table with every client, and through our blog strive to provide quick and easy reads to help you buff up your knowledge. Without further ado, here are 5 mortgage mistakes to avoid as a first-time home buyer.

searching for a home first

Looking For A Home First

Look, we get it! There's nothing fun about shopping for a mortgage. Looking for your dream home, on the other hand, is something we can all lose an hour or two fantasizing about. After all, mortgages don't come with swimming pools, a screened-in lanai, or access to the best restaurants and bars in the area. Mortgages, however, facilitate all of this. Without a mortgage or a boatload of cash, your home shopping adventure falls flat. Housing inventory is...

5 Reasons To Live In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Real Estate

reasons to move to boynton

Named for settler Nathan Smith Boynton, a Michigan born politician, investor, and a Civil War Major, the city has seen significant growth in the past few decades in particular.. The city of Boynton Beach gained its official nomenclature in 1941, and since then has developed aptly while maintaining a healthy balance of nature and culture. Boynton Beach is up and coming, most notably in its private residences, art, and culinary scenes. For a slice of this lesser known neighbor to the north of Delray Beach, look no further than our top 5 reasons to move to Boynton Beach!

beautiful blue saltwater

Saltwater Serenity

As we've mentioned many times before, Boynton Beach does a little more (or a little less, depending on your perspective) to atone for our inclusion to this timeless subtropical environ. While Boca Raton's towering condos and Highland Beach's sprawling oceanfront manses might take all the headlines, there's something truly special about waterfront property on Boynton Beach. Take in the sights, the sounds, and the cool sea breeze without the glitz and glamor obfuscating your view. For true nature lovers, consider a Boynton Beach home.

natural south florida waterfront

A Natural Take On South Florida Living...

Hiring An Interior Designer | The Perks Of Interior Design Help

boynton beach interior designers

For even the most affluent families living in Palm Beach County, the allure of a professional interior designer may swipe at our pride. After all, we don't want to admit to anyone, let alone a stranger that we need help dressing our homes - an extension of ourselves. Whether or not you feel like unleashing your inner Christopher Lowell, there's a reason folks like him are the pros, and we're just happy to hire them! Find out why you should consider hiring an interior designer before your big remodel, and why their true value lies in more than meets the eye.

interior design | zero in on your aesthetic

Zero In On Your Aesthetic

Design, decor, fashion, style... they seem to have their own language. It's not just the mastery of insider vernacular that makes an interior designer valuable. Their well-bodied knowledge base of art, color, styles, and trends allow for them to quickly ascertain your needs and align your interests into a pinpointedly accurate assessment of what you want to do. Trust us, interior designers may know more about what you're looking for than you do!

access to resources and services

Access To Better Resources, Material Prices

Just like working...

Boynton Beach Home Decor | Brighten Your Boynton Beach Home

boynton beach home decor tips

Boynton Beach sits just atop Delray Beach on the map crawl north from Key West to Jacksonville. As a less contemporary, more naturalized altnerative to Delray and Boca to the south, the dedication to natural preservation and lack of an "Atlantic Ave." shows in the way Boynton Beach homeowners organize and decorate their homes. Learn a few of the most popular and tasteful home accents that Boynton Beach is known for. 

wicker storage ottoman

Wicker Storage Ottoman

Your author never lived anywhere else but Florida, and after 32 years is more than comfortable claiming that wicker and rattan will never go out of style. In today's age, we're fortunate to have decades of wicker wear-and-tear built upon by furniture designers and interior decorators alike, leading to a new era of high-quality wicker furniture, and even facsimile wicker patterns which standup to weather even better. An outdoor wicker storage ottoman (while not guaranteed watertight) is perfect for that poolside seating area. If you've been to Boynton Beach, you've seen them before!

remote controlled curtains

Remote Controlled Retractable Curtains...

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