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Key Facts Realtors Need to Know about Divorce and Selling or Buying Real Estate

key factors realtors need to know about divorce

Divorce is a major precedent in many real estate transactions. For better or for worse (no pun intended), divorces are as common as they have ever been in American history. Often when couples of a certain means divorce, this creates the need for two housing transactions, which in the plainest sense can be a boon for Realtors. However, the dissolution of a marriage is far from a positive in any sense of the word, and as Realtors we have to support these people as best we can without exploiting the vulnerabilities that they may be experiencing.

In addition, divorce adds many transactional challenges, emotional currents, and other struggles that the bifurcation of housing opportunities hardly makes up for. If you’re prepared to represent a recent divorcee or are a cog in an in-progress divorce, be ready for these and many potential roadblocks that lie ahead.

heightened stress and emotions

Divorce Can Heighten Emotions and Add Stress


The Importance of a Home Inspection When Buying a Property in Boynton Beach

the importance of a home inspection

Are you looking into buying a slice of Boynton Beach Real Estate? Between the rigors of South Florida weather – heat, humidity, heavy rainfall, and the occasional hurricane, and the expensive and rising nature of the property, home buyers need to know everything they can before moving forward. This is where a home inspection comes in. A home inspection is a professional assessment of a property's condition, often conducted at the behest of the buyer. Here are a few reasons why having a professional inspection conducted by a reputable service can make all the difference in your home selection.

detect potential hazards

Detect Potential Hazards

First and most important are deficiencies that can lead to tragedies, such as structural defects, faulty circuitry, gas lines, and water damage. In a Boynton Beach home, residents can expect a greater exposure to moisture than most areas in the country, leaving the home susceptible to both observed and invisible water damage. Often A/C ducts, roof insulation, and even interior walls can be impacted by the damage.

In the case of mold or ...

The Do's And Don'ts of Buying Foreclosed Property | Boynton Beach Real Estate

the do's and don't of buying a foreclosed property

Foreclosed properties can often seem like a tempting option for those looking to invest in real estate in South Florida. Though we’ll likely never see an event as calamitous as the 2008 recession, savvy buyers are always looking for bank-seized properties and fixer-uppers. Foreclosed properties come with their baggage, but offer often substantially lower prices and thus, greater profit potential. However, the risks and challenges associated with foreclosures are something every Boynton Beach home buyer should be keeping in mind. While there’s no perfect formula for a standard real estate transaction, there are certainly plenty of do’s and don’ts that home buyers and Realtors should be aware of.

Do: Work with a Real Estate Agent Experienced in Foreclosed Properties

Buying a foreclosed property can be a rigorous and unique process, so it is important to work with a real estate agent who has experience in this area. Bonus points to any Realtor who served the people in 2008, when the mass of foreclosures completely tilted the market.  

Don't: Skip the Inspection

A foreclosed property doesn’t always equate to a “fixer upper” but even the prettiest Boynton Beach home foreclosure may have hidden risks and potential pitfalls. It may be that the previous owner was financially...

Boynton Beach Birdwatching | 5 Of The Rarest Native Birds To Look Out For

boynton beach birdwatching

Before it began its ascent as an artistic and cultural hotbed, Boynton Beach Real Estate was long renowned for its access to nature, both over the water and the grasslands. With a largely deciduous ecosystem that gives way to pine scrublands, brackish estuarine waters, and endless seas of grassy wetlands, the city of Boynton Beach is a preeminent destination for ornithologists and amateur birdwatchers. Despite the scale and ongoing development of the many new gated communities in West Boynton Beach, such as Valencia Isles, there are still numerously designated and undesignated wildlife habitats rife with beauty wherever you turn. For those of us keen on witnessing some of the rarest and most stunning birds in America, look no further than Boynton Beach - the Loxahatchee Reserve, Green Cay Wetlands, and so much more. These 5 birds are not all endangered, some aren't even too uncommon, but all represent a taste of the vibrancy, color, and natural beauty that inspires our communities that we share in tandem with nature.

roseate spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill

The descriptively named Roseate Spoonbill is one of the strangest-looking birds in Boynton Beach. Perhaps the best-equipped bird for wading...

A Millennials Guide To Save For A House While Still Paying Rent | Boynton Beach Home Buying Advice

a guide for millennials to save for a home while renting

Even as millennial homebuyers continue gaining ground as the largest demographic in real estate, much of the oft-maligned generation remain in debt cycles and financial struggles. Numerous causes such as student debt and marrying later were compounded by the pandemic, leading to more consolidation between millennials and their living situation. As rent prices continue to soar, young prospective home buyers struggle immensely to prepare for their home purchase. With our quick, concise guide to millennial home buying, we list a few of the most prominent ways to save for a home while still renting. 

Boynton Beach is a great place to start for Millennials! Check out some of the best condos and townhomes in Boynton Beach.

automate your savings

Automate Your Savings

Without the proper budget its easy to let potential savings slip away. For some of us, it might seem like even $50 a week is too much to partition towards our savings, but with simple automation features in almost every online banking platform, watch your savings account grow without batting an eyelash. Other, more complex financial planning platforms like Qapital allow you to set rules to automate savings. Features like rounding up to the nearest...

A Complete Guide For New Residents Of Boynton Beach | Where To Start On Day 1

day 1 guide for new boynton beach residents

Boynton Beach is the third most populous city in Palm Beach County, but is far from its best-known to a national audience. Boynton Beach has long been known for its natural splendor, sprawling gated communities, and superb beach access. Yet more than ever, it's become known for its art, culture, and major projects underway to further cement the ascent of Boynton Beach to cultural relevancy. For new residents young and old, there may be some questions you have about getting started, digging in your heels, and getting your feet wet. Look no further than our quick, concise guide on day 1 for new residents of Boynton Beach!

know your surroundings in boynton beach


Much of South Florida wraps around the center of the state like a chinstrap, hugging the coastlines from Daytona to the Florida Keys and back up to Tampa Bay. That isn't to say that there isn't anything in the interior of the state, but it is important to note that much of Boynton Beach begins at the Atlantic Coastline and works its way inward. Boynton Beach has 9 zip codes, beginning at the edge of Delray Beach and cascading north and westward. Much of southeast Florida from Miami-Dade to the Palm Beaches can be topographically determined by using several thoroughfares and major crossings as your general idea of...

The Best Brunch In Boynton Beach | Where To Enjoy Brunch In Boynton

the best brunch in boynton beach

Delray Beach to the immediate south is a veritable destination for brunch-goers and Sunday drinkers, yet as Boynton Beach continues to grow, so do the gourmet offerings for palettes of all types. For those looking for everything from a wholesome country breakfast to mimosas and french toast, we give you some of our favorites among the best brunch in Boynton Beach!

owl country grille

The Owl Country Grille

We always feel good about a breakfast restaurant with the word "country" in its title. Yet, not every meal served up by this well-regarded breakfast and lunch locale is a decadent biscuits and gravy or cinnamon buns reminiscent of a deep South breakfast. Their omelets, salads, and platters round out a menu that includes the expected breakfast classics, making it one of the better no-frills places to fight a hangover after a long night or take the family out on a crisp winter morning. This family-owned and operated diner shows its care for its food, and those they serve, with every order made from scratch. Nothing is cooked in advance, making the Owl Country Grille one of the best spots for a leisurely sit-down, but perhaps not a grab-and-go location when in a rush.

the breakfast shack...

The Boynton Beach Town Square | New Construction In Boynton Beach

new construction in boynton beach - the town square

Boynton Beach has quickly ascended from a populous but quiet South Palm Beach town to a booming expression of ascendant culture. The city has recognized the infusion of nationwide and international residents, blending a charming old Florida vibe with a modern beachfront community. The city has always been known for its early history in Palm Beach County, spectacular beachfront parks, and sprawling golf and country clubs.

In response to this growth, the City of Boynton Beach has undergone several municipal improvements and cultural projects, the most notable of which is the upcoming Boynton Beach Town Square. Read more below to learn what's to be expected, and how this forthcoming cultural centrifuge will positively impact the residents and visitors of this beautiful city going forward.

The Creative Process

The city ensured that its citizens would have their rightful input, determining that safety, accessibility, and inclusion were among the top priorities of the space. The Boynton Town Square will augment existing municipal facilities, including the City Library, Cultural Center, Schoolhouse Children's Museum, and the business incubator at the library. 

What To Expect At The Boynton Beach Town Square...

Boynton Beach Real Estate Market Report | What Has Changed In 2022?

boynton beach real estate market 2022

The Boynton Beach Real Estate team is ready to deliver the cold, hard, facts from a red-hot year in Real Estate! Without wasting another moment, let's dig into the information and learn more about the winds of change in 2022. 

Please note: We will be using year-to-year data, comparing the most recent completed data set (November 2022) to exactly one year prior (November 2021)

home price in boynton beach

Home Prices

Average List Price

Boynton Beach shifted from a largely seller's to buyer-friendly market as a result of high-interest rates driving prices down and creating greater hesitancy among many prospective home buyers. For November 2022, the year-over-year prices still increased significantly. The average list price in November 2021 was $450,203. This prior month, that number jumped 28.65% to reach the current number of $530,887.


5 Facts You Didn't Know About Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Real Estate

5 fun facts about boynton beach

Boynton Beach is one of the fastest-rising cities in South Florida and the nation abroad. This sprawling, relatively populated south Palm Beach County city is as rich in history as it is in opportunity. With a real estate climate reflecting the dichotomy of inland estate homes and waterfront condos, there's something for everyone in this lovely town. For those new to the area, or looking to add a bit of intrigue to their day, here are 5 quick, fun facts about Boynton Beach, Florida!

first city of the 1920s

First City Of The 1920s

Boynton Beach was the first city in Palm Beach County to incorporate in the 1920s, following only West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Lake Worth in order. The incorporation of Boynton Beach would precede 9 additional city/town charters ratified in the 1920s, with the last being Belle Glade in 1928.

good police work

A Pillar Of Good Police Work


The 5 Best Sports Bars In Boynton Beach | Where To Catch The Game In Boynton Beach

the best sports bars in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is the perfect town to get the most out of your Sunday. Whether that means visiting our beautiful beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, or just enjoying time at your Boynton Beach home, there's always an easygoing way to get the most out of life in Boynton Beach. For South Florida football fans, the pain of catching the game isn't as acute as it once was. The Miami Dolphins sit at 6-3, and we're as motivated as ever to enjoy a Sunday with a winner in our backyard! No matter who your team is, and we know many Boynton Beach residents weren't born here, we give you five of the best sports bars in Boynton Beach!

hurricane alley chicken wings

Hurricane Alley

Hurricane Alley might be our favorite Boynton Beach sports bar to catch the game. While not as fervently dedicated to wall-to-wall coverage of every game, this Boynton Beach restaurant is the perfect blend of community, sports, and a great atmosphere. The front and back patio areas are perfect to enjoy a cold one in some fresh air, especially when the weather cools and the breeze kicks in. Just a few feet off US-1 and a few blocks to the beach, Hurricane Alley is a natural fit for beachgoers, sports fans, and those looking to kick back and enjoy time with their friends.


Boynton Beach Fall Home Decor Trends | Spruce Up Your Boynton Beach Home

fall decor trends for your boynton beach home

We're never going to tell you how to live or what beauty looks like, but we are on the ball when it comes to indoor and outdoor decor, style, and maintenance. As always, we strive to stay informed and provide the latest information from the various world's that impact our business. While we don't sell the design, we sell the idea, the lifestyle, and the home you're looking to outfit for a beautiful autumn. These 5 trendy fall decor ideas will set you up for a stylish end to 2022!

3d brass sculpture

Sculpture & 3D Art

Ever since the cro-magnon peoples of Central and Eastern Europe began scrawling artwork on the walls of a cave, humanity has strived to express itself through art. Paintings, murals, and wall-mounted artwork has never lost its luster, but more and more we see 3D art appear on the mantlepieces and accent tables of the cultured & affluent. This is especially true for seasonal fall decor, where pumpkins, cornucopias and fall foliage take over the homes of Boynton Beach residents.

smoky glassware


Boynton Beach Midterm Elections | Everything You Need To Know For The 2022 Midterm Elections

boynton beach midterm elections 2022

The 2022 Midterm Elections are here! Whether you're dialed in or just getting up to speed, having a basic knowledge of our political system and the candidates vying for office is never a bad thing to possess. For our part, the Champagne & Parisi Team through the Boynton Beach Real Estate blog is here to help you make your preparations to participate in the 2022 midterm. Read on, get the details, and get out and vote!


Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th between 7 AM - 7 PM. If you are still waiting in line by the 7 PM closing time, you will be permitted to complete your ballot. Voting Precincts are divided across two zones: Zones 4 and 5.

Click HERE to find your exact polling center.

Zone 4 includes much of Northern Boynton Beach and the cities due north of its reaches, such as Lake Worth, South Palm Beach, Lantana, Manalapan, and more. 

pbc voter map 4...

Boynton Beach New Construction Review | Boynton Beach Real Estate

boynton beach new construction updates

With new construction across the county, we give the latest news, notes, and new construction in Boynton Beach. From the oceanfront to the westernmost gated communities, we aim to provide our readers with the jewels of knowledge they need to build a successful future and live through our city at its finest. Read our Boynton Beach Real Estate blog for all things Boynton Beach!

boynton beach new construction front porch

Valencia Grand

Valencia Grand will be the most spectacular offering from GL homes' ever-expanding Valencia line of 55+ communities. This new construction will consist of over 700 of the largest, most impressive floorplans seen in Boynton Beach and include never-before-seen amenities such as indoor pickleball, a yoga garden, an outdoor cafe, and a blow dry salon. 

riverwalk plaza apartments

Riverwalk Plaza Apartments

The Riverwalk Plaza Apartments will be finished shortly. This 10-story apartment...

5 Local Boynton Beach Businesses We Love To Visit | Boynton Beach Local Business

support local boynton businesses

Boynton Beach may be the third most populated city in Palm Beach County, but it is far from the corporate influence that overarches the environs of Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. While the city is growing exponentially, it still holds some of the quaintness of a smaller Florida town, yielding plenty of space for small local and family-owned business to thrive. Some of these businesses predate the growth and notoriety of Boynton Beach Real Estate, while others have stemmed from the growth itself. Wherever we go, and however far our travels take us, there will always be a "local" scene to support. For these 5 businesses, whether moving to Boynton Beach or just visiting, we hope you'll show them some love!

asia world market

Asia World Market

This small family-owned Asian market is one of the most beloved small businesses in Boynton Beach. Its sterling reviews earmark the many reasons Boynton Beach residents, citing the quality of service, friendliness of the staff, and of course the myriad of rare spices, snacks, and fresh vegetables. For those looking to learn more about Asian cuisine, the staff are always helpful, leading curious parties from aisle to aisle revealing rarities that most of us would simply walk by.


Boynton Beach Yoga & Pilates | 5 Terrific Yoga And Pilates Studios In Boynton Beach

yoga and pilates boynton beach

Let's face it life can get stressful, and sometimes it can stay that way. What starts in our minds can often lead to aches, pains, and misalignment in our bodies. What stresses us mentally will impact us in the physical realm, through our physical pain and the way we interact with the world and the people around us. Yoga and Pilates are both core redefining, muscle-aligning, mentally gratifying fitness modalities that frankly, we wish more people would try! For Boynton Beach residents, we have 5 outstanding and unique yoga and pilates studios. Visit them all and find your home! 

blissful energy yoga

Blissful Energy

Blissful Energy is a small, boutique yoga studio in Central Boynton off Congress Ave. This small but energized studio features a youthful vigor that is sure to spark the inner yogi in all of us, with kind, accommodating instructors and a variety of classes, including recently added hot stretch, pilates, and HIIT training.

pilates and yoga center of boynton beach

PYC: Pilates & Yoga Center


55+ Condos In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach 55+ Real Estate

55+ boynton beach condo blog

The 55+ Lifestyle in Boynton Beach is replete with elegant offerings for its senior residents. From the resplendent west Boynton Beach gated communities to the luxury waterfront townhomes, Boynton Beach may have the finest selection of active adult homes for sale in the entire county. While not every development we show in the blog to come is a designated HOPA (senior living) development, these Boynton Beach condos all feature amenities, locations, and access that 55+ residents of Boynton Beach will love. Read on and learn more about some of our favorite 55 and over condos in Boynton Beach! 

boynton landings condos

Boynton Landings

Boynton Landings is a gated condo community on Congress Avenue north of Gateway Blvd. This 196 one and two-bedroom condos include gourmet kitchen features such as granite countertops, stainless appliances, and updated bathrooms. Boynton Landings is a terrific opportunity to live a quaint, quiet life while remaining connected to all that Palm Beach County has to offer. For a condo community so close to major highways, the immersion you'll feel is impressive, with shade trees and beautiful views abound. Condos range in size between 800 to over 1,000 square feet and are among the most reasonably priced in the area.


Boynton Beach Home Selling | Avoid These Common Home Staging Mistakes

avoid these common home staging mistakes

Home staging is a rudiment of going the extra mile to sell a home. It's important to disconnect the home buyer from either the space or the family room they're currently viewing. A tactful arrangement of furniture, artwork, and even the light and scent of the room play a drastic role in helping your home buyers visualize themselves occupying the space, rather than dealing with the conflict of the occupant's design contrasts, or an empty room that leaves too much to the imagination. However, there are plenty of ways to make common yet significant mistakes when home staging. Here is a short list of 5 common home staging mistakes you should avoid at your next open house!

too much furniture in home staging

Using Too Much Furniture

Well-positioned furniture is a staple of good home staging, but the temptation is there to do too much and try too hard. When staging furniture, remember that the idea is to give the home buyer a realistic idea of how to use the space, not overwhelm them with things to look at. Furniture is there to show the buyer's potential, rather than a finished room. The right blend of open space and thoughtfully placed furniture gives visitors the chance to see themselves in the space without feeling too oppressed by what's already there. This is similar to why neutral colors are suggested for paint, as it leaves the buyer with less to distract their eye and more time to think...

Clean And Organize Your Boynton Beach Garage | Boynton Beach Real Estate

tips to organize your boynton garage

A garage is a make-or-break arrangement for every homeowner. It seems like there is no middle ground here - just a bipolar expression of garage-togetherness. There is never a "nearly clean" or "almost tidy" garage, there is perfection without a single screw out of place, and an unmitigated floor-to-ceiling disaster. For our Boynton Beach homeowners, there's always something to do around town, and always a reason to work on projects from the garage. We put together a... *ahem*, tidy list of ways to get the most out of your garage and revolutionize what for many is their most untapped space in the home.

garage floorplan

Draft a Floorplan

You don't need to be a sketch artist or drafter to produce a cogent plan that brings immense organizational value to your garage project. This includes both vertical and horizontal planning - incorporating the walls, floors, and existing or new shelving to install. Knowing what and where you want to store your garage belongings is crucial to decide before lifting a finger. Items and areas outside the garage can also play a significant role in your project planning. A backyard shed, for example, could serve as a place to offload and store numerous garage-friendly objects. Lastly, decide if you want your garage to be a man cave or an open space, and prepare your home and driveway to park outside. 

open shelving in garage...

Add Value To Your Boynton Beach Home | 4 Upgrades To Add Value To Your Home

boynton home upgrades

With the leveling of our market and the interest rate hike, it appears that the balance is slowly being restored to our exorbitantly inflated home prices of 2020 and 2021. However, this doesn't mean there isn't an immense opportunity to upgrade and improve the value of your Boynton Beach home. After all, market forces only determine the big picture, never what lies behind the walls and on the front lawn of your home. We list 4 key upgrades, some expensive, some not so much, that you can undergo to increase your quality of life and the dollar value of your home!

energy efficiency

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Even before runaway inflation and grotesquely elevated fuel prices, efficiency through investment was always a solid value proposition for Boynton Beach homeowners. While the efficiency of green technology and the time to return your investment can be debated and questioned, what isn't is the fact that regardless of your up front expense, having a more energy efficient home is a value to whoever is home at the time. Oftentimes, improvements to energy efficiency also lead to greater comfort enjoyed at home, and a more technologically integrated space. It is also important...

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