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5 Reasons To Sell Your Boynton Beach Home This Summer

5 reasons to sell your boynton home this summer

In today's booming real estate market, there is no true "season" for home buying in Boynton Beach. Following the seismic shifts on how we do business in the past few years, the tangential "snowbird" driven season and its subsequent economic windfalls is more balanced with the middle parts of the year. No longer does sweltering heat, mosquitos, and fluctuating home prices dissuade those from seeking to buy a home or condo in Boynton Beach. With that said, there is still a component of seasonability related to Boynton Beach real estate. It may have more to do with what's happening elsewhere and in your personal life, but regardless, it has a downstream impact on how we see our market. These five reasons, among many are some of the strongest to consider sell your Boynton Beach home this summer! 

"schools out" written on a chalkboard

School's Out!

One of the biggest reasons home buyers will emerge from the woodwork is the absence of a scholastic calendar. Though not weather-related, a move during the school year is almost always precipitated by a significant life change. Whether it's a financial windfall, an emergency situation, or major job transfer, moving during the school year is not ideal for children looking to attune to a routine and build a group of friends. A school year move also includes canvassing the city for the best nearby public schools, private institutions, and local universities, if applicable....

The Best July 4th Events In Boynton Beach | Things To Do On The 4th of July (2024)

July 4th Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach is an aquatic paradise, known for its boater-friendly waterfront communities and sprawling single-family estate homes. As the city's profile continues to rise, so does our need to shed more light on the news and events happening around the city. As one of the earliest incorporated cities and the third most populated in Palm Beach County, the city has undergone a cultural renaissance from a sleepy residential town to a noted destination on everyone's map. As part of our invigorated commitment to keeping you aware of all things Boynton Beach, we're thrilled to produce what we hope to be our first of many holiday and event-focused blogs. Read on and set your plans, whether it be revelry in Boynton Beach or one of these beautiful nearby alternatives, we have you covered for midsummer fun!

july 4th boynton beach event (2024)

Red, White, and Blue with a Waterfront View! - Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach is leaning into its coastal reputation with what's sure to be one of the best nights out in the area. Located at Intracoastal Park, this rendition of July 4th festivities will begin with a rich offering of food trucks and refreshment vendors to keep everyone cool and fed, coupled with live entertainment and plenty of activities for attendees of all ages. Kids can enjoy the bounce house, art...

5 Must See Boynton Beach Gated Communities | Boynton Beach Gated Neighborhoods

5 must see boynton beach gated communities

Boynton Beach Real Estate is a rich market of complementary lifestyles and beautiful housing opportunities. From the numerous 55+ golf and country club communities, to the Intracoastal condos, affordable townhomes, and more - this growing city has something for all walks of life. Sporting the third largest population in Palm Beach County, one of the most popular destinations for newcomers to Florida, the community has grown rapidly to incorporate more family-friendly single-family homes and all-ages gated communities. With so much ado regarding the country clubs and 55 and over homes for sale, today's blog features 5 must-see gated communities that are accessible to anyone. Read on and visit each of our dedicated pages for these fantastic Boynton Beach gated communities!

cobblestone creek front entry

Cobblestone Creek

Cobblestone Creek is a gorgeous community of 250 larger single-family homes ranging from 2,000 to over 4,650 square feet. Two-story, six-bedroom models with sprawling brick driveways provide ample room for converting bedrooms into dens and garages into workspaces. Noted for its elegant entryway and Mediterranean flair, the saltwater pool and in-clubhouse fitness center headline shared amenities that are resplendent, especially when compared to the quantity of residents and the space afforded....

Bats In Boynton Beach? Why You Should Consider Inviting Them To Your Home!

the benefits boynton beach bathouses

Beyond being the cool, but a little weird one on your block, there are many benefits to owning a bat house and entreating these nocturnal friends. Though they've been the subject of centuries of smear campaigns and misconceptions, more Boynton Beach homeowners are finding that bathhouses, and yes, birdhouses too, are terrific additions to their home exterior. In today's blog, we will discuss the many merits, both to you and the bats, for cohabitating together on your Boynton Beach property. Before extolling the immense benefits, however, let's first go over a few of the best practices when mounting a bat house and attracting these misunderstood and wonderful creatures.

bat houses bolted to tree

Setting Up Your Bat House

Seeing as bats don't enjoy conventional vision nor fly by day (normally), setting up a bat house requires a bit more thought and ingenuity than a birdhouse, where you can expect to see dozens of takers arriving for fresh seed and water. We see dozens, if not hundreds of birds every single day, but rarely do we see a bat. Creating the conditions for bats to roost is a bit more complicated. Thankfully, there are many companies who sell prefab or assembly-required bathouses with a multitude of...

The 5 Best Steakhouses In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Steakhouses

5 best steakhouses in boynton beach

We've made no secret of our excitement in observing the cultural outgrowth of Boynton Beach. Despite it being the third eldest incorporated city in Delray Beach, the Mizner and World War II-infused growth of Boca Raton and Delray Beach to the near south was more observable and meteoric. Today, Boynton Beach features prominently on the radar of South Florida's best locations for outstanding culinary and cultural experiences. The city continues to invest in its growing cultural and business sectors, providing a superb complement of terrific restaurants, communities, and new opportunities to an already magnificent natural environment. In today's blog, we'll delve deeper into the ongoing coverage of new and historic culinary delights that have put the city on the map. Our focus is on the best steak in Boynton Beach - a city known for its remarkable seafood, craft beer, and outdoor waterfront dining. Our list is as diverse as the city's growing global demographic, featuring a variety of steakhouses, not just the traditional upscale bar and grille that has become the typical American experience.

prime catch lobster tail and filet mignon

Prime Catch

Prime Catch is the premier surf and turf location in Boynton Beach. Though admittedly named and best-known for its incredibly fresh seafood menu, there are several ways to pair outstanding cuts with your favorite wines, appetizers, and fresh coastal fare. Situated very along the Intracoastal across from ...

A Local Guide To Healthy Eating In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Healthy Restaurants

a local guide to healthy eating in boynton beach

It's Springtime and some of us are still clinging to our New Year's Resolutions! Sarcasm aside, as Boynton Beach continues to magnetize new demographics, industries, and culinary concepts to compete with its neighbors, we're excited to share the bustle around town. With more new restaurants, incoming culinary talent, more investments into the arts and culture, and new construction homes attracting people from all over gthe world, we're thrilled to continually document what we've deemed the "cultural renaissance" of Boynton Beach. Today, we review some of the restaurants that help us stay true to our commitments. These locales are where calories, not flavor are sacrificed, and ingredient quality is top of mind. Learn more, and find out where to eat healthy in Boynton Beach!

guacamole in mortar and pestle

Guaca Go

Guaca Go joins the growing trend of fast-casual restaurants in Boynton Beach, catering to the growing number of school-aged families and young upstarts moving to the area. One of the most affordable options on our list, this colorful, avocado-themed eatery builds bowls with avocado bases, topped with fresh ingredients and seed-oil-free dressings. Their bowls, wraps,...

5 Day Trip Locations Near Boynton Beach | Family Fun In Boynton Beach, FL

5 day trip locations in boynton beach

One advantage of living in Boynton Beach is its centrality in Palm Beach County. The city sits at the midpoint of the eastern seaboard of the county, which stretches inward to the southeastern majority of Lake Okeechobee. Thanks to this location, residents live within an hour to dozens of significant locations for logistical and recreational purposes. Two major airports are within an hour, as are several of the finest beaches, outdoor attractions, outstanding restaurants, water parks, fishing charters, and so much more in between. These 5 exciting locations and attractions are a few ideas among many to spend a day with the family enjoying the best of Boynton Beach and its surroundings.

panoramic view of Peanut Island, West Palm Beach, FL

Peanut Island

Peanut Island is a popular destination for outdoor watersports just east of Riviera Beach, situated snugly between Singer Island and the mainland. This paradisal island is perfect for snorkeling, boating, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Uniquely, Peanut Island is more of a massive sandbar than a proper island. Though it's within eyesight of the shoreline, it's only accessible by boat. There are public ferries and plenty of slots for anchorage if you're a boat owner. However, be mindful of the regression of the tides, as many boats struggle with grounding as the tide recedes and yields more land. This is one of the quintessential hangouts for...

Boynton Beach Jobs | The 5 Largest Employment Sectors In Boynton Beach

the 5 largest employment sectors in boynton beach

Boynton Beach Real Estate continues to grow exponentially, expanding beyond the beachfront condos and 55+ gated communities into styles and sizes that attract a wider population. With more young professionals and growing families flocking to the promise of Boynton Beach, employment sectors have surged around the needs of the community. Today we'll examine the 5 largest employment sectors putting Boynton Beach residents to work, and how our existing population and common lifestyle choices influence the prominence of these careers. 

All Facts Obtained via Census.Gov 

healthcare sector

Healthcare & Social Assistance

Healthcare, in-home nursing, and medical practitioners comprise the largest single employment sector in the Boynton Beach economy. Beginning with two major hospitals headquartered in Boynton Beach, hundreds if not thousands are staffed in these major establishments. In particular, Bethesda East Hospital, just north of the Chapel Hill community, services both Delray and Boynton Beach, adding a need for more staffers to serve an additional population. Beyond the major hospitals, Boynton Beach and South Florida as a whole are renowned for their...

5 Spare Room Ideas For Your Boynton Beach Home

5 spare room ideas for your boynton beach home

Boynton Beach Real Estate is full of 55+ communities and complimentary waterfront condos. The demographic and topography of the city demonstrate a population who is likely to, or recently has, downsized or upscaled their homes. Whether you just became a new empty nester, bought a bigger home, or just have a little extra space, we hope today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog will serve to stir your imagination and get you on the path to transforming your spare room! Here are 5 spare room ideas we see across a variety of Boynton Beach homes.

home office and study by window

Home Office And Study

Some semi-retired Boynton Beach residents have happily converted their spare room into a home office, personal library and study. This not only allows for a perfect home workspace, but it importantly sequesters a majority of work-related activities to a designated space. Psychologically, one of the challenges of working from home is the inability to separate home from work, an important tenet of  living a balanced life. With a home office, you have the ability 

hobby and craft studio

Hobby And Craft Studio

A spare room is so much more than the folding table you used to scrapbook on in...

5 Important Security Features For Your Boynton Beach Home

5 important security features

Home security is there to do one job, and that is to fulfill the promise in its title. Keeping your home safe is like maintaining good health. If your home or your health is in jeopardy, it's nearly impossible to enjoy everything life has to offer. With home security, you maintain the baseline of your quality of life, not just from potential interlopers, but from inclement weather, package thieves, and even gas leaks. To get your home set for safety, there's no need to spend big on over-the-top robust security systems, but there are a handful of important pieces of equipment that our Agents believe are the bare necessities of a secure Boynton Beach home.

doorbell camera

Doorbell Camera

A doorbell camera was once a distant idea that soon became one of the quintessential security items for a home. For many, it seems unthinkable that for centuries we answered doors without knowing exactly who was standing before us. In the days of e-commerce, where packages are delivered every day through our communities, it's easy for package thieves to show up and snatch a cherished purchase and be gone in seconds. Your ring camera is often also a deterrent to this activity happening in the first place. Any thief with a clue will steer clear of the homes with doorbell cameras. Lastly, and while this is rare, especially in Boynton Beach, your camera may be the view that leads to the capture of a criminal, even if...

Boynton Beach Real Estate Quarterly Market Update | (Q1 2024)

boynton beach market update q1

Boynton Beach is known best for its magnificent gated communities, 55+ homes, and a growing list of waterfront properties to showcase its beautiful white sand beaches. With more development occurring than in most adjacent cities, and more open spaces west of I-95, Boynton Beach Real Estate should continue to shift as the years go by, especially regarding the state of its 55 and over residents and their homes. Today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog will examine 4 key metrics that indicate the top-down macroeconomics of our local housing market. Though your individual circumstances may differ, every consumer has felt the downstream impact of rate increases and massive inflation on everyday goods. Read on, and learn more about the movement of the market, and where we think it may take us next!

Please note: All commentary and reflections on this blog are informed opinions, and should not constitute actionable financial, legal, or any form of advice otherwise. 

boynton beach average listing price (q1, 2024)

Average Listing Price

  • $484,620 | +0.09%

By far the slightest change of any metric in any of our market reports, the 0.09% change reflects an amount...

Boynton Beach Special Needs Support | Schools, Centers, and Facilities For Special Needs In Boynton Beach

special needs school and support

End-to-end concierge service is one of the hallmarks of a Champagne & Parisi Realtor. Much more than just buyers and sellers of Boynton Beach Real Estate, a good agent anywhere understands the importance of catering to your individual needs. Moving to another city is much more than choosing a different living space. For each new resident, it coincides with either a major lifestyle change or the need to reorient existing interests with new places and people. This includes schools, social services, and any assisted living support for special needs children and adults. Thankfully, Boynton Beach has a robust selection of support for young people of all backgrounds and special needs, both physical and neurological. In today's blog, we're excited to share a shortlist of the special needs schools and therapeutic facilities in the Boynton Beach area. 

Please note: This list is thorough, but not exhaustive. There are more special needs schools and institutions than just these featured on our blog. To access the broader list, click here.

special needs students with teacher

Mountaineers School of Autism - West Palm Beach

The Mountaineers School of Autism seeks to provide an answer for children who have struggled to blend into the overwhelming and limited public school environment. The small but impressive...

Boynton Beach Homes For Sale: Starter Homes vs. Forever Homes

starter home vs forever home

When buying a home in Boynton Beach, it's important to attune the nature of the property to the presence of your needs. Whether your home search is prompted by money, marriage, childbirth, or something else, the timeline of your home purchase and your intentions for its use will be the driving force behind your motivations. When it comes to the time of ownership, all of these factors are taken into account. With so many moving parts on and off your paperwork, it's easy to make a mistake and choose too much home for too little time, or splurge on the perfect property when financial opportunity still abound. In today's blog, we'll review the nature of both starter and forever homes, why they get their unofficial designations and the type of circumstances that would prompt a decision in either direction. 

small starter home figurine held in hands

What Is A "Starter Home?"

A starter home isn't much more than what the name implies. It's an affordable home that, by nature, is usually smaller, less feature-rich, and may need a little more TLC. Starter homes are typically bought by newlyweds, new parents, or first-time Boynton Beach home buyers. 

What Is A "Forever Home?"


5 DIY Boynton Beach Home Improvement Projects That Could Sink Your Home Value

5 risky diy projects that could sink your home value

In a time where inflation and rising rates are affecting our budgets and bottom lines, many Boynton Beach residents are looking to numerous cost saving measures, including modifying and improving their homes. We're all for making incremental improvements, especially those that make your home greener and more efficient. However, our agents have begun to see a resurgence in shoddy homemade DIY projects that have affected the home values of their clients or the prospects of their buyers. Before dusting off your tool set and getting your hands dirty, ask yourself the honest questions about your own abillities, and how much you'd save without asking for help. We don't want to discourage any would-be home improvement aficiandos, but instead share 5 risky projects that if you get wrong, could cost you big.

new wooden doors opening

New Doors

Doors seem pretty straightforward. They're supposed to be, after all. Usually mounted on two or three hinges with several Phillips head screws, doors don't seem like the biggest challenge. However, once you take the door off, if there is wood warping, a broken hinge, or an uneven door frame, you could find yourself without a door and a bigger problem than you anticipated. Make sure before replacing a door, that you have replacement parts for all pieces, and that you can easily reattach the existing door in the event the fit isn't right. The more...

5 Signs You Should Sell Your Boynton Beach Home Soon | Boynton Beach Home Sales

 5 signs you should sell your home

As Realtors, it's impossible to ignore the major rate hikes that dictated the slowdown of the 2023 market. We always advocate to every client that "timing the market" is a bad idea. It's a concept that can be skewered and disproven as a strategy from several angles, depending on the person, home, and financial circumstances of each individual. Instead of worrying about a macroeconomic force beyond your control, take inventory and recognize what you can, and make decisions based on your timing, and not the market's. If any of these 5 signs you should sell your Boynton Beach home are part of your overall circumstances, you may want to consider listing today!

financially literate realtor showing clients charts on her computer

You Have A Proactive, Financially Literate Realtor

A great Realtor can make all the difference between a transaction failing and succeeding at every level. Imagine them like your quarterback, whose job is to transition the ball from one end of the field to another without fumbling. The better their vision, knowledge of the field, and proactiveness displayed, the more likely they'll be on top of the latest trends that may lead you to a higher asking and sale price. A financially sound Realtor combines a fundamental understanding of the industry itself with the nuances of your particular market and the needs of your family. Having a great "quarterback" is a great reason to push the ball downfield and make bigger moves....

Is A Fixer Upper Worth The Cost? | Boynton Beach Homes For Sale

is a fixer upper worth it?

With so many new construction homes in Boynton Beach, fixer-uppers are far and few between. Fixer-uppers, however, don't have to resemble the HGTV classic with the busted windows and splintered floorboards. In some cases, a Boynton Beach "fixer-upper" might be a home with an outdated kitchen, old floor plan, or disheveled landscaping. In today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog, we glance at some of the most glaring pros and cons you should know before considering a home that needs a little extra work.

"sticker shock" portrayed by woman surrounded by post it notes

Immunity From Sticker Shock

The sticker shock that followed many home buyers in the post-COVID era is a challenge that our Realtors have had to work through. As agents, our professionals are not salespeople, though "sales" are a major part of the business. It may sound contradictory, but we consider a Realtor who is properly fulfilling their role to be more of a "matchmaker" than a "salesperson," whose job is to explain and help attune your understanding to the housing market, work to meet your needs with the available inventory, and support you throughout the transaction. Our agents have had much to say about the rigors of working past sticker shock both on housing prices and the massive rate hikes that slowed the market in 2024. However, the upside of buying a "fixer-upper" in Boynton Beach, is the expected immunity from sticker shock. One may have their own assumptions of what a house that needs work would cost...

6 Things I Wish I Knew As A First Time Boynton Beach Homeowner

6 things i wish I knew as a homeowner

Boynton Beach Real Estate may be its own market with it own unique ins and outs, but when it comes to common sense and best practices, it is no different from anywhere else in the world. Most first-time homeowners, even with the guidance of one of our outstanding Realtors, are likely to make mistakes learned the hard way. No transaction or move-in process is perfect, but with the combined insight of our team, and the many first-time homebuyers guided along the way, we've assembled a list of 6 common mistakes made by first-time homebuyers everywhere. Whether you're an agent, new homeowner, or loved one concerned for the best interests of someone you know, read today's blog to learn more about the things new homeowners overlook when moving into their Boynton Beach home.

man changing home air filter

Check Your Air Filter

This is an easy fix, but one that often goes ignored for too long. Air filters are not mandatory to replace upon moving in or out of a home, and depending on the behaviors of your previous owners, could be in dire need of a replacement. The previous homeowners may have been occasional smokers, owned shedding pets, dusted poorly, or were slow to change the filter during their time as residents. For newcomers to Boynton Beach with allergies, it's especially important to ensure your residency begins with fresh, clean air and a great attitude. 


5 Classy Craft Cocktail Bars In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Craft Bars

5 classy cocktail bars in boynton beach

We've spoken at length regarding the upswing of cultural hotspots in Boynton Beach. No longer just a popular place for saltwater anglers and luxury-minded retirees, Boynton Beach has invested and reinvested in its "cultural renaissance." Among many plaudits, including two visits by Guy Fieri's Diner's Drive-Ins, and Dive's, Boynton Beach has shown meteoric growth in its hospitality sector. With more than just elegant golf courses and beautiful beaches, these 5 classy craft cocktail bars represent the next wave of nightlife and resort-quality living throughout Boynton Beach. 

sweetwater dual cocktails


Before The Butcher and The Bar carved out its place in Flavortown, Sweetwater was setting the trend as one of the first craft cocktail-focused upscale American eatery. Today, the whiskey-specializing gastropub is a favorite nationwide, a restaurant trend that will likely be here to stay. There is nothing gimmicky about the culinary stylings of Sweetwater, which explains its continued relevance and trendsetting presence. It's all about the pairings at Sweetwater, where their experts ensure your experience...

Boynton Beach Marina Guide | Where To Find Marinas and Boat Slips In Boynton Beach

marinas and boat ramps in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is a true boaters paradise, with some of the best dockage, waterfront communities, accessible Intracoastal, and watercraft services in South Florida. The city's dedication to the white sand beaches and blue waters is second to none, with many westerly inland wildlife preserves providing more evidence of this commitment. We've done Boynton Beach blogs about fishing, natural preserves, tourist attractions, and all things waterfront, but what about your watercraft itself? Today, we give you the answers, with this comprehensive guide to all things marinas and boat ramps in Boynton Beach. Read on and start your engines! it's going to be a beautiful day on the water.

aerial of a full service marina in boynton beach, florida

Boynton Harbor Marina

Location: 735 Casa Loma Blvd. Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Services Provided

  • Dockage
  • Refueling
  • Waterfront Dining
  • Recreational Rentals
  • ...

The 5 Most Searched Communities In Boynton Beach | Popular Boynton Beach Neighborhoods

5 of the most searched communities in boynton beach

Today, we base our Boynton Beach Real Estate blog on the raw data. Forget perceptions, opinions, or our preconceived notions of where the best communities in Boynton Beach can be found. This blog focuses on the details we gleaned from you, the browser, and those like you searching for Boynton Beach homes and condos and visiting our site. Rather than clicks, which only illustrate who visited the page itself, we chose impressions as our selection metric. Impressions, in digital parlance, is the amount of times a link, page, or piece of content shows as a result of a given search.

This provides us a better number to gauge the broader temperature of the searching population, as some other pages and brokerages may receive that highly desired click we all compete for. This data includes only organic searches, meaning no paid multimedia was engaged. Learn where the pulse of the people is found and what makes these communities so worthy of their searches!

valencia shores front entryway

Valencia Shores

Valencia Shores is the single most popular community page on our Boynton Beach site. It could be thanks to its longstanding presence in the community, built between 2001 and 2002. The turn of the century marked a major point in new construction communities for Boynton Beach and elevated the perception of the city as a growing...

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