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Create Your Home Buying Budget With These Easy Steps

easy steps to create your perfect home budget

Budgeting for a home isn't always as simple as picking a number and saving as much as you can. For most of us, setting up for a 6-figure payment or more requires more than a bucket of money and good energy. Your due diligence before and during your home-buying progress may require advanced work, lifestyle modifications, and debt consolidation. For a quick overview of some tried & true methods to create an accurate home budget, read further and consult one of our fantastic Boynton Beach Realtors when you're ready.

maximum budget

Determine Your Maximum Budget

Start with the highest number you can budget for and work backward from there. There is absolutely no point in beginning a home search without determining your highest price. No feature, function, region, or home style is relevant if you can't afford it. Most importantly, your maximum budget shouldn't be the vertical apex of your financial capacity, but the highest number you're comfortable paying. You cannot account for every twist and turn, so to dedicate everything to a mortgage is to leave yourself highly vulnerable to bankruptcy if something goes terribly wrong.


Easy Landscaping Ideas To Spruce Up Your Boynton Beach Home

easy landsccaping ideas for your boynton home

Boynton Beach Real Estate is known for its larger lot sizes, expansive gated communities, and beautiful landscaping across the city. Homeowners have an opportunity everyday to enhance their outdoor spaces, with a plethora of vibrant flowers and verdant greenery to choose from. In past blogs regarding Boynton Beach home gardening and landscaping, we've covered plants, flowers, and even some edible varieties found at large. For today's blog, we'll diversify from mere plant life into the whole of the project. Today we examine several easy landscaping ideas to spruce up your Boynton Beach home, from the ground to the top tier on your elevated planter, read on to learn more!

tiered garden display

Create A Tiered Display

Utilizing hanging planters, an elevated walkway or box gardens is a simple way to add dramatic effect and layering to your garden. When crafting a garden at multiple heights, you have fresh options to infuse color and manage sunlight not otherwise available to "single-story" gardens. We're not suggesting you go as far as pouring concrete and creating elevated spaces for the sake of it, but with a little quick thinking and some handiwork, you can have a tiered display that provides for shaded plants beneath, and sun-kissed flora above.

garden walking path...

Understanding The Importance Of A Pre-Inspection | Boynton Beach Home Inspection

understanding the importance of a pre inspection

A pre-inspection is for real estate sales as lifting weights is to prevent osteoporosis. While we're sure every Boynton Beach home seller wants to complete their transaction in the leanest and cheapest way possible, there are some steps that can be injected into the process to further improve your standing as a seller. One of these methods is a pre-inspection, which while adding further steps and expenses to your home selling process, might be one of the best decisions you make. For today's blog, we give you the lowdown on pre-inspecting your Boynton Beach home, and why we consider it a forward-looking short-term investment in the long-term outcome of your real estate transaction.

put the seller in control

A Pre-Listing Inspection Puts The Seller In Control

Assume the mantle of control before you even list your home! A pre-listing inspection lays everything bare, providing the most precise possible outlook of what your home needs before you're ready to list. You'll know exactly which repairs must be made, which are optional but could increase the home's value, and which can be neglected altogether. 

transparency for all parties...

Tips To Choosing The Right HVAC System For Your Boynton Beach Home

choosing the right hvac system

It's that time of the year again. The dog days of summer are here, and with it the annual take home of the HVAC industry manifests. Much like Black Friday for retail, the hottest days of Summer necessitate the need for so many HVAC professionals, likely more than in some European countries. Jiving aside, and that may be half true, we spoke with some of our HVAC consultants and worked on our own list to help orient you to choosing the right HVAC system for your personal needs, budget, and home.

hvac efficiency

How Important Is Efficiency To You?

In Florida, most households spend more than half of their annual power bill on air conditioning. For anyone interested in saving money, your home power efficiency should play some role in your choice for a new HVAC system. However, when venturing into the most efficient units, you may sacrifice some potency. For instance, hybrid cars sacrifice power for efficiency, and low-flow toilets may be good for the environment but lack the suctioning power of a public restroom. Finding the window between the crosshatch of efficiency and potency is up to every homeowner to decide.

capacity needed for home...

The Costs Of Selling Your Boynton Beach Home | Boynton Beach Home Selling

costs of selling a boynton beach home

Selling your home should be a mighty windfall for you and your family. Yet, even while a 6 or 7 figure check makes its way to your mailbox, there are certainly costs to account for that will cut into that final number. To close as smoothly as possible, save money, and make your life that much easier, learn more about selling your Boynton Beach home and the expected associated costs in today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog! Knowing these likely costs will ensure you are as prepared as possible to work efficiently through the process from end to end. 

closing costs

Closing Costs

Closing costs in Florida are an average of 2.58% of the purchase price, which is lower than most states. Still, sometimes home buyers forget or neglect to budget for their closing costs. These upfront expenses often include things like prorated HOA fees, survey, appraisal, and loan origination fees, home inspections, and additional environmental inspections such as termite and black mold. These are the first and usually biggest expenses following your home sale. Depending on the nature of your agreement with the buyer, you may be on the hook for some or all of these costs.


5 Steps To Prepare For Your Home Search | Boynton Beach Homes For Sale

5 steps to prepare for your home search

As Realtors, our job is to not only guide you through the home buying or selling process but prepare you before it even begins. There are multiple aspects to the preparation, process, and aftermath of buying a home in Boynton Beach that may not involve a Realtor or lawyer. Before beginning your home search, these 5 steps to prepare are at a minimum, best practice, and at most, a necessary series of moves that must be made for you to become an eligible home buyer. These 5 simple steps are the most comprehensive ways to prepare yourself financially, and mentally, and ready yourself for your Realtor to do their best job with less effort on your part. Make it easy for everyone, including yourself! Read on and get to work on these 5 steps to prepare for your Boynton home search.

pay down your debts

Shore Up Any Debts

Before any lender will disburse financial support for your new Boynton Beach home, they will examine your credit history, any derogatory marks, and yes, your existing debt. While having outstanding debt like credit cards or student loans won't entirely shatter your opportunity, the more extant debt on your record, the less likely you are to receive a loan. Use the ...

Tips For Hiring The Right Home Contractor

tips for hiring the right contractor

With so many homes, new remodels, and new construction countywide, one thing Boynton Beach residents aren't short on is choices. From concrete to the final coat of paint, a constantly bustling real estate market allows for numerous professional operations to open. This resplendency of available home contractors, laborers, HVAC, and plumbing professionals can be our greatest asset or a liability. When choices are too vast, it's easy to make the wrong decision and to second guess oneself. When evaluating the potential of your future contractor, use your best judgment and trust your gut. Before you begin your search, read today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog to learn more about these 6 tips to find the right home contractor.

background check for contractors

Perform A Background Check

One of the upsides of having such a robust contractor and construction community in South Florida is the self-policing aspect of the reputation around town. With so much competition, a contractor with a sketchy past won't last long! Whether by civil, criminal, or court of public opinion, you should always properly vet any worker or company you allow into your home, especially one who will oversee major renovations at high costs.

investigate their work history...

Why Professional Photography Sells Boynton Homes Faster

why professional photos sell homes faster

We stress it every day, and our marketing department has their own adage to describe the necessity of quality professional photography to sell your Boynton Beach home. Our marketing team reminds our Realtors to "put as much effort into your listing as your dating profile." This seems to hit home with our team, but there are some out there who still believe that unprofessional or lackluster photography will sell a $300,000 property as easily as it could a handheld items on Craigslist. While we promise this post wasn't sponsored by any of our partnered photographers, we're overjoyed to see their quality work trickle in when we post new listings, and encourage anyone selling anything to think long and hard about the visual. After all, what your customer sees online is the first impression of you, your home, and the effort you're putting in to make them want it. Learn more specifically why good photography sells homes faster, and get snapping!

first impressions printing

First Impressions Are Everything

Whether it's a date, a new job, or a home tour for your prospective buyers, first impressions mean everything. Nearly 90% of home buyers start their search online, so having a beautiful series of staged, color-corrected images to show off your Boynton...

5 Key Tips For First Time Home Buyers | Boynton Beach Homes

tips for boynton beach first time home buyers

There's a first time for everything, right? But when it comes to buying your new Boynton Beach home or condo, you're taking a calculated, but significant risk. Your life, income, and general circumstances should be accounted for, including your past, present, and future. We're not here to intimidate first-time buyers, but to guide them through the process of such a major initial undertaking. After all, satisfied and successful first-time clients become repeat clients and referrals. Self-motivation aside, the Champagne & Parisi Team knows the rigors of first-time home buying and is here to help you through every step. These 5 key steps for first-time home buyers are a great place to get started before even engaging a Realtor and should position you to make organized, tactful decisions alongside your supporting professionals. 

first time buyer program

Research First-Time Buyer Programs

There are many government programs set to benefit first-time buyers. Such examples are FHA Loans, VA Assistance, and numerous state and even local programs set up to support new buyers. Homeownership leads to financial stability, and it is in the best interests of a nation to have more financially stable citizens than not. For that reason among others, there are a myriad of specific first-time home buyer programs you can choose from depending on your needs, location, and qualification. Don't let this one-time boon evade you!...

Why Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection Important?

why wind mitigation inspections are important

In South Florida, insurance and environmental concerns are among the highest factors in cost increases to homeownership. Especially after the events of Hurricane Ian, insurance companies are tightening their belts, and in some cases leaving the state altogether. For the sake of safety, and assuring you're not overpaying or allowing long-term damage to develop in the home, wind mitigation inspections are an important step in preventing financial disaster, or worse from occurring at your home. 

The Economics of Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation is more than just a means to inspect against the damage of wind. Although the title may seem self-contained, wind damage in a home is rarely seen in the cataclysmic images of extreme hurricanes. And while these are the primary impetus for wind mitigation measures to be taken, it's often the wear and tear of years of thunderstorm activity, moisture, and the gradual loosening of bolts, rivets, screens, and exterior fastenings that lead to bigger and broader problems. With that being said, what are you missing from your wind mitigation plan? Shutters or impact windows are only the very beginning. Learn about these types of unseen wind mitigation below.

wind sock in breeze

Types of Wind Mitigation 

Water Barriers. It's not often the ravages of gale force wind...

How To Price Your Boynton Beach Home To Sell

price your boynton beach home

After a short few years of flurried activity backed by enormously rising home sale prices, homes for sale in Boynton Beach and neighboring communities have begun to level out following major federal intervention. To combat rising inflation rates, the interest rate hikes performed to counter this imbalance had their predictive effect. Some home sellers are still stuck to the notion that we are in 2021, while some buyers have allowed forces far outside their control to allay their confidence in buying. While we believe both buyers and sellers are in some cases, reflexively overreacting, we understand that it is no longer the cash-rich feeding frenzy from recent year's past. To sell your Boynton Beach home at the best price and with the lowest hassle, read on and take these tips from our best Realtors and their successful clients!

review comparisons nearby

Review Recent Comparables

The "market rate" at its most basic level of understanding, is the basal average of the most recent sales of a given commodity within a specific period. The larger the sample size, the more significant and trendsetting something becomes. For this reason, you'll want to know what similar homes in the area are selling for, to first establish your average expectation to plot your course and begin working...

Boynton Beach Real Estate Market Report (Summer 2023)

boynton beach summer 2023 market repor

All data is sourced from FlexMLS and compares the current 6-month period with the previous year.

It's midsummer! With the turn of the calendar, we've reached a comfortable place to draw some distinctions and look back at the year at hand. For today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog, we'll share the most recent breakdowns comparing our year-to-date detail with the previous six months. Without further ado, read on and learn more about the winds of change (or lack thereof) in Boynton Beach Real Estate!

new construction homes in boynton beach

New Construction Homes in Boynton Beach

New Construction homes in Boynton Beach are headlined by Valencia Grand, the largest and most significant new construction in several years. Representing the finest list of amenities seen in any Valencia community, homes for sale in Valencia Grand are under construction and currently for sale. In addition, new homes in Delray Dunes Country Club, Pine Tree, Valencia Sound, Eden Ridge, and Cherry Hills are part of this wave of growth in Boynton Beach.

home prices rising boynton beach...

15 Fast Facts About Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach By The Numbers

15 fast facts about boynton beach real estate

Boynton Beach is a distinct and exciting community that quickly separates itself from its neighbors to create its image and lifestyle. Boynton Beach has long been renowned for its saltwater lifestyle, elegant 55+ gated communities, and reasonable housing prices. Yet, with Florida's economy booming and so many new influences permeating the city, Boynton Beach continues growing exponentially. After over a century, Boynton Beach is far from a sleepy town in the shadow of Delray and the Palm Beaches. Today, Boynton Beach has much to offer, and many reasons to consider moving here. These 15 fast facts will cover some of the most basic demographic data, economics, and citywide changes that have shaped Boynton Beach into its own. 

All Information is pulled from the most recent US Census data (2020) and FlexMLS local real estate data

boynton beach real estate facts

Boynton Beach Real Estate

1. Average Home Sale Price

The average home sale price stands at $465,318, an increase of 2.5% year over year. This increase is significant, but a lesser change than many neighboring cities.

2. Total Homes Sold (YTD)

Thus far (as of June 12. 2023), 1,630 homes have been sold in Boynton Beach. This number will surpass the 2022 total of 2,008...

6 Great Spots For Family Photos In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Family Living

family photo spots in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is less developed but offers more natural wonder than Delray Beach to the south. With more dedicated natural preserves, undeveloped land, and spacious, untouched beachfront real estate, Boynton Beach is a beautiful place for family photos. From inland wetland preserves to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, we give you some of the most beautiful natural, and manmade places to take photos around Boynton Beach.

gulfstream park aerial

Gulfstream Park

Gulfstream Park sits right on the Southern border with Delray Beach. Offering quieter beach access than nearby cities, Gulfstream offers limited but substantial free parking to get your beach day off on the right foot. With a clean restroom, plenty of grills, picnic benches, and gathering spaces, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the natural brilliance of the Boynton beachfront, and plenty of places to take a timeless family photo.

wakodahatchee wetlands

Wakodahatchee Wetlands

The Wakodahatchee Wetlands is due West from Gulfstream Park, this time sitting on the Southwest border of Boynton Beach. Though the midsummer heat can be quite tiresome,...

6 Reasons To Retire In Boynton Beach

6 reasons to retire in boynton beach

Boynton Beach Real Estate is quickly vaulting up the national ladder of recognizable communities. Though it is Palm Beach County's third oldest and third most populous city, it has always loomed in the shadow of its more... touristy neighbors - Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton. Yet, this burgeoning city has proved a boon for young professionals, upstarts, and of course, retirees. While a thriving art community and growing culture provide much for young people to flock towards - it's the many illustrious 55+ communities in Boynton Beach that set the mark for incoming seniors. Beyond the available housing, what are some other reasons 55 and up residents have overwhelmingly chosen Boynton Beach? Read the Champagne & Parisi blog to learn more about this lovely city, and the many opportunities it offers senior citizens and newcomers of all ages and backgrounds.

55 and up selection of housing

An Unmatched Selection of 55 And Up Communities

There is no greater collection of per capita 55+ communities in the area. The abundance of housing, price points, and lifestyles means there is a place for everyone. From illustrious country club communities like Indian Spring to sprawling...

The Most Popular Pantones For Your Home In 2023

most popular pantones for your boynton home

"Life imitates art." This tired yet true cliche governs the forces behind modern home design trends and interior decor. With color, we see more than a hue upon a surface. Colors are interwoven in language, found in phrases like "grey area," "green with envy," and "red hot," to name a few. Colors are keystones to understanding the world around us, and are shortcuts to recognizing emotion, intensity, temperature, nature, freshness, and so much more. Today, we review the colors that move us, and the most popular pantones recognized by the largest purveyors of interior color in the world. Read further, and see if one of these poignant hues inspires your next interior redecoration.

Note: Each color panel includes the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) version of the original pantone, and may slightly deviate from the original depending on your display. For reference, the hex code used in HTML is placed atop the panel.

pantone logo

Who, or What Is "Pantone?"

The Pantone Color Institute (PCI) is a company based in New Jersey who are best known for their proprietary Pantone Matching System (PMS). Strange and unironic abbreviation aside, the Pantone company is the global leader in color, and is the forerunner for much of our modern applications of it. The company was founded in the 1950s as a commercial printer before eventually evolving into the color and design leader we...

The Top 6 Tourism Hotspots In Boynton Beach

6 popular tourism shows in boynton beach

In recent years, Boynton Beach has emerged from beneath the shadow of its luxurious nearby neighbors as both a growing Real Estate Market and tourist destination. Visitors revel in the centrality of its location, reaching both Boca Raton and West Palm Beach in 15 minutes, and the beauteous preservation of its natural confines. Whether on the western reaches of the city, enjoying the wetlands and lush green spaces in places like the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge, or casting a line over the edge of your very own fishing charter, there's so much to see and enjoy in Boynton Beach. In today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog, we present 6 of our favorite Boynton Beach tourist destinations for the whole family to enjoy.

oceanfront park beach

Oceanfront Park Beach

Oceanfront Park Beach is one of the beloved beachfront parks of Boynton Beach. This well-manicured park includes ADA accommodations, a cafe with snacks and refreshments, a playground and fitness area, and one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in South Florida. This park is home to numerous exotic and endangered species, most notably the sea turtles who nest up and down our coastline in the midsummer. A recycling area is also provided for guests to encourage sustainability as a priority for the city, park, and its visitors.

boynton harbor marina...

5 Historic And Significant Boynton Beach Residents | Boynton Beach History

5 historic and significant boynton beach residents

Boynton Beach is older and more storied than many of us ever knew. With the newfangled attention brought to this lovely South Palm Beach county town, many new residents are learning the name "Boynton Beach" for the first time. This city has more than a few historic moments, names, and places in Florida's folklore. Today, we look at five historic and significant Boynton Beach residents from the earliest days of settlement to the biggest stars of today.

nathan s boynton

Nathan S. Boynton

Nathan S. Boynton is the founding father of his namesake, Boynton Beach. Born in 1837, Boynton was a Michigan-born politician, inventor, businessman and Civil War Major. Following his service, Boynton returned to his native Port Huron, MI to serve in numerous municipal occupations, Following health concerns exacerbated by warmer weather, Boynton sought a new place to live, traveling to South Florida with Congressman William S. Linton, of Delray Beach notoriety. After arriving in what is today known as Boynton Beach, Nathan built a two-story hotel, known as The Boynton. Though Boynton would die in 1911 in his Michigan hometown, 9 years before the city was officially incorporated, the town built west of the hotel would be named for his namesake property.


Return To Flavortown: Boynton Beach Restaurant Second To Feature On Hit Food Network Show

guy fieri and diners drive ins and dives returns to boynton beach

He's back! America's favorite hot rod riding, frosted hair styling, culinary dynamo, and local connoisseur, Guy Fieri has taken the time to illuminate another remarkable Boynton Beach restaurant, only further solidifying the city's presence as a budding culinary destination. With over 108,000 cities and towns in the U.S. and numerous culinary hotbeds within the area, it's quite the statement that Fieri would return to Boynton Beach for a second time. Following an April 2009 visit to Flakowitz of Boynton Beach on an episode focused on Jewish delis, Fieri makes his triumphant return to the beautiful waterfront community of Boynton Beach.

gastropub tap with full beer

The Wave Of Gastropubs Reach South Florida

One of the preeminent trends in modern culinary arts, Gastropubs provide the unpretentious, neighborly feel of a traditional pub, while massively upscaling the quality of food. Oftentimes, gastropubs include the wide draft selection, finger foods, and lighthearted atmosphere that traditional pubs and taphouses are renowned for, with an emphasis on the menu, rather than an overwhelming selection of beers. The results are beer and food pairings that were once restricted to upper-class circles featuring sommeliers and handcrafted...

Real Estate Content Ideas To Get More Clients

real estate content ideas to get more listings

Real Estate is growing ever more digital, but as a reputation-based industry with long-term transactions, creating your niche and becoming successful is more than just marketing a product at the point of sale. Agents and brokers know that content of all types is crucial to projecting your expertise and attracting the audience you desire. These ideals are certainly not exclusive to Boynton Beach Real Estate, but in a community with a large quantity of local Realtors, it takes a wide array of skills and appeals to truly stand out. Here are some terrific content ideas that work online and on paper. Bring these to life and watch your business grow!

neighborhood guide by realtor

Neighborhood Guides

There’s no better endorsement for a neighborhood than living there yourself! Yet for all others in the area, you can easily visit, compile, and put together guides that will provide your clientele with the latest and most crucial information to hone their decisions. Neighborhood guides can include things like pricing guides, amenity lists, local restaurants, shops, beautiful photography, and adjacent schools, hospitals, and other essential services.  


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