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15 fast facts about boynton beach real estate

Boynton Beach is a distinct and exciting community that quickly separates itself from its neighbors to create its image and lifestyle. Boynton Beach has long been renowned for its saltwater lifestyle, elegant 55+ gated communities, and reasonable housing prices. Yet, with Florida's economy booming and so many new influences permeating the city, Boynton Beach continues growing exponentially. After over a century, Boynton Beach is far from a sleepy town in the shadow of Delray and the Palm Beaches. Today, Boynton Beach has much to offer, and many reasons to consider moving here. These 15 fast facts will cover some of the most basic demographic data, economics, and citywide changes that have shaped Boynton Beach into its own. 

All Information is pulled from the most recent US Census data (2020) and FlexMLS local real estate data

boynton beach real estate facts

Boynton Beach Real Estate

1. Average Home Sale Price

The average home sale price stands at $465,318, an increase of 2.5% year over year. This increase is significant, but a lesser change than many neighboring cities.

2. Total Homes Sold (YTD)

Thus far (as of June 12. 2023), 1,630 homes have been sold in Boynton Beach. This number will surpass the 2022 total of 2,008 if numbers hold consistently.

3. Average Days on Market

A great indicator of supply and demand, the average days on the market for Boynton Beach Real Estate has exploded from 15 to 51 days. This is likely in response to higher interest rates and economic impacts like inflation, leading to higher buyer tepidity. 

4. Number of Listings

The number of listings (YTD) has also exploded in the past 6 months. The current total of live listings in 2023, is 3,334. This is already a 16.6% increase of the previous total of 2,860.

5. Most Expensive Home Sold

Boynton Beach has many beautiful, upscale gated communities but fewer ultraluxe homes that are more common in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. In 2023 the most expensive Boynton Beach home sold thus far is a 3/3.5 in Delray Dunes Country Club, closed for $3.1 Million.

boynton beach census data

Demographic Data

6. Population

Boynton Beach is the third most populated city in Palm Beach County, behind only Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. The city is currently estimated to have a population of just over 80,000.

7. Average Age

Despite a massive quantity of 55+ active adult communities, Boynton Beach citizens share an average age of 41.3 - an entire 7 years younger than Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

8. Racial/Ethnic Breakdown

Similarly to Delray Beach, Boynton Beach hosts a significant immigrant and minority population, especially among Caribbean citizens. Boynton Beach is currently 52% white, with a 33% black population, 17% Hispanic, and single-digit percentages for Asian, American Indian, and two or more races. Thankfully, this cultural milieu has led to a variety of exciting culinary options ranging from Chinese Hot Pot, to Caribbean delights, and fine steak and cocktail bars.

9. Foreign Born Persons

Of this population, 28.3% of Boynton Beach residents are foreign-born, with many hailing from the Caribbean and Latin America.

10. Persons Per Household

Thanks in part to its large 55+ population rarely housing more than two per home, the persons per household rate in Boynton Beach is just 2.49. 

boynton beach econony

The Boynton Beach Economy

11. Percentage of High School, College Graduates

89.2% of Boynton Beach residents aged 25+ have graduated high school, while 30% of residents have attained a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

12. Median Household Income

Median household income as of the last census sits at $60,980.

13. Largest Employment Sector(s)

The largest employment sectors in Boynton Beach are management occupations, Food Service, administrative support, and healthcare. 

14. Percentage of Retirees/65+ Residents

While we can't quantify the percentage of those no longer working, the 65+ demographic currently represents just over 20% of the Boynton Beach population.

15. Employment Rate

Boynton Beach currently has an unemployment rate of 3.1%, a half percent lower than the national average, and a number that continues to improve.

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