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4 moving tips for an easy relocation

Moving is one of the most stressful, awful things we get ourselves into. As Realtors, we understand that part of doing business is the movement of our clients. Rather than hiding from this fact, we recognize it as part of the job. We won't be there to load the boxes, but we can leverage all available knowledge and experience to help you reduce stress, keep your back in line, and get you going! Here are 4 quick tips to simplify moving - whether to, or from your Boynton Beach home.

start moving work early

Start Early

Starting early doesn't necessarily mean the time of day, but when you start to pack in earnest. If you take a moment to think about the items in your home, consider the amount of things you can't, or shouldn't throw away, that you'll often go more than a month without touching. Those rarely used, but valuable tabletop appliances? The extra dishes, winter clothing, home improvement equipment or anything else that might not be needed within a few weeks should be packed away. Often these items can be bulkier, more oblong, and altogether more challenging to find space for. Why not begin by organizing the things you need, but won't expect to use between now and moving day?

pack necessities in order

Organize Packing By Necessity

To the previous point, packing should be based on need, but also strategized around the heft and eventual use of the item(s). Packing by necessity means you can efficiently delinate what is packed and what stays on a day-to-day basis, allowing for maximum efficiency. There's never a time where we've moved where we didn't realize just how much stuff we had. Rather than letting that junk drawer or shoe collection put a thorn in your side during your final days in the home, pack away the unimportant stuff and continue in concentric circles until you reach moving day, and all you have left is what to wear and clean yourself.

make time for friends and family

Make Time To See Friends and Family

Do you ever notice that when it's time to move, suddenly everyone wants to see you? It's not unfair to grow frustrated at this, but remember that the sense of urgency that some distant friends or acquaintances may feel to see you is less a representation of how they feel about you, and more that they're aligning their priorities knowing that time is limited. Handling the numerous inbound requests for social time during the most tedious and exhausting part of your residency in your current home can be aggravating, so maintaining healthy boundaries and keeping a solidly organized social calendar leading up to the move can drastically reduce stress.

stretch and hydrate

Stretch, Hydrate, and Take Breaks

We might not all be athletes, but lifting boxes, climbing stairs, and loading trucks are all compound movements that require extensive use of energy. Moving often puts us at risk of injury, especially when those in question are out of shape or sedentary. A bad back can amplify the stress of moving to untold heights, and force otherwise voluntary movers into a situation where money must be spent and help must be hired. If you schedule and start early, there is no reason why moving shouldn't include time to stretch, drink water, and take breaks - especially when loading in the unbearable heat of the South Florida midsummer.

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