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5 classy cocktail bars in boynton beach

We've spoken at length regarding the upswing of cultural hotspots in Boynton Beach. No longer just a popular place for saltwater anglers and luxury-minded retirees, Boynton Beach has invested and reinvested in its "cultural renaissance." Among many plaudits, including two visits by Guy Fieri's Diner's Drive-Ins, and Dive's, Boynton Beach has shown meteoric growth in its hospitality sector. With more than just elegant golf courses and beautiful beaches, these 5 classy craft cocktail bars represent the next wave of nightlife and resort-quality living throughout Boynton Beach. 

sweetwater dual cocktails


Before The Butcher and The Bar carved out its place in Flavortown, Sweetwater was setting the trend as one of the first craft cocktail-focused upscale American eatery. Today, the whiskey-specializing gastropub is a favorite nationwide, a restaurant trend that will likely be here to stay. There is nothing gimmicky about the culinary stylings of Sweetwater, which explains its continued relevance and trendsetting presence. It's all about the pairings at Sweetwater, where their experts ensure your experience is as custom-tailored to you as possible.

elmos craft cocktail

Elmo's Rock Bar & Grill

Located just north of Boynton Beach Blvd off Military Trail, Elmo's Rock Bar & Grill is great fun for a night out with friends. In a short time, Elmo's has amassed a cadre of proud locals who enjoy the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere and a crowd that's never afraid to turn up. Though it's been affectionately categorized as a "dive bar," it's a clean locale known as much for its attentive service and quality of food as its cocktails and live music.

the butcher and the bar

The Butcher and The Bar

Previously mentioned and prominently featured on The Food Network, The Butcher and The Bar took what Sweetwater pioneered in the area and tweaked the formula to justify its presence among its peers. Though they also include expected gastropub fare and "bar food," the Butcher and The Bar raises the bar (no pun intended) with its full-service butcher shop, functioning both as a retail arm of the establishment and as the primary supplier for its exquisite steaks, sides, sausages, broths, and more. The executive chef on the premises is noted for sourcing regional products, defined as anywhere within Florida, but focused on South and Central Florida. For meat lovers, you can't do much better or expect much fresher than this Boynton Beach hotspot.

driftwood bar cocktail lineup


Driftwood was founded in 2017 by husband and wife restauranteurs who plied their trade across the world, from NYC to Hong Kong and back. Driftwood is another newer but well-established local favorite. Reviews show a variety of highly recommended small plates, cocktails, and entrees such as their mouthwatering burgers, braised beef empanadas, and rich desserts with layers of multifaceted flavor. With a variety of flavors to suit every palate and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Driftwood is atop any recommendations for great restaurants in Boynton Beach, let alone today's craft cocktail blog.

the fish depot cocktails

The Fish Depot Bar & Grill

The first heavily seafood focused restaurant on our list, The Fish Depot is one of the finest seafood restaurants in Boynton Beach. Originally just a market, the Fish Depot Bar & Grill has expanded to include a beautiful outdoor deck for the revelers among us. Live music, ambient lighting, and a festive atmosphere now match the superb craft cocktails and incredibly fresh catch. Better yet, their outdoor, beachy vibe extends to our four-legged friends, with limited accommodations made for pets. Much like The Butcher and The Bar is a concept that combines a full-service restaurant with an attached market, The Fish Depot serves the "surf" to complement the former's "turf."

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