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5 legendary musicians from florida

South Florida is a cultural paradise known for its international influence and old Southern charm. The state is the perfect blend of worldwide and homestyle, with pockets of subculture evolving to adapt to the confines it surrounds itself with. From Southern Rock to Jazz, Salsa, and Death Metal (we left them off), Florida is the origin point and home base of some of the most legendary acts we've ever seen. Here are 5 of those music legends from across the spectrum, amongst many more.

gloria estefan

Gloria Estefan - Miami

Born in Havana, Cuba, Gloria Estefan was an integral part of Miami's ascent into international renown. A name synonymous with the subculture of Dade County, Gloria's Conga among other hits vaulted her to stardom following her start with Miami Sound Machine. Since then, Gloria is credited with opening the doors for many of the world's biggest Latin Pop artists, such as Ricky Martin, J. Lo, Marc Anthony, and more.

lynyrd skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Jacksonville

There is no name more synonymous with Southern Rock than Lynyrd Skynyrd (though the Allman's would take umbrage to that). Often mistaken as an Alabama band thanks to their hit Sweet Home Alabama, the band withstood a tragic plane crash in 1977 that killed several band members, reuniting in later years with the surviving members in tow. Free Bird, is one of the great epics of Southern Rock and music in general, and the bane of every dive bar cover band that ever existed.

2 live crew

2 Live Crew - Miami

2 Live Crew might not be a favorite of some of our... ahem.. classier members in the brokerage, but they are legendary for their contributions to Hip Hop and South Florida's culture in general. Led by local legend Uncle Luke, the group was part of the conversion of Rap & Hip Hop music from its bouncier, lighthearted origins to more vulgar and pointed music. Their 1988 album, Move Somethin' was at the center of a pivot point in American culture, where musicians and fans stood up to censorship in the face of withering political attacks.

the allman brothers

The Allman Brothers - Jacksonville

We might be a few miles from Jacksonville, but we're sure the arguments between Skynyrd and Allman Partisans are as intense as any sports rivalry there is. In truth, one doesn't exist despite the other. The Allman Brothers were far more influenced by jam bands and blues music, while Lynyrd Skynyrd has a more pure Country-based sound.

iced earth

Iced Earth 

For our only Heavy Metal band on the list, we look no further than Iced Earth, a riff machine hailing from Tampa. Much like 2 Live Crew were central figures in the evolution of Hip Hop, Iced Earth carried the classic sound pioneered through the 80s into a new, faster, heavier era fraught with searing guitar leads, aggressive vocals, and punchy drums. 

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