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reasons to move to boynton

Named for settler Nathan Smith Boynton, a Michigan born politician, investor, and a Civil War Major, the city has seen significant growth in the past few decades in particular.. The city of Boynton Beach gained its official nomenclature in 1941, and since then has developed aptly while maintaining a healthy balance of nature and culture. Boynton Beach is up and coming, most notably in its private residences, art, and culinary scenes. For a slice of this lesser known neighbor to the north of Delray Beach, look no further than our top 5 reasons to move to Boynton Beach!

beautiful blue saltwater

Saltwater Serenity

As we've mentioned many times before, Boynton Beach does a little more (or a little less, depending on your perspective) to atone for our inclusion to this timeless subtropical environ. While Boca Raton's towering condos and Highland Beach's sprawling oceanfront manses might take all the headlines, there's something truly special about waterfront property on Boynton Beach. Take in the sights, the sounds, and the cool sea breeze without the glitz and glamor obfuscating your view. For true nature lovers, consider a Boynton Beach home.

natural south florida waterfront

A Natural Take On South Florida Living

Extending from the prior entry, Boynton Beach is an orthithologists, marine biologists, or really any other-ologists dream. Match luxuriant home life with a city around you dedicated to the conservation of Florida's sprawling ecosystem. Such examples are the three natural scrub preserves, Green Cay nature Center, and the serene beaches flanked by safe, secure, and clean beachfront parks.

saving your bottom line

The Bottom Line

Let's face it: your bottom line matters! As of October 2021's market report, Boynton Beach's average home sale price is a staggering $340,000 less than Boca Raton's, a slash of nearly 50%! Suffice to say, this doesn't mean Boynton Beach is anything less than brilliant, beautiful, and inviting. Juxtaposed to Boca Raton, a home value that sells at half is nothing to scoff at, but a far greater value to young homeowners, job relocators, and retirees than the our more glamourous neighbors to the south.

blurry highway at twilight

Transit Access

Without the Atlantic Avenue drag or the monstrous influx of local traffic during the holidays, Boynton Beach allows for far greater access to our highway systems - namely the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 75. As a primarily beachfront town, Federal Highway (US1) is rife with fun shops, restaurants, and gathering points to meet with friends and family.

no snow in Boynton Beach

No Snow, Ever

Those of us blessed to be born and raised here have only experienced snow days on vacation. For anyone who chose to move to Boynton Beach, we get it! No more chains on tires, no more salt, snowplows, slippery driveways, whiteouts, or whatever else you'd like to associate with the crippling logistical hurdles of winter to the north.

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