Boynton Beach Fishing | 5 Game Fish To Catch Off Boynton Beach

boynton beach saltwater fishing

While all of coastal Florida is renowned for its incredible fishing, with our offshore charters commanding a significant quantity of our annual tourism, Boynton Beach is particularly celebrated amongst fishermen. Boynton's unimpeded coastline, quieter beachfront, and number of dedicated charters present a remarkable opportunity amongst many for fishing enthusiasts to experience their hobby in the most spectacular of fashions. South Florida's offshore ecology is rife with exciting game fish to set your sights on. Here are 5 of the most sought-after game fish to catch off Boynton Beach.

tarpon in the deep


Tarpon is one of the most sought-after game fishes in Boynton Beach waters. They are one of the largest fish species off the coast of Boynton Beach, with a world record weighing in at 286 lbs! Renowned for its tenacity, leaping prowess, and sheer mass - the tarpon is a catch and release fish due to its undesirable meat. Atlantic Tarpon adapts well to inhabited areas due to their tolerance for boat traffic, making your "offshore" trip little more than a few feet from the shoreline.

mahi mahi

Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi)

The brilliantly colorful mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish is a surface skimming tropical fish found worldwide. Prized for their meat, as seen in some of the best seafood restaurants in Boynton Beach, this has long been the favorite of anglers who flock to Boynton Beach to take a run at this incredible species. It is one of two members of its biological family (Coryphaenidae), the other being the Pompano, which we all know as the inspiration behind the City of Pompano Beach.

wahoo in dark water


The bizarrely named Wahoo is more than an expression shouted at the apex of a rollercoaster. It has a sleek, elongated physique with barely visible scales, an iridescent blue dorsal region, and sharp silver sides. The speed, fight, and proximity to land make them prized gamefish. During the winter months, workers on the deep-water oil and gas platforms dotting the Gulf of Mexico catch Wahoo by dangling live bait. 

multiple snook in shallow water


Snook season for fishermen is like a week 1 kickoff for football fans. Snook have been known to inhabit brackish and estuarine waters, with some easily caught from the edge of a pier. Their otherwise drab coloration is distinct thanks to their solid black line running from the head to tail. Snook is an excellent food fish, being sought after by solo anglers and commercial fishing operations alike. 

bonefish boynton beach fishing


More than just a chain of restaurants, the Bonefish is a prized game fish in Boynton Beach. The challenge possesses as a fighter is unparalleled for its size, to the point where it is held in its regard by the many fishermen who have tried to tame the species. Bonefish are rarely eaten, with most found off the coast of Florida caught and released. They cruise shallow mudflats, feeding on benthic worms, crustaceans, and mollusks. The shallowness of its range allows for surf casters to get up close without a boat. Though somewhat common, they possess exceptional perception, making them one of the most challenging fish to present to, and hook.


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