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family photo spots in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is less developed but offers more natural wonder than Delray Beach to the south. With more dedicated natural preserves, undeveloped land, and spacious, untouched beachfront real estate, Boynton Beach is a beautiful place for family photos. From inland wetland preserves to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, we give you some of the most beautiful natural, and manmade places to take photos around Boynton Beach.

gulfstream park aerial

Gulfstream Park

Gulfstream Park sits right on the Southern border with Delray Beach. Offering quieter beach access than nearby cities, Gulfstream offers limited but substantial free parking to get your beach day off on the right foot. With a clean restroom, plenty of grills, picnic benches, and gathering spaces, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the natural brilliance of the Boynton beachfront, and plenty of places to take a timeless family photo.

wakodahatchee wetlands

Wakodahatchee Wetlands

The Wakodahatchee Wetlands is due West from Gulfstream Park, this time sitting on the Southwest border of Boynton Beach. Though the midsummer heat can be quite tiresome, the immersion one experiences while walking about on its raised boardwalk makes it easy to forget just how close civilization resides. Just a mile from the Westchester Country Club and several other notable Boynton Beach communities, The Wakodahatchee Wetlands allows for the deep greens and bright flowers to permeate and provide the perfect backdrop for a special family photo. If you're quiet enough, you might even catch an alligator or two in the background!

historic worth avenue clock tower

The Historic Worth Avenue Clock Tower

Though the Worth Avenue Clock Tower is technically a West Palm Beach property, this historic construction is one of the best sunrise and sunset locations for great photos. Commonly seen in engagement and wedding photos, the Worth Avenue Clock Tower mirrors the Tuscan-inspired sophistication seen throughout South Florida's luxurious communities. Worth Avenue offers outstanding shopping, dining, and numerous photogenic locations highlighted by the Clock Tower. Originally built in 1913 and named for General William Jenkins Worth, by 1918 historic architect Addison Mizner introduced the signature Mediterranean style the region is known for today.

ocean inlet park

Ocean Inlet Park

Just a short drive north from Gulfstream Park, Ocean Inlet Park is renowned for the many aerial photos taken of the outgoing pier and bridge connecting the Southernmost barrier island in Boynton Beach to the Manalapan area. The park is perfect for boaters, offering the aforementioned pier for fishing, bird watching, and lounging. There are plenty of places to swim, picnic, and soak up the sea breeze whether it be by land or over water. And, though it may not affect your photographic outcome, a Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue outpost is just a few feet away, ensuring a sense of safety and serenity as if the natural confines weren't enough.

green cay wetlands

The Green Cay Wetlands

The Green Cay Wetlands is a 100-acre property purchased in 1999 from farmers Ted and Trudy Winsberg. The Winsbergs sold the property at 1/3 its value on the condition it is made into a wetland reserve, something we are incredibly grateful for. Like Wakodahatche, The Green Cay Wetlands keeps its visitors dry and away from most of the fauna via an elevated boardwalk, providing ample nooks, crannies, and vistas overlooking our natural environs to get the perfect angle, position, and sunlight for the whole family to look their best.

boynton harbor marina sunset

Boynton Harbor Marina

The Boynton Harbor Marina, within feet of Casa Costa and Marina Village, offers many photographic opportunities for the whole family. Whether it be out on the water, at the dockside, or at one of the superb waterfront restaurants nearby, there are so many ways to capture a timeless moment here. There are fantastic views at every turn, and the Two George's Restaurant for a taste of the best seafood in Boynton Beach. Many visitors have also reported excellent staff interactions, with the dock staff, in particular, being both knowledgeable and polite, most notably when securing boats and assisting passengers during quick onset storms which are bound to happen more often in the summer months. 

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