6 Things I Wish I Knew As A First Time Boynton Beach Homeowner

6 things i wish I knew as a homeowner

Boynton Beach Real Estate may be its own market with it own unique ins and outs, but when it comes to common sense and best practices, it is no different from anywhere else in the world. Most first-time homeowners, even with the guidance of one of our outstanding Realtors, are likely to make mistakes learned the hard way. No transaction or move-in process is perfect, but with the combined insight of our team, and the many first-time homebuyers guided along the way, we've assembled a list of 6 common mistakes made by first-time homebuyers everywhere. Whether you're an agent, new homeowner, or loved one concerned for the best interests of someone you know, read today's blog to learn more about the things new homeowners overlook when moving into their Boynton Beach home.

man changing home air filter

Check Your Air Filter

This is an easy fix, but one that often goes ignored for too long. Air filters are not mandatory to replace upon moving in or out of a home, and depending on the behaviors of your previous owners, could be in dire need of a replacement. The previous homeowners may have been occasional smokers, owned shedding pets, dusted poorly, or were slow to change the filter during their time as residents. For newcomers to Boynton Beach with allergies, it's especially important to ensure your residency begins with fresh, clean air and a great attitude. 

man working on hot water heater

Check Your Water Heater

Similarly, your water heater may be aged, maladjusted, or just fine! For those of you looking to save a little extra on your power bill, it may be possible to adjust the maximum temperature of your unit to better fit your budget. Either way, a new water heater is a major selling point on a listing for a reason. While a defunct or shoddy unit should rarely if ever be the precursor to backing out, knowing the state of your water heater will prevent expensive future repairs and ease you into your home without a hassle.

insurance and home warranty policy

Speak With Your Insurance And Home Warranty Agents

Not every home purchase will include a warranty, but they will all include insurance. Insurance in South Florida is expensive and tricky. Despite the rarity of a hurricane touching down to cause sufficient structural damage to homes, insurance claims and fraud in the state of Florida is extremely high. For this reason, you may be losing money on coverage you don't need, or underinsuring your home from the beginning. Either way, having a frank and open discussion with your policy advocates will likely find savings you were unaware of, or provide you with the insights you need to prevent a future claim.

clean refrigerator coils

Clean Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerator coils are the hardware that carries the chill throughout your unit. As part of a large, central appliance that is rarely easy to move, it's easy to see why so many refrigerators remain neglected. Unclean coils may not pose the same health or comfort problems that a bad air filter or hot water heater do, but that doesn't mean they should remain unchecked. Fridge coils can easily become caked with dust, leading to efficiency issues and later to potential breakages. Pulling the fridge out and cleaning the coils is a short endeavor that can save you time, money, and a headache down the line.

water shutoff valve

Find Your Water Shutoff Valve

Nothing triggers a sitcom-like situation like floodwaters emerging from within the house. Anyone who's felt the intense rapid-onset panic of an overflowing toilet knows this all too well. Thankfully, when it comes to flooding, there is often a main valve that can stop the madness before it's too late. However, if you're blessed enough to buy a sizable estate home in a place like Canyon Springs, you may do a few laps around the home before finding that rough, knobby metal handle which somehow always leaves a little mark after turning. One way to prevent any of the comedic (not for you) events from unfolding that we listed above, is to know where this thing is, and never forget!

check raingutters

Check Raingutters

Boynton Beach may be at the sunny crossroads of South Florida, but with a subtropical climate there will always be rain to match the sunlight. Our rainfall is more intense than the north in every way, including the size of the droplets, the inches received each year, and the abruptness of our deluges. It's been joked that an entire day of New England rain could be fit into one cloud and dropped across 10 minutes. Rain gutters are necessary to maintain to prevent a host of issues from arising, such as the breeding of pests, poor yard irrigation, and even damage to roof tiles and exterior walls. When you're settling in, don't forget to jump on a ladder and scan your rain gutters, clearing them of any accumulated debris before the summer kicks in and the sky opens over you.

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