7 Easy And Affordable Ways To Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

7 easy and affordable ways to increase curb appeal

One of our favorite terms in Real Estate is "pride of ownership." When you see these three words, know your home search includes a space that was beloved and cared for, with homeowners that are seeking to pass their gem to someone who will love it like they do. Your Boynton Beach home deserves the very best every day. Whether seeking to sell, flip, or simply spruce up your frontyard, here are 7 attainable, affordable ways to increase the curb appeal of your Boynton home. Show some pride and follow along! Your home (and neighbors) will thank you.

repaint your front door

Repaint Your Front Door

Your front door is the centerpiece of your home, and the first thing visitors will interact with as they enter your home. Repainting your front door will dramatically refresh your home and will even liven up the trim and plant life that surrounds it.

fresh mulch

Remulch Your Garden

The author of this blog experienced this firsthand this past Sunday. Mulching your bushes and garden areas around the home creates a profound visual difference, undergirding your landscaping with beautiful colors while preventing weed growth.

window boxes with yellow flowers

Add Container Gardens Or Window Boxes

Many front yards in South Florida have limited access to decent soil for planting. Without readymade planting areas, a raised bed or container garden, such as those shown on front-facing windows, can add color and vibrancy in places it would otherwise be lacking.

pressure wash

Pressure Wash Sidewalks And Driveways

This one is obvious, but so many listings seem to be fraught with otherwise preventable dirt and grime. A simple pressure wash, whether with your own equipment or through one of the many professional services offered here in Boynton Beach, is a surefire way to (literally) brighten your home. Remember, the heat and humidity ensure dirt sticks and algae grows quickly.

new hand painted mailbox

Replace Or Refurbish Mailbox

A mailbox is a surprisingly inexpensive way to improve your home's immediate appearance. Brand new mailboxes come in box-only replacements and full installation kits, with some as cheap as $20, ranging all the way into the hundreds. If you're not replacing altogether, a simple touchup and repainting can modernize and chromatically attune your front facade to your liking.

front lighting

Update Or Modernize Front Lighting

Since the lightbulb became a mainstream product, lighting is something that has been a consistent feature of American homes in the last century. However, just because they are a ubiquitous and utilitarian feature, doesn't mean they aren't subject to design changes and trends as well. The color, tone, and container/sconces that hold these bulbs all undergo their own style changes. You may want to keep current and ensure your lighting out front is still appealing.

flower pots at front stoop

Add Greenery To Your Front Stoop/Entryway

Boynton Beach Real Estate is a reflection of the modern subtropical lifestyle we enjoy in South Florida. The proper greenery, flowers, and even edible plants such as basil & rosemary provide lovely complements to your new front stoop. Your local garden store or neighboring plant lady will have plenty of advice for what to plant, how to plant it, and why. 

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