Bats In Boynton Beach? Why You Should Consider Inviting Them To Your Home!

the benefits boynton beach bathouses

Beyond being the cool, but a little weird one on your block, there are many benefits to owning a bat house and entreating these nocturnal friends. Though they've been the subject of centuries of smear campaigns and misconceptions, more Boynton Beach homeowners are finding that bathhouses, and yes, birdhouses too, are terrific additions to their home exterior. In today's blog, we will discuss the many merits, both to you and the bats, for cohabitating together on your Boynton Beach property. Before extolling the immense benefits, however, let's first go over a few of the best practices when mounting a bat house and attracting these misunderstood and wonderful creatures.

bat houses bolted to tree

Setting Up Your Bat House

Seeing as bats don't enjoy conventional vision nor fly by day (normally), setting up a bat house requires a bit more thought and ingenuity than a birdhouse, where you can expect to see dozens of takers arriving for fresh seed and water. We see dozens, if not hundreds of birds every single day, but rarely do we see a bat. Creating the conditions for bats to roost is a bit more complicated. Thankfully, there are many companies who sell prefab or assembly-required bathouses with a multitude of instructions to create the best scenario for your new friends.

Bathouses usually need to be kept away from light as much as possible, as high as possible, and include a single opening for bats to enter. Bathouses are most successful when affixed to the side of a home or a tall pole, as they can more readily find the roost and the sun will warm the bat house during the day. Running water also helps attract bats, though rivers and streams are more apt than the slow-moving manmade canals that line the waterfront homes in Boynton Beach. Bat houses should be a minimum of 12 feet above the ground, get 6 to 7 hours or sun, be sealed for water protection, and checked for wasp nests, water damage, and other midsummer pests.

bat trio on large bough

The Benefits of Bats In Your Yard

Now that you know the basics of bat houses and the minimum expectations for these winged friends, here are some of the many reasons bats are a benefit to your Boynton Beach community!

Bats Are Fantastic Pollinators

Bats are such great pollinators, that they have their own term! The concept of chiropterophily (wow) is the pollination of plants by bats. In contrast with bees, who are attracted to bright, daytime flora, bats in contrast prefer pale, nocturnal flowers where they'll enjoy a sip of nectar before transferring pollen from their face and bodies to others nearby. Plans such as figs, almonds, papayas, cashews, mangos, and other tropical fruit-bearing plants benefit massively from bat pollination.

Natural Exterminators

We are always looking for ways to reduce the impact of mosquitos on our daily lives. A nursing mother bat alone can eat up to 4,500 insects per night! Bats consume thousands of mosquitos on a nightly basis, adding another natural bulwark between your exposed front lawn and the pests that seek to access your home and family. Ironically, it seems to us that these once feared "vampiric" adjacent animals are actually one of the best way to keep bloodsucking mosquitos away!

Spreading And Reseeding Green Areas

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, bats save more than $1 billion in lost revenue for the corn industry alone, and $3 billion per year - mainly through their consumption of pests. However, perhaps even more beneficial is the incalculable boon that fruit-eating bats provide. They carry and disperse seeds in some of the most important and vulnerable areas. Fruit-eating bats are largely responsible (up to 95%) of seed dispersal in recently cleared rainforests that are desperate for new growth.


A central theme in the iconic Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, this aerial manure is one of the most nutrient-dense and powerful natural substances in the world. A healthy ratio of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen is but one benefit of bat droppings. For those with a green thumb, this may be the greatest value for homeowners. Bat guano also contains beneficial bacteria that can ward off soil pests, can heal sick soil, and deter fungi and disease. The benefits of the inclusion of bat guano to your plants and soils are numerous.

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