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fall decor trends for your boynton beach home

We're never going to tell you how to live or what beauty looks like, but we are on the ball when it comes to indoor and outdoor decor, style, and maintenance. As always, we strive to stay informed and provide the latest information from the various world's that impact our business. While we don't sell the design, we sell the idea, the lifestyle, and the home you're looking to outfit for a beautiful autumn. These 5 trendy fall decor ideas will set you up for a stylish end to 2022!

3d brass sculpture

Sculpture & 3D Art

Ever since the cro-magnon peoples of Central and Eastern Europe began scrawling artwork on the walls of a cave, humanity has strived to express itself through art. Paintings, murals, and wall-mounted artwork has never lost its luster, but more and more we see 3D art appear on the mantlepieces and accent tables of the cultured & affluent. This is especially true for seasonal fall decor, where pumpkins, cornucopias and fall foliage take over the homes of Boynton Beach residents.

smoky glassware

Smoky Glassware

Not just for moody corners in whiskey bars, smoky glassware is all the rage in 2022. While not as seasonal as some other accents mentioned in this blog, smoky glassware is perfect for everything from tumbler glasses to candle sconces. The gentle cascade from clear to hazy grey adds a certain coziness to otherwise simple and nondescript home goods. 

earthy marble tones

Warm & Earthy Marble Tones

Black and white marble was one of the more popular surfaces to adorn upscale homes in the 80's and 90's. Over the years, new materials began to see increased popularity, influencing design from the outside in. Travertine pavers and warm, Mediterranean accents give way to ornate entryways and chocolate tones, seen in the marble, woodwork, countertops, and upholstery. Brown and green tones are seen more and more often in the recently remodeled bathrooms in some of Boynton Beach's upscale developments.

front porch with holiday decor 

Elaborate Front Porch and Doorstep Decorations

An extension of the increased presence of 3D art, fall and winter months are the perfect time to dress up your front doorstep! Has anyone ever seen a summer wreath? Come to think of it, that might be a great idea, but for today's sake, it's clear that the latter part of the year encourages homeowners nationwide to jazz up their front door to show their holiday cheer. While seasonal in nature, these decorations are often inexpensive to buy and store, bringing warmth and welcome to your Boynton Beach home.

textured fabrics

Textured Fabrics

Thick, wavy, braided, textured fabrics are a major component of fall decor. These can be seen in everything from rigid, durable area rugs to throw pillows and even tablecloths. These thick rugs have long been a staple of Southwestern households where they absorb the sand and dust that's tracked in. The textures themselves can also fit certain design motifs, with patterns reflecting the aforementioned Southwestern, East Asian, and more contemporary looks. Not only do these textured fabrics add another dimension of scale to the eye of the beholder, they are, by their nature, durable.

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