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boynton beach fast casual

Ask any homeowner in Boynton Beach is rife with hidden gems Fast Casual Restaurants are one of the fastest growing dining trends in the United States. For a country so enthralled by the relationship of convenience and our food, fast casual is the perfect fit. For those looking at fast food as a net negative - a compromise of quality for the sake of speed, fast casual has come to the rescue! Macro chain restaurants such as Panera Bread and Five Guys have shown the way - and local favorites have followed! For that perfect middle ground between quickness and quality, look no further than the 5 best fast casual restaurants in Boynton Beach!

souvlaki meal

Souvlaki Fast

For those who don't know, Souvlaki is a very popular Greek Style of skewered meats, often sliced and eaten straight off the skewer. However, it is most commonly served in a pita wrap, similarly to falafel - with vegetables and corresponding sauces. Souvlaki Fast does it right, with juicy wraps bursting with flavor, crisp veggies and lettuce, and fresh made sauces. During a visit to Thessaloniki, founder Roulis recognized the glaring need for the cuisine of his people to arrive on the shores of Boynton. Out from his desire to share the flavors of Greece, Souvlaki Fast was born!  

sweet fried plantains

Pollo Campero

Fried Chicken with a Latin twist! Pollo Campero has been serving happy customers since their 1971 beginnings in their native Guatemala. Not to be confused with the talismanic Florida fast-food spot, Pollo Tropical, Pollo Campero built its fanbase on the back of its delightfully seasoned, hand-breaded fried chicken and handmade sides. For those looking for more conventional flavors, Pollo Campero doesn't disappoint - with popcorn chicken bites (Camperitos), mashed potatoes, slaw, and more to complement the sweet plantains and yucca fries that we've come to associate with exciting Latin cuisine. 

vegan brownies

Blondie's Vegan Bakery

One bite of Blondie's Vegan Bakery goods and you'll realize why eggs, butter, and gluten aren't part of the puzzle, and don't need to be! An allergy friendly bakery offering a variety of baked goods - Blondie's is more than a niche spot serving a niche market. Don't be misled by their reputation for spectacular cakes and baked goods to go with their name. Blondie's features a wide array of vegan lunch specials, including a full Thanksgiving to-go menu for those looking to add a little more to their menu, or skip the work altogether! Whatever brings you to Blondie's there's not a soul in the world who won't find something to love.

falafel platter and middle eastern sides


Anzo was once known as the beloved "Chickpea." The ultimate in Boynton Beach fast casual, Anzo has mastered the countertop order system - forming delectable bowls featuring a bevy of Middle Eastern options, salads, and classic sides such as pickled cabbage and Israeli pickles. To enjoy Middle Eastern delights in a quick, affordable, and ultimately very fulfilling format - look no further than Anzo!

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