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Boynton Beach sits just atop Delray Beach on the map crawl north from Key West to Jacksonville. As a less contemporary, more naturalized altnerative to Delray and Boca to the south, the dedication to natural preservation and lack of an "Atlantic Ave." shows in the way Boynton Beach homeowners organize and decorate their homes. Learn a few of the most popular and tasteful home accents that Boynton Beach is known for. 

wicker storage ottoman

Wicker Storage Ottoman

Your author never lived anywhere else but Florida, and after 32 years is more than comfortable claiming that wicker and rattan will never go out of style. In today's age, we're fortunate to have decades of wicker wear-and-tear built upon by furniture designers and interior decorators alike, leading to a new era of high-quality wicker furniture, and even facsimile wicker patterns which standup to weather even better. An outdoor wicker storage ottoman (while not guaranteed watertight) is perfect for that poolside seating area. If you've been to Boynton Beach, you've seen them before!

remote controlled curtains

Remote Controlled Retractable Curtains

These might cost a little more

wood look ceramic tiling

Wood Look Ceramic Tiling

driftwood washed up on a rocky beach

Driftwood Furniture and Accents

Driftwood is what it is - the natural ebb and flow of large wood formations that find their way from their origin to our shores. Driftwood is extremely popular, as its bright, fibrous texutre is perfect for artisans to work with. From basic touches to full laquered furniture, the natural hue of driftwood and its appeal to the modern Boynton Beach home is too perfect to ignore. Take a look and see what options fit your home!

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