Boynton Beach New Construction | 4 Commonly Used Building Materials In Your Boynton Beach Home

4 commonly used construction materials

With new construction abound at every corner, prospective Boynton Beach homeowners must be keenly aware of the ins and outs of their new Boynton home. When we show the property to our clientele, we're always asked about the primary facets of the home - bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, the views, and more - yet rarely are we asked about what's behind the walls and under the flooring. With flooding, hurricanes, stifling heat, and humidity all part of our daily lives as locals, get to know these 4 commonly used construction materials that comprise a plurality of Boynton Beach homes.

metal roofing

Metal Roofing

The Metal Roofing industry has tripled over the last decade, showing the growing consumer (and home builder) adoption of metal roofing in recent years. Metal roofing comprises stronger, longer-lasting materials than traditional shingle roofing and is far more likely to resist wind damage. While the further investigation in every case is needed and we're not roofers by trade the benefits of a metal roof seem too good to ignore, especially in a Boynton Beach home. 

engineered hardwood

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is another luxury that so often becomes a liability for Boynton Beach residents. With almost year-round high humidity in South Florida, hardwood flooring is often untenable as a long-term solution. Small issues like discoloration and mild warping can lead to larger problems such as splinters or even structural damage. "Engineered" hardwood is exactly as it sounds, a manmade facsimile of the beauteous hardwood floorings that have earmarked luxury for centuries. Improve the quality of your flooring without detracting from the look you've desired for years.

concrete block

Concrete Block

Concrete block homes are comprised of what is known in construction as a "CMU" or concrete masonry unit, and interlink like giant legos to provide an ideal foundation for South Florida homes. After more than a century in use, concrete block has become a favorite for home buildings in Boynton Beach and South Florida beyond. Concrete block has long seen popular use in basements in the Northeast, but as a solid structure, they are stronger than poured concrete and non-flammable. 



If you've ever stood within a few feet of a Boynton Beach home we're sure you've seen the layered, textured material that comprises the surface of almost every home in the area. Stucco is a material made of water, a binder, and aggregates and is applied wet to the concrete block of the home. This durable, attractive, and weather-resistant coating is a mainstay of South Florida homes and will be for years to come.

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