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avoid these common home staging mistakes

Home staging is a rudiment of going the extra mile to sell a home. It's important to disconnect the home buyer from either the space or the family room they're currently viewing. A tactful arrangement of furniture, artwork, and even the light and scent of the room play a drastic role in helping your home buyers visualize themselves occupying the space, rather than dealing with the conflict of the occupant's design contrasts, or an empty room that leaves too much to the imagination. However, there are plenty of ways to make common yet significant mistakes when home staging. Here is a short list of 5 common home staging mistakes you should avoid at your next open house!

too much furniture in home staging

Using Too Much Furniture

Well-positioned furniture is a staple of good home staging, but the temptation is there to do too much and try too hard. When staging furniture, remember that the idea is to give the home buyer a realistic idea of how to use the space, not overwhelm them with things to look at. Furniture is there to show the buyer's potential, rather than a finished room. The right blend of open space and thoughtfully placed furniture gives visitors the chance to see themselves in the space without feeling too oppressed by what's already there. This is similar to why neutral colors are suggested for paint, as it leaves the buyer with less to distract their eye and more time to think for themselves.

natural light entering room

Underutilizing Light

Natural light is the antecedent to positivity in a room. Natural light exposure has even been linked to improved outcomes in hospital patients. While this is an extreme example, it shows the value of natural light exposure even at our darkest moments (no pun intended). Many of these tips, such as the first two, all center around the concept of creating an open but thought-provoking space that isn't too stuffy for the home buyer. Allowing natural light to illuminate the space is another way to help visitors feel comfortable in the room.

beautifully manicured florida home exterior

Neglecting Exterior Staging

While the majority of a home's value is situated behind its walls, exterior staging is like your hair and outfit on a first date. Even if you're a master of speechcraft, if your exterior appearance leaves much to be desired, you're starting on the back foot. After all, a messy, disheveled, neglected exterior is more than likely a sign of things to come, rather than an aberration. Until teleportation is invented, the first few seconds of a home buyer's visit will inevitably be the walkup and approach to the front of your home. The disposition of your buyer can be permanently darkened by a shoddy exterior, even if your inside is magnificent.

organized pantry

Leaving Pantries & Storage Spaces Disorganized

The home buyer knows that the pasta boxes and hastily clipped, half-eaten bags of potato chips aren't part of the home sale. However, much like overusing furniture or leaving your exterior in bad shape, this concept amalgamizes the need for both tactful placement and overall cleanliness. Storage spaces are especially crucial for families, and with millennials now leading the way in the home buyers market, many more families are expected to move to Boynton Beach. The visitors should see the potential in the nooks and crannies you use for storage, so be sure to spruce these up, however minimal it may seem.

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