Boynton Beach Jobs | The 5 Largest Employment Sectors In Boynton Beach

the 5 largest employment sectors in boynton beach

Boynton Beach Real Estate continues to grow exponentially, expanding beyond the beachfront condos and 55+ gated communities into styles and sizes that attract a wider population. With more young professionals and growing families flocking to the promise of Boynton Beach, employment sectors have surged around the needs of the community. Today we'll examine the 5 largest employment sectors putting Boynton Beach residents to work, and how our existing population and common lifestyle choices influence the prominence of these careers. 

All Facts Obtained via Census.Gov 

healthcare sector

Healthcare & Social Assistance

Healthcare, in-home nursing, and medical practitioners comprise the largest single employment sector in the Boynton Beach economy. Beginning with two major hospitals headquartered in Boynton Beach, hundreds if not thousands are staffed in these major establishments. In particular, Bethesda East Hospital, just north of the Chapel Hill community, services both Delray and Boynton Beach, adding a need for more staffers to serve an additional population. Beyond the major hospitals, Boynton Beach and South Florida as a whole are renowned for their medical practitioners and high-level specialists. Boynton Beach, thanks in part to its numerous 55+ communities also includes these many medical offices, their nurses, and support staff.

retail sector


Thanks to the burgeoning upscale community in this beautiful city, there are plenty of occupations served in the retail and customer service areas. Most notably, the Boynton Beach Mall and Renaissance Commons are large retail areas that include dozens of boutiques, department stores, and specialty shops. With newer locales like Boynton Commons, The Quantum Town Center, and Boynton Town Center growing the available shopping in the city, it's no wonder many of the younger and newer residents of Boynton Beach work in some way within the retail sector. 

outstretched hand holding butler tray

Food and Hospitality 

With so many visitors and reasons to enjoy the town, it's easy to see why food and hospitality - an extension of the resort and tourism industry, is as popular as it is in Boynton Beach. With many new restaurants, waterfront hotspots, and visits from Guy Fieri to put the city on the map, Boynton Beach is growing exponentially, with its burgeoning culinary sector one of the fastest. There are new craft breweries, upscale cocktail bars, and gourmet gastropubs popping up all around Boynton Beach, a city that is setting up quickly to rival its neighbors in culinary quality, diversity, and availability.

man tutoring young child at school desk

Educational Services

Boynton Beach and nearby Hypoluxo, Briny Breezes, Gulfstream, and Lantana, are home to several outstanding private, public, and special needs schools to serve children and young adults throughout the city. As more newcomers find family-friendly communities throughout Boynton Beach, the need for citywide educational investment will only grow. This extends to extracurricular talents such as art, music, and athletics instructors, summer camp counselors, tutors, and the many support staff that keep our schools running. 

hvac service

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

While this is also a relatively generic title to describe what could be dozens if not hundreds of different jobs, we imagine that one area we see many technical pros is in the HVAC field, which accounts for a sizable majority of house calls for skilled professionals during our hottest months. The maritime industry in Boynton Beach is mainly based around recreation and tourism and requires many skilled mechanics, technicians, and support staff to keep our fleet afloat. This area also includes the IT professionals, computing services, and the highly skilled scientific technicians necessary to keep the medical industry, its records, and sophisticated devices online and safely serving our community.

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