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Boynton Beach is quickly rising among the most desirable places to be. It is a quick jaunt north of the livelier Delray Beach, what Boynton lacks in the nightlife it makes up for in serenity. The natural beauty of some of Boynton Beach's natural stretches is unparalleled, and the city has done a terrific job of ensuring you have the best parks & rec to choose from. Our list of the best public parks in Boynton Beach includes a plethora of options to get fresh air and reconnect with nature. See where we recommend!

swingset in a public park

Boynton Lakes Park

Boynton Lakes Park is named for the neighborhood it finds itself in. The park was completed in 1992 and has since been a gathering point for nearby residents young and old, with open space and amenities for all manner of activities. Though just a small patch in our beautiful Boynton, the centrality of the park and its allowance of leashed dogs ensure that Boynton Lakes Park remains a place where families come to play.

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Jaycee Park

Jaycee Park is also known as Oceanfront Park, sitting along with one of the most visited areas on all of Boynton Beach. The park offers direct access to the ocean and remains open year-round from sunrise to 9:00 PM. As an added assurance, on-duty lifeguards are present from 9 AM to 5 PM each day, while the remaining staff is trained, first responders. With safety concerns abated, Jaycee Park presents one of the preeminent locales anywhere in South Florida to kick back and have some fun with the family. ADA support includes a Mobi-mat to accommodate strollers and wheelchairs, and special beach-ready wheelchair options as well. 

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Caloosa Park

Caloosa Park is my dad's best friend. This huge, 5+ acre park includes a fishing lake, all manner of racquet sports - such as pickleball, tennis, and outdoor racquetball, softball, and multi-purpose fields. Caloosa Park offers something for everyone, with its sprawling fields and well-maintained facilities, you can connect a jump shot just as easily as you can connect to nature. What an incredible place Caloosa Park can be!

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Gulfstream Park

A shade north of Delray Beach, Gulfstream Park is one of the most popular locations in Boynton Beach. Much like Jaycee Park, the city's robust parks & recreation division ensure that safety is put at the highest premium, with 600 feet of guarded beach frontage. Gulfstream Park also allows surfcasting from designated fishing areas separate from the lifeguarded stretches. With basic facilities like restrooms and showers provided, there isn't a better place to soak up the sun in Boynton Beach!

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Betty Thomas Park

The City of Boynton Beach planned for a park in southeast Boynton since the early 1980s, with a master plan developed and held until the acquisition of the land that would become Betty Thomas Park. The land was procured in 2001, while the ribbon was cut on March 24th, 2007. Named for longtime local and Former Parks & Rec Advisory Board Chair, Betty Thomas, the park provides basketball courts, a playground, an expanded open play area, and public restrooms.

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Seacrest Scrub

The Seacrest Scrub is one of three conservation-focused parks dotting Boynton Beach. Located along the commonly traversed Seacrest Boulevard, this patch of deciduous, low-lying scrub is a few feet north of the Delray Beach border. Thus, its nature trails offer a natural look at our flora and fauna to a well-balanced visitor base spanning Delray to the south and the majority of Boynton Beach to the north.  These small scrubs are part of a larger countywide system of natural preservation. A "scrub," in the vernacular of Florida forestry is a pine & palmetto flatwood ecosystem primarily occurring in dry coastal ridge soils, often occupying ancient coastlines long-receded over time. Visit the City of Boynton's website to visit the other natural preserves the city has kept safe for our future.

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