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End-to-end concierge service is one of the hallmarks of a Champagne & Parisi Realtor. Much more than just buyers and sellers of Boynton Beach Real Estate, a good agent anywhere understands the importance of catering to your individual needs. Moving to another city is much more than choosing a different living space. For each new resident, it coincides with either a major lifestyle change or the need to reorient existing interests with new places and people. This includes schools, social services, and any assisted living support for special needs children and adults. Thankfully, Boynton Beach has a robust selection of support for young people of all backgrounds and special needs, both physical and neurological. In today's blog, we're excited to share a shortlist of the special needs schools and therapeutic facilities in the Boynton Beach area. 

Please note: This list is thorough, but not exhaustive. There are more special needs schools and institutions than just these featured on our blog. To access the broader list, click here.

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Mountaineers School of Autism - West Palm Beach

The Mountaineers School of Autism seeks to provide an answer for children who have struggled to blend into the overwhelming and limited public school environment. The small but impressive Mountaineer School of Autism includes a team of dedicated professionals led by their beloved owner, Mary Jo. Better yet, the teachers, staff, and support also report a sense of pride, excitement, and happiness at the opportunity to work with students who need their passion the most.

Gulfstream Goodwill Transition To Life Academy - West Palm Beach

Gulfstream Goodwill Transition to Life Academy is a special needs organization run by the namesake Goodwill organization, Part of Project SEARCH, this is not a traditional academic institution, but a life skills training outfit helping young adults with special needs ease their way into the working world. The Goodwill Transition to Life Academy helps students learn vocational skills, the fundamentals of independent living, as well as the "soft skills" that some with social and cognitive issues struggle to muster on their own.


wheelchair bound boy smiling with his teacher at school

The Mandel Jewish Community Center - Boynton Beach

The JCC is a religious institution, but like all religious schools in the United States, it allows those of any faith or lack thereof to join. Their programs include early childhood enrichment, special needs programs for all ages and abilities, and even an after school and swimming program to help children learn the importance of water safety!

Ed Venture - Hypoluxo

Ed Venture is a nonprofit charter school serving ESE students between ages 14-22. Their mission is to educate and nurture young students into the next chapter of their lives, equipping them with the vocational, academic, functional, and social skills to live their best life as independently as possible.

male teacher in social studies classroom with smiling student in wheelchair

Palm Beach School For Autism - Lake Worth Beach

One of the best-known nonprofit charter schools supporting young people on the autism spectrum, the Palm Beach School for Autism supports students aged 3-21. From preschool to high school, students are immersed in an empowering, therapeutic, and enriching environment led by some of the best educators in the world. Better yet, Project Next, their transition program, features many of the same goals and curricula that other vocational schools provide to help those in need better adjust to adulthood. 

Unity School - Delray Beach

Unity School, a private institution, states their commitment as "a dedication to the intellectual, personal, social, and physical growth" of its students. At the border of Delray and Boynton Beach, just a few blocks from communities like Chapel Hill, the Unity School is one of the few private schools in Delray Beach, and one of the most enriching experiences for students in every key developmental area.

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