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Let's face it life can get stressful, and sometimes it can stay that way. What starts in our minds can often lead to aches, pains, and misalignment in our bodies. What stresses us mentally will impact us in the physical realm, through our physical pain and the way we interact with the world and the people around us. Yoga and Pilates are both core redefining, muscle-aligning, mentally gratifying fitness modalities that frankly, we wish more people would try! For Boynton Beach residents, we have 5 outstanding and unique yoga and pilates studios. Visit them all and find your home! 

Updated 01/23/2024 - Pilates And You added to the list!

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Pilates And You

Pilates And You include three locations in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Boynton Beach. One of the newer studios in the area, their rave reviews cite not just the value of pilates, but to the kindness and motivational energy of the instructors. For many, fitness is as much a mind game as it is of the body, and with the right coach leading the routine, can make or break one's commitment to their regimen. In group workouts led by teachers, as is in the case with yoga and pilates, the impetus on positive reinforcement and educated support is that much more significant. At Pilates And You, they understand it's a much bigger picture than just explaining and leading the workout. For anyone looking to get started in a welcoming, compassionate environment, look no further than the perfectly titled Pilates And You.

blissful energy yoga

Blissful Energy

Blissful Energy is a small, boutique yoga studio in Central Boynton off Congress Ave. This small but energized studio features a youthful vigor that is sure to spark the inner yogi in all of us, with kind, accommodating instructors and a variety of classes, including recently added hot stretch, pilates, and HIIT training.

pilates and yoga center of boynton beach

PYC: Pilates & Yoga Center

Located in the Boynton Beach Promenade, the sizable Pilates & Yoga Center is everything you'd want under one roof. Claiming proudly to be Boynton Beach's original Pilates & Yoga Studio (2009), the PYC believes in the complimentary nature of these two disciplines, taught by their outstanding staff in group and one-on-one settings. Since its ownership change in 2018, PYC now offers personal training and contemporary pilates to complement its existing classical pilates and yoga schedule.

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Fly & Flow Fitness

If the name wasn't enough of an indication, Fly & Flow specializes in aerial yoga - laying claim as the only to focus on the acrobatic discipline in all of Palm Beach County. Fly & Flow show our community that acro work is for everyone - with intimate studio classes offered at all skill levels, with silk hammocks suspended comfortably from the ceiling for suspension training. Classes include everything from meditative sound and suspension healing to advanced fly fitness.

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The Sol Oasis

The Sol Oasis offers holistic health at every level. With a spa featuring skincare, acupuncture, and massage, every phase of wellness is covered by this Boynton Beach yoga studio. Sol Yoga includes Kundalini yoga classes, teacher trainings, reiki, pilates nutrition counseling, and even alkaline water as part of its spiritualistic approach to wellness. For these reasons among many, The Sol Oasis is a unique studio that offers a combination of services, classes, and spiritual confluences that make it one of the most serene spaces and best yoga studios in Boynton Beach.

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Hotworx is a dedicated hot yoga studio proudly proclaiming itself as the only 24 hour infrared fitness studio in Boynton Beach. Their central Boynton location features intense but accessible classes that focus on reducing stress, maximal calorie burn, and reduce blood pressure. Hotworx offers both isometric, mat-based classes along with high intensity interval training featuring staitoinray bikes and rowers.

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