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The 5 Best Steakhouses In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Steakhouses

5 best steakhouses in boynton beach

We've made no secret of our excitement in observing the cultural outgrowth of Boynton Beach. Despite it being the third eldest incorporated city in Delray Beach, the Mizner and World War II-infused growth of Boca Raton and Delray Beach to the near south was more observable and meteoric. Today, Boynton Beach features prominently on the radar of South Florida's best locations for outstanding culinary and cultural experiences. The city continues to invest in its growing cultural and business sectors, providing a superb complement of terrific restaurants, communities, and new opportunities to an already magnificent natural environment. In today's blog, we'll delve deeper into the ongoing coverage of new and historic culinary delights that have put the city on the map. Our focus is on the best steak in Boynton Beach - a city known for its remarkable seafood, craft beer, and outdoor waterfront dining. Our list is as diverse as the city's growing global demographic, featuring a variety of steakhouses, not just the traditional upscale bar and grille that has become the typical American experience.

prime catch lobster tail and filet mignon

Prime Catch

Prime Catch is the premier surf and turf location in Boynton Beach. Though admittedly named and best-known for its incredibly fresh seafood menu, there are several ways to pair outstanding cuts with your favorite wines, appetizers, and fresh coastal fare. Situated very along the Intracoastal across...

A Local Guide To Healthy Eating In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Healthy Restaurants

a local guide to healthy eating in boynton beach

It's Springtime and some of us are still clinging to our New Year's Resolutions! Sarcasm aside, as Boynton Beach continues to magnetize new demographics, industries, and culinary concepts to compete with its neighbors, we're excited to share the bustle around town. With more new restaurants, incoming culinary talent, more investments into the arts and culture, and new construction homes attracting people from all over gthe world, we're thrilled to continually document what we've deemed the "cultural renaissance" of Boynton Beach. Today, we review some of the restaurants that help us stay true to our commitments. These locales are where calories, not flavor are sacrificed, and ingredient quality is top of mind. Learn more, and find out where to eat healthy in Boynton Beach!

guacamole in mortar and pestle

Guaca Go

Guaca Go joins the growing trend of fast-casual restaurants in Boynton Beach, catering to the growing number of school-aged families and young upstarts moving to the area. One of the most affordable options on our list, this colorful, avocado-themed eatery builds bowls with avocado bases, topped with fresh ingredients and seed-oil-free dressings....

5 Day Trip Locations Near Boynton Beach | Family Fun In Boynton Beach, FL

5 day trip locations in boynton beach

One advantage of living in Boynton Beach is its centrality in Palm Beach County. The city sits at the midpoint of the eastern seaboard of the county, which stretches inward to the southeastern majority of Lake Okeechobee. Thanks to this location, residents live within an hour to dozens of significant locations for logistical and recreational purposes. Two major airports are within an hour, as are several of the finest beaches, outdoor attractions, outstanding restaurants, water parks, fishing charters, and so much more in between. These 5 exciting locations and attractions are a few ideas among many to spend a day with the family enjoying the best of Boynton Beach and its surroundings.

panoramic view of Peanut Island, West Palm Beach, FL

Peanut Island

Peanut Island is a popular destination for outdoor watersports just east of Riviera Beach, situated snugly between Singer Island and the mainland. This paradisal island is perfect for snorkeling, boating, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Uniquely, Peanut Island is more of a massive sandbar than a proper island. Though it's within eyesight of the shoreline, it's only accessible by boat. There are public ferries and plenty of slots for anchorage if you're a boat owner. However, be mindful of the regression of the tides, as many boats struggle with grounding as the tide recedes and yields more land. This is one of the quintessential...

Boynton Beach Jobs | The 5 Largest Employment Sectors In Boynton Beach

the 5 largest employment sectors in boynton beach

Boynton Beach Real Estate continues to grow exponentially, expanding beyond the beachfront condos and 55+ gated communities into styles and sizes that attract a wider population. With more young professionals and growing families flocking to the promise of Boynton Beach, employment sectors have surged around the needs of the community. Today we'll examine the 5 largest employment sectors putting Boynton Beach residents to work, and how our existing population and common lifestyle choices influence the prominence of these careers. 

All Facts Obtained via Census.Gov 

healthcare sector

Healthcare & Social Assistance

Healthcare, in-home nursing, and medical practitioners comprise the largest single employment sector in the Boynton Beach economy. Beginning with two major hospitals headquartered in Boynton Beach, hundreds if not thousands are staffed in these major establishments. In particular, Bethesda East Hospital, just north of the Chapel Hill community, services both Delray and Boynton Beach, adding a need for more staffers to serve an additional population. Beyond the major hospitals, Boynton Beach and South Florida as a whole are renowned...

Boynton Beach Special Needs Support | Schools, Centers, and Facilities For Special Needs In Boynton Beach

special needs school and support

End-to-end concierge service is one of the hallmarks of a Champagne & Parisi Realtor. Much more than just buyers and sellers of Boynton Beach Real Estate, a good agent anywhere understands the importance of catering to your individual needs. Moving to another city is much more than choosing a different living space. For each new resident, it coincides with either a major lifestyle change or the need to reorient existing interests with new places and people. This includes schools, social services, and any assisted living support for special needs children and adults. Thankfully, Boynton Beach has a robust selection of support for young people of all backgrounds and special needs, both physical and neurological. In today's blog, we're excited to share a shortlist of the special needs schools and therapeutic facilities in the Boynton Beach area. 

Please note: This list is thorough, but not exhaustive. There are more special needs schools and institutions than just these featured on our blog. To access the broader list, click here.

special needs students with teacher

Mountaineers School of Autism - West Palm Beach

The Mountaineers School of Autism seeks to provide an answer for children who have struggled to blend into the overwhelming and limited public school environment. The small...

5 Classy Craft Cocktail Bars In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Craft Bars

5 classy cocktail bars in boynton beach

We've spoken at length regarding the upswing of cultural hotspots in Boynton Beach. No longer just a popular place for saltwater anglers and luxury-minded retirees, Boynton Beach has invested and reinvested in its "cultural renaissance." Among many plaudits, including two visits by Guy Fieri's Diner's Drive-Ins, and Dive's, Boynton Beach has shown meteoric growth in its hospitality sector. With more than just elegant golf courses and beautiful beaches, these 5 classy craft cocktail bars represent the next wave of nightlife and resort-quality living throughout Boynton Beach. 

sweetwater dual cocktails


Before The Butcher and The Bar carved out its place in Flavortown, Sweetwater was setting the trend as one of the first craft cocktail-focused upscale American eatery. Today, the whiskey-specializing gastropub is a favorite nationwide, a restaurant trend that will likely be here to stay. There is nothing gimmicky about the culinary stylings of Sweetwater, which explains its continued relevance and trendsetting presence. It's all about the pairings at Sweetwater, where their experts...

Boynton Beach Marina Guide | Where To Find Marinas and Boat Slips In Boynton Beach

marinas and boat ramps in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is a true boaters paradise, with some of the best dockage, waterfront communities, accessible Intracoastal, and watercraft services in South Florida. The city's dedication to the white sand beaches and blue waters is second to none, with many westerly inland wildlife preserves providing more evidence of this commitment. We've done Boynton Beach blogs about fishing, natural preserves, tourist attractions, and all things waterfront, but what about your watercraft itself? Today, we give you the answers, with this comprehensive guide to all things marinas and boat ramps in Boynton Beach. Read on and start your engines! it's going to be a beautiful day on the water.

aerial of a full service marina in boynton beach, florida

Boynton Harbor Marina

Location: 735 Casa Loma Blvd. Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Services Provided

  • Dockage
  • Refueling
  • Waterfront Dining
  • Recreational...

15 Fast Facts About Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach By The Numbers

15 fast facts about boynton beach real estate

Boynton Beach is a distinct and exciting community that quickly separates itself from its neighbors to create its image and lifestyle. Boynton Beach has long been renowned for its saltwater lifestyle, elegant 55+ gated communities, and reasonable housing prices. Yet, with Florida's economy booming and so many new influences permeating the city, Boynton Beach continues growing exponentially. After over a century, Boynton Beach is far from a sleepy town in the shadow of Delray and the Palm Beaches. Today, Boynton Beach has much to offer, and many reasons to consider moving here. These 15 fast facts will cover some of the most basic demographic data, economics, and citywide changes that have shaped Boynton Beach into its own. 

All Information is pulled from the most recent US Census data (2020) and FlexMLS local real estate data

boynton beach real estate facts

Boynton Beach Real Estate

1. Average Home Sale Price

The average home sale price stands at $465,318, an increase of 2.5% year over year. This increase is significant, but a lesser change than many neighboring cities.

2. Total Homes Sold (YTD)

Thus far (as of June 12. 2023), 1,630 homes have been sold in Boynton Beach. This number will surpass the 2022 total of 2,008 if numbers hold...

6 Great Spots For Family Photos In Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Family Living

family photo spots in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is less developed but offers more natural wonder than Delray Beach to the south. With more dedicated natural preserves, undeveloped land, and spacious, untouched beachfront real estate, Boynton Beach is a beautiful place for family photos. From inland wetland preserves to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, we give you some of the most beautiful natural, and manmade places to take photos around Boynton Beach.

gulfstream park aerial

Gulfstream Park

Gulfstream Park sits right on the Southern border with Delray Beach. Offering quieter beach access than nearby cities, Gulfstream offers limited but substantial free parking to get your beach day off on the right foot. With a clean restroom, plenty of grills, picnic benches, and gathering spaces, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the natural brilliance of the Boynton beachfront, and plenty of places to take a timeless family photo.

wakodahatchee wetlands

Wakodahatchee Wetlands

The Wakodahatchee Wetlands is due West from Gulfstream Park, this time sitting on the Southwest border of Boynton Beach. Though the midsummer heat can be quite tiresome, the immersion...

The Top 6 Tourism Hotspots In Boynton Beach

6 popular tourism shows in boynton beach

In recent years, Boynton Beach has emerged from beneath the shadow of its luxurious nearby neighbors as both a growing Real Estate Market and tourist destination. Visitors revel in the centrality of its location, reaching both Boca Raton and West Palm Beach in 15 minutes, and the beauteous preservation of its natural confines. Whether on the western reaches of the city, enjoying the wetlands and lush green spaces in places like the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge, or casting a line over the edge of your very own fishing charter, there's so much to see and enjoy in Boynton Beach. In today's Boynton Beach Real Estate blog, we present 6 of our favorite Boynton Beach tourist destinations for the whole family to enjoy.

oceanfront park beach

Oceanfront Park Beach

Oceanfront Park Beach is one of the beloved beachfront parks of Boynton Beach. This well-manicured park includes ADA accommodations, a cafe with snacks and refreshments, a playground and fitness area, and one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in South Florida. This park is home to numerous exotic and endangered species, most notably the sea turtles who nest up and down our coastline in the midsummer. A recycling area is also provided for guests to encourage sustainability as a priority for the city, park, and its visitors.

boynton harbor marina...

5 Historic And Significant Boynton Beach Residents | Boynton Beach History

5 historic and significant boynton beach residents

Boynton Beach is older and more storied than many of us ever knew. With the newfangled attention brought to this lovely South Palm Beach county town, many new residents are learning the name "Boynton Beach" for the first time. This city has more than a few historic moments, names, and places in Florida's folklore. Today, we look at five historic and significant Boynton Beach residents from the earliest days of settlement to the biggest stars of today.

nathan s boynton

Nathan S. Boynton

Nathan S. Boynton is the founding father of his namesake, Boynton Beach. Born in 1837, Boynton was a Michigan-born politician, inventor, businessman and Civil War Major. Following his service, Boynton returned to his native Port Huron, MI to serve in numerous municipal occupations, Following health concerns exacerbated by warmer weather, Boynton sought a new place to live, traveling to South Florida with Congressman William S. Linton, of Delray Beach notoriety. After arriving in what is today known as Boynton Beach, Nathan built a two-story hotel, known as The Boynton. Though Boynton would die in 1911 in his Michigan hometown, 9 years before the city was officially incorporated, the town built west of the hotel would be named for his namesake property.


Boynton Beach Birdwatching | 5 Of The Rarest Native Birds To Look Out For

boynton beach birdwatching

Before it began its ascent as an artistic and cultural hotbed, Boynton Beach Real Estate was long renowned for its access to nature, both over the water and the grasslands. With a largely deciduous ecosystem that gives way to pine scrublands, brackish estuarine waters, and endless seas of grassy wetlands, the city of Boynton Beach is a preeminent destination for ornithologists and amateur birdwatchers. Despite the scale and ongoing development of the many new gated communities in West Boynton Beach, such as Valencia Isles, there are still numerously designated and undesignated wildlife habitats rife with beauty wherever you turn. For those of us keen on witnessing some of the rarest and most stunning birds in America, look no further than Boynton Beach - the Loxahatchee Reserve, Green Cay Wetlands, and so much more. These 5 birds are not all endangered, some aren't even too uncommon, but all represent a taste of the vibrancy, color, and natural beauty that inspires our communities that we share in tandem with nature.

roseate spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill

The descriptively named Roseate Spoonbill is one of the strangest-looking birds in Boynton Beach. Perhaps the best-equipped bird for wading...

The Best Brunch In Boynton Beach | Where To Enjoy Brunch In Boynton

the best brunch in boynton beach

Compared to Boynton Beach, Delray and Boca to the immediate south are both veritable destinations for brunch-goers and Sunday drinkers, yet as Boynton Beach continues to grow, so do the gourmet offerings for palettes of all types. For those looking for everything from a wholesome country breakfast to mimosas and french toast, we give you some of our favorites among the best brunch in Boynton Beach!

Updated: (04/24/2024) - Prime Catch added to the list.

owl country grille

The Owl Country Grille

We always feel good about a breakfast restaurant with the word "country" in its title. Yet, not every meal served up by this well-regarded breakfast and lunch locale is decadent biscuits and gravy or cinnamon buns reminiscent of a deep South breakfast. Just a few blocks from popular communities like Le Chalet and Aberdeen Golf and Country Club, their omelets, salads, and platters round out a menu that includes the expected breakfast classics, making it one of the better no-frills places to fight a hangover after a long night or take the family out on a crisp winter morning. This family-owned and operated diner shows its care for its food, and those...

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Boynton Beach | Boynton Beach Real Estate

5 fun facts about boynton beach

Boynton Beach is one of the fastest-rising cities in South Florida and the nation abroad. This sprawling, relatively populated south Palm Beach County city is as rich in history as it is in opportunity. With a real estate climate reflecting the dichotomy of inland estate homes and waterfront condos, there's something for everyone in this lovely town. For those new to the area, or looking to add a bit of intrigue to their day, here are 5 quick, fun facts about Boynton Beach, Florida!

first city of the 1920s

First City Of The 1920s

Boynton Beach was the first city in Palm Beach County to incorporate in the 1920s, following only West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Lake Worth in order. The incorporation of Boynton Beach would precede 9 additional city/town charters ratified in the 1920s, with the last being Belle Glade in 1928. By 1931, the waterfront district of Boynton Beach split from the city proper and became Ocean Ridge by 1939. Today, though still part of the greater Boynton Beach area, communities like The Ocean Ridge Yacht Club and Turtle Beach have Ocean Ridge addresses.

good police work...

The 5 Best Sports Bars In Boynton Beach | Where To Catch The Game In Boynton Beach

the best sports bars in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is the perfect town to get the most out of your Sunday. Whether that means visiting our beautiful beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, or just enjoying time at your Boynton Beach home, there's always an easygoing way to get the most out of life in Boynton Beach. For South Florida football fans, the pain of catching the game isn't as acute as it once was. The Miami Dolphins sit at 6-3, and we're as motivated as ever to enjoy a Sunday with a winner in our backyard! No matter who your team is, and we know many Boynton Beach residents weren't born here, we give you five of the best sports bars in Boynton Beach!

hurricane alley chicken wings

Hurricane Alley

Hurricane Alley might be our favorite Boynton Beach sports bar to catch the game. While not as fervently dedicated to wall-to-wall coverage of every game, this Boynton Beach restaurant is the perfect blend of community, sports, and a great atmosphere. The front and back patio areas are perfect for enjoying a cold one in some fresh air, especially when the weather cools and the breeze kicks in. Just a few feet off US-1 and a few blocks to the beach, Hurricane Alley is a natural fit for beachgoers, sports fans, and those looking to kick back and enjoy time with their friends. With notable waterfront condos such as...

5 Local Boynton Beach Businesses We Love To Visit | Boynton Beach Local Business

support local boynton businesses

Boynton Beach may be the third most populated city in Palm Beach County, but it is far from the corporate influence that overarches the environs of Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. While the city is growing exponentially, it still holds some of the quaintness of a smaller Florida town, yielding plenty of space for small local and family-owned business to thrive. Some of these businesses predate the growth and notoriety of Boynton Beach Real Estate, while others have stemmed from the growth itself. Wherever we go, and however far our travels take us, there will always be a "local" scene to support. For these 5 businesses, whether moving to Boynton Beach or just visiting, we hope you'll show them some love!

asia world market

Asia World Market

This small family-owned Asian market is one of the most beloved small businesses in Boynton Beach. Its sterling reviews earmark the many reasons Boynton Beach residents, citing the quality of service, friendliness of the staff, and of course the myriad of rare spices, snacks, and fresh vegetables. For those looking to learn more about Asian cuisine, the staff are always helpful, leading curious parties from aisle to aisle revealing rarities that most of us would simply walk by.


Boynton Beach Yoga & Pilates | 5 Terrific Yoga And Pilates Studios In Boynton Beach

yoga and pilates boynton beach

Let's face it life can get stressful, and sometimes it can stay that way. What starts in our minds can often lead to aches, pains, and misalignment in our bodies. What stresses us mentally will impact us in the physical realm, through our physical pain and the way we interact with the world and the people around us. Yoga and Pilates are both core redefining, muscle-aligning, mentally gratifying fitness modalities that frankly, we wish more people would try! For Boynton Beach residents, we have 5 outstanding and unique yoga and pilates studios. Visit them all and find your home! 

Updated 01/23/2024 - Pilates And You added to the list!

woman lunging on a pilates machine

Pilates And You

Pilates And You include three locations in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Boynton Beach. One of the newer studios in the area, their rave reviews cite not just the value of pilates, but to the kindness and motivational energy of the instructors. For many, fitness is as much a mind game as it is of the body, and with the right coach leading the routine, can make or break one's commitment to their regimen. In group workouts led by teachers, as is in the case with yoga and pilates, the impetus on positive reinforcement and educated support...

The Best Boynton Beach Bakeries | Bakeries In Boynton Beach

the best bakeries in boynton beach

Boynton Beach continues to grow, and as it does, so does the breadth of influences on our food, art, and musical subcultures. We are blessed to be in a city that has so much access, yet so much space to roam and enjoy life in the quiet not so often afforded to Boca and Delray residents. Before you brew your next cup or host your next party, learn where the locals go to enjoy the best of sweet, flaky, buttery treats. Read on to learn where to find the best bakeries in Boynton Beach!

fresh cannoli with caramel drizzle

Palermo's Bakery

Palermo's Italian Bakery sits in the Leisureville Plaza just northeast of Quail Ridge Country Club and serves as one of the favorites for locals and expats alike - giving our many northern migrants a taste of home. They specialize in custom-decorated wedding cakes, fresh bread, and Italian favorites such as sfogliatelle, cannoli, and rainbow cookies to name a few. Their formal wedding cakes are among the most ornately decorated and finely accented in the area. Be sure to keep them in mind during cuffing season!

fresh baked crossaint...

The Best Sushi And Thai Food In Boynton Beach | Sushi Thai Near Me

the best sushi and thai food in boynton beach

Boynton Beach is enjoying the fruits of a growing and diverse local population. With a naturally nautical energy about the community, everything seafood has been woven into the fabric of this community for decades. Much of Boynton Beach's best seafood is housed in its high-quality markets, waterfront dining, and marina-based fish houses, this is not to say that East Asian cuisine from across the region has seen growth and improvement over the years. To chronicle some of the numerous Japanese and Thai restaurants (many of whom enjoy combined menus), we set about speaking with locals, reading reviews, and sitting down for a meal ourselves! Learn where to enjoy the best sushi and Thai food in Boynton Beach with these delicious options - more are sure to come!

sushi jo

Sushi Jo

Along the Intracoastal just off US 1 near waterfront condos like Marina Village, sits one of the area's tastiest Japanese restaurants. Sushi Jo boasts four locations throughout South Florida and offers its unique and flavorful take on Sushi in an area known for its fishing. Start with the Sashimi Pizza, a crispy grilled tortilla with freshly caught fish, topped with avocado, red onion, masago, tomato...

The Best Chinese Food & Korean BBQ In Boynton Beach

the best chinese and korean bbq in boynton beach

The respective cuisines of China and Korea, two vastly unique but adjoined nations, thrives in the city of Boynton Beach. With a variety of offerings and different takes on the topic, the young and fast-growing city provides all forms of access to the succulent, sweetness of Korean BBQ, the endless satisfaction of Chinese buffet, and ultramodern pan-Asian fusion. Read on to find out where we love to enjoy the always tantalizing flavors of mainland East Asia, and what brings us to each of these wonderful restaurants. Enjoy the very best Chinese & Korean food in Boynton, and be sure to keep up with our blog to stay in the know! 

korean food

K&L 98 Hotpot N' Grill

There's nothing like sitting down to a highly interactive & communal meal with friends, family, business associates, or just about anyone; and that's exactly where K&L 98 Hotpot N' Grill in Boynton Beach only just begins to shine. This age-old traditional meal has been enjoyed throughout China and across Asia for millennia and has made its way through time and space to beautiful Boynton Beach!  You're pleasantly seated with plenty of elbow room at a table with your very own personal bubbling cauldron of any broth of your choosing. Once you've selected...

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