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Open House Food Ideas | The Best Food To Serve At Your Open House

5 great open house food ideas

Open Houses are a tremendous way to get your property in front of the right people in the most direct way possible. After all, there is nothing closer than standing in the space you're bidding on. Photos, written descriptions, and internet ads are an obvious means to affordably contact a broader audience, but where "social network" truly begins is on the ground, working directly with people - shaking hands, smiling, talking, and learning. An open house almost always has some form of snack or refreshment available. We took into account ease of access, broader appeal, and even the impact it could have on your dental hygiene and the potential to stain clothing. The Boynton Beach Real Estate blog is chock full of valuable details to hone your skills as a Realtor. As part of our growing "open house" series, learn what our Realtors rely on when setting up a classy open house!

coffee refreshments


This is obvious, but necessary. Refreshments often include a coffee station, fresh water, and sometimes sodas or juices, depending on the day. The first step to your open house is to ensure everyone has the caffeine, or hydration they need to enjoy themselves. It's just a little easier to get through...

5 Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid | First Time Home Buyer Guide

5 mortgage mistakes

"Mortgage" might just be the scariest word in the English language. While a mortgage is an antecedent to the American Dream, having the wrong information, a lack of help, or misconceptions can lead to financial ruin. With the United States life expectancy currently sitting just under 79 years, a 30-year mortgage currently represents around 40% of the average American lifespan! The Champagne & Parisi Team is dedicated to the end-to-end process, including accessing the very best in mortgage support. We bring the knowledge, effort, and right people to the table with every client, and through our blog strive to provide quick and easy reads to help you buff up your knowledge. Without further ado, here are 5 mortgage mistakes to avoid as a first-time home buyer.

searching for a home first

Looking For A Home First

Look, we get it! There's nothing fun about shopping for a mortgage. Looking for your dream home, on the other hand, is something we can all lose an hour or two fantasizing about. After all, mortgages don't come with swimming pools, a screened-in lanai, or access to the best restaurants and bars in the area. Mortgages, however, facilitate all of this. Without a mortgage or a boatload of cash, your home shopping...

Mortgage Pre Approval | Mortgage Qualification Checklist

mortgage pre approval checklist

We rely on the very best in our local real estate market to facilitate the most fitting mortgages for our clients. While plenty of cursory, online research can be performed, there's nothing that can replace a sit-down with a local mortgage lender who is invested in you. We asked our local partners to outline the most important 5 items you need to begin the mortgage pre approval process. Read on to be better prepared!

budget ceiling

Budget Ceiling

This one is fairly obvious, but oftentimes is the first rule of our five to be violated by the home buyer. Your budget ceiling should be governed by the same forces that guide your appetite, sleep habits, and ancillary expenses. When preparing to spend upwards of six, seven, or even eight figures, no matter how wealthy you are, it's fundamental to be prepared by establishing clear limitations you won't exceed. You budget everything else in life, so why let your lines be crossed on your largest purchase?

property type

Desired Property Type

Right along with your budget, you should certainly be aware of the needs of the property you're seeking. Depending on your family, or lack thereof, pets, and your intended...

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