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tips to organize your boynton garage

A garage is a make-or-break arrangement for every homeowner. It seems like there is no middle ground here - just a bipolar expression of garage-togetherness. There is never a "nearly clean" or "almost tidy" garage, there is perfection without a single screw out of place, and an unmitigated floor-to-ceiling disaster. For our Boynton Beach homeowners, there's always something to do around town, and always a reason to work on projects from the garage. We put together a... *ahem*, tidy list of ways to get the most out of your garage and revolutionize what for many is their most untapped space in the home.

garage floorplan

Draft a Floorplan

You don't need to be a sketch artist or drafter to produce a cogent plan that brings immense organizational value to your garage project. This includes both vertical and horizontal planning - incorporating the walls, floors, and existing or new shelving to install. Knowing what and where you want to store your garage belongings is crucial to decide before lifting a finger. Items and areas outside the garage can also play a significant role in your project planning. A backyard shed, for example, could serve as a place to offload and store numerous garage-friendly objects. Lastly, decide if you want your garage to be a man cave or an open space, and prepare your home and driveway to park outside. 

open shelving in garage

Try Open Shelves Over Closed Cabinets

Bulky closed cabinetry is often a poor choice for garage storage. There is little merit to having doors, as they are often oblong, bizarrely shaped tools and materials are better off hanging or sitting on shelves. Cabinets will not prevent the inevitable buildup of dust and dirt and only make it more challenging to find and access that cable you've been saving for 12 years. Don't let the moment pass you by. Don't let that cable lose its purpose. Open things up and you will feel the difference it makes, both when managing your housework and simply immersing in the space.

off the ground shelving

Keep Things Off The Ground!

Shelves and pegboards are your friends! The fastest way to lose custody of your space is to store things on the ground. In some cases, this is inevitable. There are no shelves that are perfect for lawnmowers, and some storage boxes are too massive to hoist upward. Yet, when we encounter a cluttered garage, the first thing we notice is the stacks of boxes, loose materials, or otherwise moveable items that immediately make the space feel oppressive when stored in concentric squares. Over time, without the proper intervention and effort, the walls will (literally) close in on you.

air leaks in garage

Check For Air Leaks

This is especially important if you plan to convert your garage into a hangout space. Cleaning your garage is a great opportunity to search for wear and tear such as air leaks, which are easily fixable issues. If left untreated, you will continue to compromise air quality, allow cool air to exit, and give insects and larger pests yet another pathway to enter.

epoxy liner in garage

Add An Epoxy Liner To The Floor

There's just something so satisfying about an epoxy-lined garage floor. That classic speckled heather grey look is, for many, a confirmation that the garage is remodeled and inhabitable. A durable epoxy flooring will convert the drab concrete flooring into a gleaming surface built for the future. Unlike regular paint, be sure to research the different kinds of epoxy and how to prepare your garage floor for an epoxy treatment. Without doing the job right, your floor will wear off and take on a dreadful hue.

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