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a local guide to healthy eating in boynton beach

It's Springtime and some of us are still clinging to our New Year's Resolutions! Sarcasm aside, as Boynton Beach continues to magnetize new demographics, industries, and culinary concepts to compete with its neighbors, we're excited to share the bustle around town. With more new restaurants, incoming culinary talent, more investments into the arts and culture, and new construction homes attracting people from all over gthe world, we're thrilled to continually document what we've deemed the "cultural renaissance" of Boynton Beach. Today, we review some of the restaurants that help us stay true to our commitments. These locales are where calories, not flavor are sacrificed, and ingredient quality is top of mind. Learn more, and find out where to eat healthy in Boynton Beach!

guacamole in mortar and pestle

Guaca Go

Guaca Go joins the growing trend of fast-casual restaurants in Boynton Beach, catering to the growing number of school-aged families and young upstarts moving to the area. One of the most affordable options on our list, this colorful, avocado-themed eatery builds bowls with avocado bases, topped with fresh ingredients and seed-oil-free dressings. Their bowls, wraps, and house-made drinks are a perfect way to enjoy healthy twist on Mexican cuisine.

bowl of assorted fresh fruits


OK&M, short for Organic Kitchen and Mercantile is a bright and sunny locale off Ocean Avenue in East Boynton Beach. Situated between US-1 and the Boynton Beach waterfront, this location and menu are perfect for a light bite before a beach day, or a fulfilling Buddha bowl afterward. Their vegan options, including their toast bar, raw treats, and wraps, are sure to delight both plant-based and omnivorous dieters.

fresh trio of smoothies with fruit garnish


JuiceBerry follows in a similar vein to OK&M, but with more emphasis on acai bowls, bottled juice, and their signature dressings. Better yet, their dressings and juices are sold to-go! Their breakfast is hard to match when looking for a jolt into a busy day, relying on fresh ingredients, protein-packed recipes, and the power of fresh pressed juice. Far from just a place to eat green, their pressed sandwiches, quesadillas, and egg-wraps round out a delectably healthy selection.

fresh falafel bowl from mediterranean eatery


A fast-casual masterclass for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern lovers, think of Anzo the way you'd think of Chipotle or Bolay in terms of how it's set up and formatted. The quality for the price and ease of access is unmatched, offering a diverse quantity of main courses, fresh bases, and a myriad of delicious toppers, dressings, and small accents that enliven the final product. Conveniently placed in Renaissance Commons, this Central Boynton restaurant has been a local favorite for years.

lavash folded on wooden cutting board

Happy Lavash Inspired Mediterranean

Maybe it's by coincidence, but Mediterranean restaurants always seem to be the perfect combination of healthy, delicious, and affordable. Perhaps that's why we see so many appearing in blogs like the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Boynton Beach. Happy Lavash is no exception to this rule - taking up roost in the Quantum Town Center, one of North-Central Boynton's most trafficked shopping centers. Their wraps, bowls, and fire grilled kebabs offer something for all tastes - from the ultimate carnivore to the plant-based aficionado, there's no way a Levantine food lover will go wrong here!

traditional haitian stew

Lorma's Haitian Restaurant

One of the benefits of a relatively large Haitian population is the opportunity to try a slice of Caribbean cuisine uncommon to most palates across the country. Sure, there are fried foods such as chicken and pork, but also classic Haitian stews like Lalo, Oxtail, and protein-rich griot. One distinction of Haitian cuisine, even from their Hispanola neighbors to the East, is the inclusion of extremely spicy, rich pickled foods such as pikliz. Pikliz, which resembles a sauce-less slaw made of cabbage, carrots, and scotch bonnet peppers.

fresh italian pasta


Agliolio, a portmanteau of the Italian words for "garlic" and "oil," Agliolio shirks the sodium-rich, cheese-heavy Italian-American menu for a wider selection of the aforementioned, along with many healthy choices. Their lunch specials are a remarkably affordable way to eat clean and enjoy Italian, while their main menu leaves nothing behind. Committed to the freshest ingredients, especially those that are GMO-free, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken, grass-fed beef, and pasta from scratch. It's tough to find an Italian restaurant that matches decadence with clean eating, but Agliolio gives us the closest blend of both worlds!

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