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For even the most affluent families living in Palm Beach County, the allure of a professional interior designer may swipe at our pride. After all, we don't want to admit to anyone, let alone a stranger that we need help dressing our homes - an extension of ourselves. Whether or not you feel like unleashing your inner Christopher Lowell, there's a reason folks like him are the pros, and we're just happy to hire them! Find out why you should consider hiring an interior designer before your big remodel, and why their true value lies in more than meets the eye.

interior design | zero in on your aesthetic

Zero In On Your Aesthetic

Design, decor, fashion, style... they seem to have their own language. It's not just the mastery of insider vernacular that makes an interior designer valuable. Their well-bodied knowledge base of art, color, styles, and trends allow for them to quickly ascertain your needs and align your interests into a pinpointedly accurate assessment of what you want to do. Trust us, interior designers may know more about what you're looking for than you do!

access to resources and services

Access To Better Resources, Material Prices

Just like working with any of our wonderful Champagne & Parisi Realtors grants you access to our expansive network of reputable preferred providers, interior designers have all the names and know-how to ensure you have access to the best quality materials and personnel to bring your dream to life. Hiring the wrong person for the job can be an expensive disaster, and with an interior designer on hand, you'll be put in good hands each and every time.

focus on yourself

Focus On You, Not The Headache

An interior designer functions similarly to a wedding planner in the sense that you've got something big, and you'd rather be playing with the bells, whistles, color and culture than dealing with the logistics of the matter. An interior designer is your right hand, offloading much of the hard yards to ensure you stay focused and actually enjoy what you're doing. 

building home value

Build Value Through The Experts

The old adage went: building a pool adds value to your home. Suffice to say, this is often true. Adding an environmentally relevant recreational renovation to your home would sensibly add value in every way. After all, an empty room is worth much more if you fill it with furniture and add a pool table. However, not every new Boynton Beach home buyer is keen on the costs, risks, and maintenance commitments of a swimming pool. Interior designers will know everything necessary about the value implications of a particular project. For better or worse, a solid interior designer will be a checkpoint before making a bad investment.

networking power

A Network of Trusted Home Professionals

People moving to Boynton Beach can trust an interior designer to provide the key to the city, maximizing the value added and minimizing expenses. Beyond accessing the best materials and insider prices, expect a good interior designer to know who's who about town and the best ways to keep your home clean, safe, healthy, and beautiful - whether it be professionally provided or simply an extraction from their vast knowledge and local experience.

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