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the best kosher food in boynton beach

From South Beach to Palm Beach, South Florida has one of the largest Jewish communities anywhere in the world. When adjoined to the constant influx of visitors and new residents from New York & New Jersey, South Florida stands out as a hotbed for delicious Kosher food. For those of us who don't observe, kosher food is simply another word for clean and delectable. Aside from the prohibition of certain food combinations (like meat & cheese), Kosher food is largely governed by overseeing bodies that ensure cleanliness, and when applicable, that any animal slaughtered for food is handled accordingly. For the very best kosher food in Boynton Beach, read more below!

Grain in a bowl with a wheat branch next to it


Despite its more accessible location residing in Boca Raton only a couple miles from our Beach Office, Flakowitz of Boynton is the better known of the two. Following its appearance on Guy Fieri's Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives, the already beloved Jewish Deli saw a meteoric rise in popularity. Flakowitz has served Boynton Beach since 1967, launching their Boca Raton restaurant in 1992. They specialize in the best of Jewish Deli fare, including piled-high pastrami sandwiches, bagels, omelets, and so much more. Flakowitz is a veritable institution of Boynton Beach, as any resident knows 1967 was a much quieter time for the city. To serve the community as long as it has and to be beloved by so many is a remarkable accomplishment. We're proud to recommend Flakowitz as the place to get that Carnegie Deli fixes right here in Boynton Beach.

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A short jaunt to the south will lead to The World of Hummus at Delray Cafe. The cafe can be found within the Big Apple Shopping Bazaar, an (obviously) New York-themed shopping center featuring jewelry, fine accessories, and home goods. The World of Hummus is a speciality Israeli restaurant featuring Glatt Kosher products. Glatt Kosher foods are simply kosher foods put under even more stringent regulations. For those keeping Kosher, the World of Hummus is a gift, and for those who are non-Jewish, you can eat knowing your food was kept to the highest standards, regardless of your personal beliefs.


This Israeli restaurant is family-owned and dedicated to the cleanliness of its food and the authenticity of its craft. We'd say more about the process, the flavors, and the openness of The Falafel House, but they've recorded several videos sharing the methods behind their recipes, passed through generations and overseas, from Israel to Boynton Beach. Check them out and see for yourself! 

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Amy's Kitchen is a catering service and not a physical location, but we just had to give her a shout-out on the Boynton Beach Real Estate Blog. The masterworks of Israeli Chef Amy Rotem, her kosher catering menu features a remarkably wide selection of Kosher fare. Her dishes span the Jewish diaspora from the Middle East to North Africa, to Central Europe. Enjoy everything from Moroccon fish, and schnitzel sandwiches, to goulash, and beyond. Amy's Kitchen should be on the minds of anyone looking to try something truly special right in our backyard.


With more new home buyers streaming in and new Boynton homes popping up citywide, we expect Boynton Beach to grow its catalog of exciting kosher restaurants. The city already featured an outsize complement of hidden gems and exciting global fare. As more people move to Boynton and the urban sprawl continues its move upward, we expect kosher food, and Boynton Beach restaurants in general, to grow in scale.

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