Open House Food Ideas | The Best Food To Serve At Your Open House

5 great open house food ideas

Open Houses are a tremendous way to get your property in front of the right people in the most direct way possible. After all, there is nothing closer than standing in the space you're bidding on. Photos, written descriptions, and internet ads are an obvious means to affordably contact a broader audience, but where "social network" truly begins is on the ground, working directly with people - shaking hands, smiling, talking, and learning. An open house almost always has some form of snack or refreshment available. We took into account ease of access, broader appeal, and even the impact it could have on your dental hygiene and the potential to stain clothing. The Boynton Beach Real Estate blog is chock full of valuable details to hone your skills as a Realtor. As part of our growing "open house" series, learn what our Realtors rely on when setting up a classy open house!

coffee refreshments


This is obvious, but necessary. Refreshments often include a coffee station, fresh water, and sometimes sodas or juices, depending on the day. The first step to your open house is to ensure everyone has the caffeine, or hydration they need to enjoy themselves. It's just a little easier to get through the day with that iced coffee, isn't it? The same courtesy should be extended to valued colleagues, buyers, and new connections made at your open house.

sushi platter


Sushi is a tremendous option for open houses, as it minimizes the potential for hygienic faux-pas, such as excess garlic, heat-based sweat, or clothing stains. Though the splash of soy sauce is always something to be wary of, a home full of successful adults should suffice to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. Sushi can often be obtained in large quantities at reasonable prices at grocery stores or through local Japanese restaurants and is a nearly universally beloved food that is wildly popular across the eastern seaboard.

fresh fruit platter

Fresh Fruit

Everyone loves fresh fruit! A fruit platter is another easily acquired, refreshing, and otherwise simple solution to keeping the mood bright and your guests well-satiated. The vibrancy of a fruit platter also adds an aura of brightness to your kitchen lineup, providing a visual motif along with the near-universal applicability of fresh fruit to the ever-discerning palate. Everyone has a fruit they like, and an affordable, quick solution can be had at your open house to the delight of your guests.



This is a costlier, but classy take on the fruit platter. A charcuterie board is a fancy way of discussing a fancy food - normally an arrangement of cheeses, meats, and their various accompanying foods, such as olives, crackers, and spreadable preserves. Whether the charcuterie board comes into play depends on your audience and the nature of your open house. An expensive antipasto isn't necessary in some cases, but when showcasing a high-value listing, such as a home in Valencia Shores, the finer touches are a must to impress your most discerning guests.

butter cookies

Cookies & Pastries

Another less than unknown accouterment to have at your open house, a little pastry and cookie tray is sure to delight anyone visiting your showing. Remember things like temperature, the crumbiness, and the potential for chocolate smearing to take place if providing quick bites in the form of pastries. While ornate, high-quality Italian pastries may delight some, be wary of that wh may be more concerned with maintaining their wardrobe rather than enjoying a chocolate-covered treat. Either way, there are many widely available cookie trays from the same places you'd source your sushi that can satisfy any sweet tooth and maintain the presentability of your guests. Don't short them on sweets!

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