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the best bakeries in boynton beach

Boynton Beach continues to grow, and as it does, so does the breadth of influences on our food, art, and musical subcultures. We are blessed to be in a city that has so much access, yet so much space to roam and enjoy life in the quiet not so often afforded to Boca and Delray residents. Before you brew your next cup or host your next party, learn where the locals go to enjoy the best of sweet, flaky, buttery treats. Read on to learn where to find the best bakeries in Boynton Beach!

fresh cannoli with caramel drizzle

Palermo's Bakery

Palermo's Italian Bakery sits in the Leisureville Plaza just northeast of Quail Ridge Country Club and serves as one of the favorites for locals and expats alike - giving our many northern migrants a taste of home. They specialize in custom-decorated wedding cakes, fresh bread, and Italian favorites such as sfogliatelle, cannoli, and rainbow cookies to name a few. Their formal wedding cakes are among the most ornately decorated and finely accented in the area. Be sure to keep them in mind during cuffing season!

fresh baked crossaint

Aloha Bakery & Cafe

The Aloha Bakery is more than a local favorite for sweet treats and custom cakes. The Aloha Bakery is a full-service cafe, featuring a wonderful assortment of savory options and hot food to complement their cupcakes and other personal desserts. Believe it or not, many visitors have lauded the burgers among all things as a highlight of their versatile all-hour menu. Convenient to most Boynton Beach residents, the Aloha Bakery & Cafe is near Renaissance Commons, Bent Tree Villas West, and several more Boynton Beach communities.

haloumi cheese from amar bakery

Amar Bakery and Market

A decidedly Middle Eastern-inspired market, the Amar Bakery, and market carry some of the most beloved sweet treats and special breads to reflect their Levantine-inspired menu. Fear not, for those seeking more conventional flavors will find them here, through their salads, breakfast sandwiches, and even their vegan option. Their large and diverse menu has one of the most balanced blends of ethnic foods and conventional bed-and-breakfast staples one could hope for.

joey's gluten free raisin bread

Joey's Home Bakery 

Joey's Home Bakery sits just beyond the overpass off Boynton Beach Blvd. Amidst a wide, sprawling plaza of department stores, this delightful bakery stands alone offering numerous pastries, cakes, quiches, and breads from a variety of influences. Joey and her husband are favorites in the community, always serving with a smile. Joey's has something for everyone but is especially beloved by gluten-free diners for their wide selection.

rich and diverse cookie platter

Annie's Cookie Factory & Pastry Shop

Found in the Boynton Beach Mall, Annie's Cookie Factory & Pastry Shop sells from a massive variety of fresh baked cookies across several styles. If cookies aren't your taste, their pastry menu is similarly versatile, including fruit pies, cupcakes, carrot cake, and crossaints.

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