The Best Chinese Food & Korean BBQ In Boynton Beach

the best chinese and korean bbq in boynton beach

The respective cuisines of China and Korea, two vastly unique but adjoined nations, thrives in the city of Boynton Beach. With a variety of offerings and different takes on the topic, the young and fast-growing city provides all forms of access to the succulent, sweetness of Korean BBQ, the endless satisfaction of Chinese buffet, and ultramodern pan-Asian fusion. Read on to find out where we love to enjoy the always tantalizing flavors of mainland East Asia, and what brings us to each of these wonderful restaurants. Enjoy the very best Chinese & Korean food in Boynton, and be sure to keep up with our blog to stay in the know! 

korean food

K&L 98 Hotpot N' Grill

There's nothing like sitting down to a highly interactive & communal meal with friends, family, business associates, or just about anyone; and that's exactly where K&L 98 Hotpot N' Grill in Boynton Beach only just begins to shine. This age-old traditional meal has been enjoyed throughout China and across Asia for millennia and has made its way through time and space to beautiful Boynton Beach!  You're pleasantly seated with plenty of elbow room at a table with your very own personal bubbling cauldron of any broth of your choosing. Once you've selected your broth, it's time to explore the unending stations of thinly shaved meats, fresh seafood, noodles, veggies, and more to braise and boil in your broth at the table. They have a sauce bar, dessert bar with ice cream, and an amazing magnetic train that traverses the entire restaurant and ferries all sorts of wonderful snacks directly to your table for you to grab and enjoy. From here, take a few steps out the door and enter our next location...

chinese noodle and sesame chicken

Yami Korean BBQ, Sushi, and Bar

If getting together with friends and having some drinks while enjoying some classic and fantastic drinking food, or sitting down to a fun dinner with the family is what you're looking for, Yami Korean BBQ, Sushi, and Bar have you covered! Situated near the Boynton Beach Mall, This meat lover's paradise presents you with a selection of cuts to be BBQ'd by you at your table and is accompanied by all sorts of traditional Korean side dishes known as Banchan as well as an array of sauces for dipping. They offer hearty wine, beer, cocktail, & Asian spirits menus for pairing with your grilled fare, as well as an extensive sushi menu. This classic Korean BBQ can not be passed up!

assortment of chinese hot dishes

Rice Fine Thai And Asian Fusion

Located in mid-west Boynton Beach on Congress Avenue, not far from nearby 55+ condos like Limetree, this refined Thai eatery delivers plate after plate of artfully crafted and delicious dishes brought into existence by head chef, Anne Pingkasan. Rice Fine Thai and Asian Fusion combine classic Thai tastes with forward-thinking approaches to the culinary experience. You are truly beckoned to eat first with your eyes and nose as beautifully garnished and aromatic offerings land on your table, begging to be devoured. Somehow the flavors are even more spectacular than the presentation!

umami styled raw korean food

Kingdom Buffet II

This extremely popular Chinese mainstay is one of the best-rated buffet-style eateries in Boynton Beach, with many pointing to the cleanliness, fresh food, and fair prices for the resplendent abundance on offer. The ginger scallion crabs, honey garlic chicken, and Mongolian beef are frequently reported as favorites. Buffet restaurants are often hit or miss, but Kingdom Buffet is a consistent hotspot for locals and visitors alike. The family owned restaurant has served the community for years as one of the only buffets around. What's better than showing up, sitting down, and serving yourself?

spicy lo mein

Koi Wokinn Restaurant

Koi Wokinn is one of the best-reviewed Chinese restaurants in Boynton Beach, just a few blocks from 55+ communities like Bent Tree Gardens West, among others.. Frequently, we see takeout style and affordable Chinese options fall prey to stringent reviewers who pull stars based on small, often insignificant issues. Yet, Koi Wokinn still rises above with a sterling reputation as one of the favorites for dining in and takeout in the West Boynton Beach area. Even in the wake of rampant inflation and soaring food costs, Koi Wokinn provides some of the best value in Boynton Beach, with many sizable entrees and combination options at under $10 or $15. Their lo mein, chow mein, and classic Chinese soups are some of our favorites.

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