The Best Dog Groomers and Pet Stores In Boynton Beach

dog groomers on boynton beach

Boynton Beach has evolved over the years into a beautifully dichotomous city pairing crystalline waters and white sand beaches with sprawling Country Club communities and verdant walking paths. With less road traffic than Delray and Boca and plenty of wonderful places to bring your dog, we're excited to share where we recommend taking your dog for a trim and fresh batch of healthy food. Without further ado, here are the best pet stores and dog groomers in Boynton Beach!

pomeranian getting a blow dry from groomer

Best Friends Pet Grooming

Best Friends Pet Grooming believes every pet deserves "celebrity care," and judging by their robustly informative website and dozens of sterling reviews, they've made good on their pledge. Their long list of services includes much more than standard grooming, with proactive de-shedding treatments, "pawdicures" and flea shampooing.

two fluffy dogs covered in soap suds


Scenthound has a membership-based business model that makes the total package of grooming, ear, nail, and dental care easy and affordable. With several locations in Palm Beach County, Scenthound makes it easy and convenient to keep your furry friend in a routinely stylish and clean state of being. Beyond their tailor-made service and quality care, Scenthound has a frequently updated blog section focused on dog wellness that's sure to provide insight and knowledge that even longtime dog owners can learn from.

recently groomed and smiling spaniel

Doggee Style Grooming

Possibly the best-reviewed per capita among our groomers and pet shops, the suggestively titled Doggee Style Grooming is a private home-based dog salon founded by owner Nathalie Champagne & Carrie Eisenhauer. For the most personal and detailed experience and to truly make your dog feel special, contact Nathalie and Carrie to customize your grooming experience. The owners admit only one dog at a time, ensuring your beloved friend doesn't spend any time in a cage, is free to roam, and receives the individualized treatment that every dog deserves, especially yours. Call to make an appointment with these incredible ladies! 

Jackie's Grooming Spa & Hotel

Jackie's Grooming Spa and Hotel is the reflection of its visionary founder, who grew up caring for the stray dogs that gathered nearby in her native Brazil. With over 2 decades of experience, Jackie's not only offers delightful grooming and aesthetic services, but also boarding. Found in the conveniently placed ocean plaza, her shop is perfect for pet owners looking for it all under one roof. Taking a big trip? Need a careful groomer to show some love to your jumpy Chihuahua? Or just some simple accessories and chew toys? Look no further than Jackie's.

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