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the best pho and ramen boynton

There's nothing quite as comforting as a warm, multilayered steaming bowl of Pho or Ramen to wash down a long day. The excitement and mystery that comes with each and every bite is part of what has made these two complimentary noodle bowls of East Asia such significant risers in the American culinary conscience, with Vietnamese Pho and Japenese Ramen finding their place aside Chinese takeout and Sushi as prominent exports of the orient. Despite a relatively limited Vietnamese and Japanese influence compared to the likes of New York or Los Angeles, Boynton Beach and its neighbor to the south, Delray play host to some of the best pho and ramen bowls in the area. With so many options to choose from (and all of them terrific) the only thing left to do is finish reading, and order up!

ramen noodles boynton beach
Ramen 369
Situated in Delray Beach's Pineapple Grove neighborhood is one of the area's best-kept savory secrets. Ramen 369 is the culinary vision of one man, Hiro Yamamoto, who strives daily to provide the best Japanese Ramen and the most veritable Ramen shop experience that our area has ever seen. A quick stroll off Atlantic Avenue, Ramen 369 streamlines the ordering process while simultaneously providing an intimate, "Chef's Table" experience for their guests seating you directly in front of the action and magic of the kitchen. Chef Hiro is truly the master of his Ramen temple. With his ability to conjure forth such ambrosial and refined jewels of his culinary knowledge, Ramen 369 can offer daily and weekly off-menu specials, a selection of Japanese beers and beverages to pair with your chosen eats, and the most mouth-watering bowl of Ramen you're likely to taste.

fresh served pho in black bowl

Ph 79

Phở 79 fashioned themselves as an "unassuming eatery for Vietnamese fare" and they couldn't have made a more self-aware and veracious observation about what they have to offer to the culinary connoisseurs exploring Boynton Beach. Enjoy a bowl of Phở larger than your head with the most rejuvenatingly flavor-filled broth that brings life to the rest of the ingredients that are artfully placed in the bowl. Naturally, they have a large menu packed with all sorts of appetizers, traditional Vietnamese noodle & rice dishes, Bánh Mì, and an amazing variety of Boba Teas and specialty beverages. Be sure to check out this classic and consistently great Boynton Beach staple.

spicy pho with jalapeno and lime

Ph Vn

Next on our list is Phở Vn, an inviting and uniquely delicious family-owned Viet/Thai fusion eatery that serves up traditional and family recipes for lunch and dinner daily 11 am- 9 pm, sans Tuesdays. Offering plenty of indoor and covered outdoor seating, Phở Vn will charm you with its decor and relaxing atmosphere, but hook you with its unique and delectable dishes, fresh-made beverages, and neighborhood hospitality. Be sure to try the Som Tam Papaya salad as an appetizer and if you're lucky, they have their mango sticky rice available which must be tasted to believe!      

artfully arranged pho bowl on black background

Ph 31

This Family owned and quaintly inviting Vietnamese restaurant serves up a fantastic variety of popular and traditional dishes from all over Vietnam. Located in the corner of the Quantum Village Plaza, Phở 31 offers up a unique and time-tested menu of family recipes. With such delicious offerings as specialty teas & coffees, rolls & rice cakes, Bánh Mì sandwiches, and all sorts of noodle dishes like Phở & Bún bò Huế, it's easy to see why this is such a popular establishment amongst locals. Give this place a try, you won't be disappointed!

several filipino dishes arranged for display

Kuya Henry's Restobar

While South Florida as a whole is renowned for its global cuisine, our smaller East Asian population prevents us from enjoying the depths and complexities of Asia-Pacific foods compared to places like New York and California. For that reason among many, we are blessed to enjoy the presence of Kuya Henry's Restobar, featuring the uncommonly found but beloved Filipino cuisine. In many ways, the relationship between seafoods, curries, vegetables and rice grains reflects the balance seen in Caribbean foods, though they are completely different in taste. For more conventional tastes, they feature more discernible, simpler meals - and for those seeking something completely new, Kuya Henry's Restobar just might be the only Asian restaurant in the Boynton Beach area serving some of the signature dishes it's known for.

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