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Visiting Boynton Beach's Youngest Nature Park

We've said it many times over, but Boynton Beach is truly the ultimate amalgamation of the South Floridian lifestyle. One part inland old Florida, one part saltwater paradise, and one part cultural nexus, Boynton Beach is perfect for 55+ active living, game fishing, and so much more. There's truly something for everyone here at one of South Florida's fastest-growing small towns, and with a presence just to the north of Delray Beach, its proximity to exciting nightlife and delicious restaurants make Boynton a crossroads of sorts - where nature and civilization (gently) collide. Learn what makes the Green Cay Wetlands such a special event for all ages, whether you're a leading ornithologist or just visiting with the family.

Green Cay was initially opened to the public in 2005 and built on farmland sold by the Winsberg family at a reduced price. In addition to its use as an educational wildlife refuge, the wetlands serve as a natural water reclamation facility, serving an essential role in our ecosystem beyond educating visitors to respect it.

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A Birdwatchers Paradise

While the early months of the year are the premier time to see the many migratory birds, there is no bad day for birdwatching at the Green Cay Wetland. Whether year-round residents or birds in migration, there are over 100 visible species to observe. Enjoy the presence of a majority of native wading birds, the rare Eastern Screech Owl, songbirds such as the Mockingbird, and majestic birds of prey such as the unmistakable Bald Eagle.

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Rare Sightings from the Boardwalk

As part of Green Cay's infrastructure, a 1.5-mile boardwalk winds through the woods - covering each unique habitat from oft-waterlogged cypress swamps to hardwood tropical hammocks. The boardwalk will allow visitors to safely observe predatory animals such as alligators and even some venomous snakes from an elevated position. In recent days, despite rare bird sightings reported throughout the spring months, a family of bobcats has captured the imagination of many visitors. The normally reclusive wildcats have been sighted as far as the parking lot and resting among manmade structures. 

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Major Expansions On the Horizon

Boynton Beach has excelled at wildlife preservation despite massive development on all sides and within the city. Palm Beach County is preparing a $40 million investment into 63 acres east of the proper wetlands. This will include a state-of-the-art water purification facility, manmade lakes, and canals for kayaking and fishing, a shaded fitness area, pavilion, and playground. This eastward expansion will have no negative impact on the Wetlands to the west, but will massively expand both the usefulness of the land and its appeal to a broader audience.

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The Best Times To Go

Guides and staff at Green Cay recommend dawn and dusk as the best times to observe much of the wildlife, namely migratory birds and wildcats. For alligators and reptilians, it's always more likely that they'll be in the open during peak sunlight, yet for many, the stifling, swampy heat of midsummer Florida can be stifling. Green Cay Wetlands are open from sunrise to sunset, which changes depending on the clocks and seasons.


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